Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wowweee, wow, wow

There are 5, count them 5 cuckoos in our casa, who are just absolutely blown away by the display in the sky by El Sol and La Luna.

Where we live was right in the path of the total eclipse, ring of fire, Mother Nature inspired celestial extravaganza. Absolutely clear skies, no wind, mid 70's at the beginning and comfortable. We had appropriate eye wear and we built a viewing box about 4 feet long and we had a blast.

I tried to take photos with my miserable little quick camera but there really wasn't much to focus upon in the end of the box and so the photos are a little fuzzy but was spectacular.

about half way

full umbra


  1. It sure was a difficult event to record, but lots of fun and certainly spectacular--even though we didn't get the full ring of fire effect down here to the south of you.

  2. The first thing I must say is, none of your blogs have shown any updates in my dashboard in over a week. OMG! I was about to send you an email and ask if you were alright or just taking a break, when I linked from Magaly's post today and find you have been here all along. Oh, my Miss Oma Linda, I am so sorry I have not been by. Blasted Blogger! I have been having Oma withdrawals all this time. Okay, I am calming down a bit now. (deep breath)

    Second, I think these photos are amazing. What a gift to you and yours. Hugs and Kisses to you always and forever.

  3. I think these pictures are wickedly cool!!! I love them! Well done Oma Linda ;o)))


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