Monday, May 21, 2012

New kitty report

This is a very special report brought to you by three of the five cuckoos of the Casa. While doing our usual go to the thrift store dance this morning. We stopped by our new fave which is the thrift store for the Animal Humane Society called Retail.....

The funny part is, we gather together stuff during the week that we no longer need, haul it to Retail and then go and by more "upscale and recycle crafts" junk on Mondays. What a deal for these folks.

They always have two cages of adoptable cats there. We always oooohhh and aaaaahhhhh and then come home to the old orange manx cat and the terrible terrier and the OCD chupcabra dog from Espanola. Each of these strangees is a rescue animal. The only paid for pets we have are fish.

But today as we entered the store where I hoped to find the last of three white enamel pot lids so I can make this kick ass snowman hanging for winter (yep, that's why they call us cuckoos) or another yard gnome in need of a paint job redo, I heard the call of my next cat. I can't tell you why or how but I just knew. She was saying "hey suckers, let me outta this joint so I can warm you hearts, your laps and torture your husband." I mean how can you ignore the call of perfection, right?????

Shelley and GK heard her and were also called by this wild child tortie. By the time we had made our way around the store in search of goodness knows what, she had cast her spell on the three weakest links in our family chain. She purrs like a cricket, she smiles with her eyes, she rolls on her back and just begs to be squoozed. We were allowed a meet and greet but honestly, it was just a formality. She is gregarious, curious, affectionate and a cat. 3 out of 4 aint' bad for good traits.

When I called Sweet Man, may I say, he is not on the happy train. SM has tolerated all of my animals all these years. He has gotten attached to each of them. He is expected by the 3 animals that are members of the family thus far to pay attention to them because he is an easy mark for a good ear scratch, a treat or a trip out back for a rest stop. He has grieved for our lost fur babies and held me when I had to say goodbye and I think he is just tired of the pain that comes from a beginning when you know what the end will be.

Sunny is 13, Odin is 7 or 8 and the idiot terrier is only 2. The new cat is 3.

We have to step up our game at the feeding and clean up after the current and new resident here so that SM will not think we are taking advantage of his goodness, his patience and his endurance when it comes to our craziness. It is our solemn oath that he will never clean this cat's litter box, or have to feed her. But I can guarantee you that he will be the one she will want to sit on and mess with him. Cuz that's how it goes. Sunny has never been a snuggler with anyone. I've missed a lap kitty. I sure hope she is able to take all the attention she will receive.

Ry just loves cats. Sunny really tolerates both kids and is just a fuddy duddy (sorta like SM) but every morning Ry just loves on Sunny and makes him purr. When Ry was told that the girls had gotten a kitty, he was just over the moon. We all need to go slow and keep her isolated for a bit so she can catch her breath, learn about her surroundings and slowly introduce her to her new roommates. Good thing GK is out of school and doesn't start summer program for 3 weeks. This will be great timing and I'll have someone to help move the herd when need be. Ry can now love two with a tail and one without.

Shelley and GK have always wanted a barn cat.....Garfield size. We just got a petite cat again. She is dainty, tortie color with some white on her paws and a split face orange on one side and black on the other. The girls decided that she already had a name from the get go. This little gypsy darling is named.........Cybella (named for the story I've written on Ye Olde Crones Gazette). But nothing terrible is ever gonna happen to this little gypsy if we at the casa have anything to say about it.

I'll post pictures later, but in the meantime.....send good thoughts to SM as he is assimilated into the latest Casa de Cuckoo Borg attack.


  1. Since we'll never catch up to all the unwanted pets in the country, it's great when someone rescues one and gives it a forever home. Can't wait for the photos and hope Cybella assimilates quickly and easily. As does SM. ;)

  2. What a charmed day! I agree with you, I bet SM will be the new cat's favorite. My dad tends to stay away from dogs (bitten when he was a kid) and Charlie, my old Chihuahua who hated everybody equally, only loved my dad. Yep, I think they plan it lol

  3. I just can't wait to see pictures of this newest little love! My goodness, the worst thing is letting them go. I don't know why their life spans have to be so much less than our own. My King goes between breaking my heart and amazing me every day. He is a warrior.

    I took Herger for his annual check up and shots a few weeks ago and that cat weighs 14.4 pounds. Holy Cow! The vet called him little Rambo because he is not at all overweight, just a really big black ball of love. Hugs, sweetie.

  4. I want to see pictures!! I can't wait ;o) I am so excited ;) I am sending good thoughts to SM ;o) Poor guy ;o) LOL!


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