Friday, May 25, 2012

That happens when you are off putting?

I always thought is was off pudding. Wondered how the pudding went bad. And for that matter....what kinda pudding was it to begin with?

It's sorta like being off color. Did that happen at the factory or did it happen when you added too much bleach. And how off color can you be until you become.......void of color?

And then there is out of luck. As though Luck was someplace to be into. Or into trouble......same but reversed.

How about age discrimination? Is that now or later......? Will I be more or less discriminating?

Just been pondering. And that's scary too.

A friend asked me if I had ever read the book Stardust....I answered no. She said she would send me a copy because the stories of travelers and donkeys and life on the road that I have been sharing with readers on Ye Olde Crones Gazette had struck a chord (which one I should have queried? Was it a major or a minor chord?) with her and reminded her of my writing style. So she was going to send me a copy of Stardust to read.

When I told of this lovely generous offer with my daughter, who by the way, in case you ever want to know anything about me and what I think, ever thought or will ever think, just ask her, because I put her in charge of that bit quite awhile ago and she is every so talented at categorizing such.....said to me, "Lulu, (because that is what she calls me instead of mother or mom or mommy or darling and wonderful Oma), we have that movie here." And produces said copy of Stardust, to my amazement. I watched the movie and was enthralled. And now I've gone on to read the book.

As in most cases, the book is so much better, because I can visualize the scenes, the feel the feelings, the ponder the results. And as I read the very last page of my gift from the beautiful and very sweet April, I realized something about own writing.......I enjoy it for the same reasons I enjoy reading other peoples made up places......they are head magick, heart magick, healing magic all rolled into one. No matter the genre, words take you from here and let you go there.

Yep, off pudding, or in a pickle, or down on my luck, or at square one. It's a place I love to be.
How about you? Where have you gone lately by reading someone else's magick. Oh, do please share.


  1. I'm so happy you like Stardust! You had to have it! And it is also a gift for you for all the places you have taken me and the love and strength you have sent my way.
    I just got back from Alaska where I saw Mabel and Jack building a child out of snow. The next morning the snow child was gone but there were fresh tracks and a strange little girl in the woods. It was a wonderful journey and if you want to go there, read "The Snow Child" by Eowyn Ivey! Love you, Lulu!

  2. Great post Oma Linda ;o) I have just started to read Phantom. And, I have to admit, the character Becca, reminded me of me in high school. I am excited to see what happens ;o) I think the head guy is a vampire, but that is just what I am imagining right now ;o) I have vampires on the brain! Must be Johnny's new movie ;o) LOL!

  3. I LOVE this post. I've already told you that Stardust is one of my favorite books. I have a thing for Neil Gaiman's writing. By the way, have you read The Graveyard Book, also by him?

    I've made stumbling part of my life dance way before I knew what the words meant.

    You are so loved, my wonderful, darling, totally gorgeous, Oma Linda ;-)

  4. Oh Stardust! *sighs* I love both the book and the movie adaptations, for their differences and magics. One of the best fairy tales I've had the pleasure of immersing myself in in a very long time.

    And speaking of head magic and books... have you ever read any of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books with the witches? I think you'd love all those fiesty old witches, but particularly Granny Weatherwax who reckons using your noggin' is the best kind of magic. :) *hugs and loves*

  5. I have a lot of "I meant to do that" moments, so the stumble to dancing fits right in with my life lol.

    I have been reading Aimee Thurlo's "Coyote's Wife". It takes me back to my home in the desert Southwest and makes me feel alive again.


  6. What a wonderful post! I actually have Stardust and have not read it as of yet but will ASAP - I horde books but as an anal Virgo must finish one completly before I begin another. However, if it is in my read pile, I declare it "in process" - LOL!

    I constantly stumble and create a dance from it. It has become a beautiful and whimsical way to live. ;-)

    All my love and kisses to you, my precious Oma Linda

  7. I'm pondering my next read at the moment, I really need to go and have a good rummage at the book shop, but as it always takes so long, I need to find a good free day to do so :oD


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