Friday, June 22, 2012

And we're back to Celebrate Oz

I had never seen an episode of BBC One's very funny animal show "Walk on the Wide Side". Now I will probably have to watch every episode I can. So funny. This link at about 4:07 will lead you to bats discussing one of the bat's dreams. Of course the bats name is Frank (L. Frank Baum reference) too funny. Something about a funny looking bike lane.......

I hope you have a fun day today and laugh a lot, Oma Linda


  1. Too bad for me! That video is blocked in Canada. Rats! Or should I say "bats!"

  2. As Debra She Who Seeks said, the video is blocked in Canada! Darn it! Hope you had a great weekend my friend ;o)

  3. HAHHAHAH!!! And I love the guys who are ALL Count Dracula!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA, "I VANT TO BITE YOUR NECK!!!" They are ALL copying!!!


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