Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You all know how I like to make something from nothing.....

And I'm not talking about my perceived dilemma either.

I'm talking about my love of using something over (recycle), using something for which it was not intended (redux) or using something in a way that is whimsical (upcycle). Well I thought I was pretty clever sometimes when I use ice cream bowls for wind chimes or wire baskets for lamps shades, or mason jars for pendant lights but I give the crown up to someone that quite honestly I didn't know she was artsy fartsy. I mean she is a top notch photographer and has an eye for what is just right in the genre, and she has built a very interesting chicken palace for her girls but nothing like this before.

Out of the blue clear sky, one of my donkey owning heroes, walks out of the mist and becomes an outsider artist. Just like that, she went from being an enviable donkey owner to an admirer artist. I am totally impressed and would like you to go see Linda Carson at 7MSN and see what she and a childhood friend created.

I swear I am so blown away. Goodness ya'll.


  1. Isn't that fantastic? And doesn't it just make you smile to look at it?

  2. Freakin cool!!! Love the chicken sculpture! A+++ Oma Linda, I am sorry I haven't been around! I am still not getting new updates, so I will be bookmarking your blog, and checking up on you that way ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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