Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So back to what we do here at Casa de Cuckoo.......

Good Morning lovelies............thanks for the love.

Sorry for the distasteful posting of yesterday. There shall be no more mention of that evilish BS, not worth it.

Thought I would catch you up on the fishing trip. Turned out that GK didn't have the heart to do the trout fishing. If you caught it you had to keep it and pay 68 cents an inch (although that wasn't the problem). She didn't want to know that she killed them. She has such a kind heart, sorta. Anyway the other option was to fish in the warmer ponds for bass, catfish etc because they were catch and release. I guess giving the fish a piercing wasn't such a problem. tee hee
Anyway the intrepid fisherpersons attempted to catch a fish for about 3 hours. The scenery was so pretty. The place we went is in the river basin and has been open for 50 years. It backs up to Sandia Indian reservation and is only a few miles north of 'Burque. In the past few years this place has also become a great place to purchase water garden plants.
The cottonwood trees, some of which are over 150 years old are the reason for the name of this establishment....Shady Lakes. The canopy affords old broads like me a place to stay in the shade for all 3 hours. Yeah for me. I found a great picnic table, and sat down for awhile, wandered for awhile and watched my cuckoos having "new" fun. Being out like that and experiencing the flora, fauna and bug life was so much fun. Both Dragonfly and Damselfly were plentiful as well as huge bumble bees on the water iris. And hummingbirds and dragonflies were about the same size.
There are free loader Canada geese who never leave the lakes and are very friendly, meadowlarks, swallows, quail, squirrel, beaver, crows and we even saw a vulture. Now in the pond there were of course the teeny fry, huge momma jamma bass at least 30" in length, other "I don't know fish" and then a fancy fluttery tailed goldfish about 15" long. Someone had to have put that fan tail in when no one was looking. And then there was Moby fish. It was a Koi and was at least 24" and fat, fat, fat. All the other fish gave this one a wide berth. Funny to sit and watch.
Speaking of watching.....GK is so curious. Not as in odd, but as in wants to know. The anti girlie girl poked about and looked at everything she came close to. If you look at the picture of the girl geese on the log.....they were there before GK sat down and after she got up.......well goose poop takes a long time to dry but "oh well" says she. Messed with muck and mess and had a great time being the anti girlie girl as she calls it. But you notice our "tomboy" wore a jean dress, with shorts underneath but a dress to fish? She cracks me up.
And the last bit of this fish tail er tale is that we didnt' have to release any because as SM said they looked, they tasted, then swam away to live another day. But it was a fabulous adventure. One that inspired the two to buy fishing licenses and plan to stream fish in three weeks.

I want you the lovelies to know this.....I am not answering any stupidity in these next statements but rather keeping you who do love Ry updated.

Now you will notice that Ry's name is not included in this post. That is because Ry has an irrational but very real fear of bugs. Sometimes he can't even go into the back yard if there are flies. Just when I think we have rounded that corner I find that we are stepped back a couple of miles from where we want to be. Someone very cruel scared him with bugs and like alot of his fears are very pronounced right now. Having Asperger's is not just a river flowing one way and just getting better all the time. There are events, times and unknowns that trigger backward movement. That's where we are on one level. And yet on the interaction with people level......oh we're zooming up the river. He is quite a good friend now and for awhile he had no friends at all.

It's like all things, it just takes patience.
We are trying to honor his choices so that his stress levels are not tested. He is doing some amazing work in therapy. But his new therapist let us know Ry is at a spot where we don't want to play "the little teapot" and tip him over. So when we asked him if he was going with us to fish he was quiet for along time and then came over to Papa and said he couldn't watch the fish die and that the bugs were too loud for him. Then he came over to me and kissed me and said for me not to be sad if he didn't go because he'd play with me when we got home. He wanted to make sure we were okay with his decision.

Ry is a gentle sweet boy with Asperger's which means.....from day to day we just do what we need to do to give him our best so he can have his best.


  1. He is getting what he needs and being outside that day was not what he needs. Y'all are his angels.

  2. GK looks adorable (if that is an acceptable adjective to use for an anti-girly girl). I tried fishing, but I have trouble with the worms, and also seeing the blood and guts!! The spot you all went to looks heavenly!! Glad, BB, you had a shady spot to sit, I would have been sitting right there with you. Ry most likely had a fine time doing whatever he was doing while you guys went fishing and gallivanting. Everybody has their own things they enjoy, and their own things they don't enjoy. I am glad he could voice his preference. Anyway, thanks for sharing these great photos and stories!!! Hugs to all!!

  3. What do mean, that was the perfect outfit to fish, it has huge pockets for, er, fishy things... :oD

    Obviously Ry needs one of those hydrofoil things on his whizz up the river, they mash up the bugs... (oh, and I'm totally with him on bugs in general, I have a total thing about them touching me, it makes me itchy just thinking about it o.O)

  4. Ry, what a sweetie-pie he is!
    Sounds like a very good time was had by all! Putzing around nature from time to time does the heart good.
    Take very good care and have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. I can agree with GK and fishing. The first fish I caught I wanted my dad to build a ginormous aquarium to keep him in. That didn't work out so we released him.
    Ry is truly a sweetie. You are so lucky to have each other.

  6. Oma Linda, the place you took GK, looks so beautiful and peaceful! Sorry about the Canadian Geese! LOL! GK has a smile, that would brighten an entire room up! She is a precious girl! Thanks so much for letting us know about Ry ;o) His soul is so gentle and kind! What a cutey! Tell him, we love him ;o)

  7. What a wonderful day in the beautiful open air. These pictures are so gorgeous. I love that GK wore a dress and baseball cap fishing. Oh, she is a force to be reckoned with! You know this could be a new trend. ;-)

    I love that sweet RY cared so much that you and sweet man were okay with his decision not to go along. That child has a heart as large as the entire US. Hugs and kisses to both lovely grands.

  8. It sounds like a lovely day and GK is absolutely a lovely anti girly girl. Ry was so eloquent in his words to you, so glad he was able to tell you he didn't desire to go. It makes me wonder what fabric I put on the book I made for him, didn't it have a bug print on it? Hopefully cartoon bugs don't bother him, so sorry if I made an inadvertent mistake in my choice there. I'm sure he took the gift as intended, right?

  9. You had described the Fishing Spot to me but I imagined nothing like this! What a beautiful location! GK is a DARLING!!!! She makes me happy just looking at that smile.
    I love the way RY did not want to hurt your feelings. And I can understand his reasons for not going. He sounds very thoughtful and honest..and caring. You have a wonderful Family at your Casa!

  10. Yay - what fun day for GK! Ry is a boy after my own heart though. I used to fish as a kid, but after a while hated seeing the fish die, and I always hated the bugs! You are such a good Oma!

  11. He should have control of where he goes. If bugs make him nervous, then protected is the place for Ry until he feels differently, like you said, "patience."

    GK and the whole gang looks great. I want to go fishing, too!

  12. Grace and wisdom all around *applause*

  13. I would have loved to been along on the fishing trip. Not that I'm a fisherperson but because the spot where you went is so beautiful and with all of those great trees even someone who's allergic to the sun can sit and enjoy nature. Dragonflies and Damselflies the size of humming birds?? How wonderful is that? Tell Ry he's not the only one who has a thing about bugs. From a distance I have no problem but if they get too close...well, it ain't a pretty sight and the screaming...let's just say that ain't pretty either.

  14. GK did the right thing by going for the catch-and-release option. I've only caught one fish in my entire life (a pickerel) and it scared me to death to do it. And I felt really bad when it was dead. I did eat it though, fried in butter. Afterwards I got diarrhea and it served me right.

  15. I admire your patience and love with Ry. I actually put off having a child for YEARS because I was afraid I would be a shitty mother because I have 0 patience. I have to say in having a child my patience gone from 0 to 3 on a scale of 1-10. I have, however, learned that I have to be the adult and sometimes that means putting myself in a time out and apologizing if that time out comes too late. Parenthood, it ain't for the meek.


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