Monday, June 11, 2012

Donkey love, please help

It will  only take you a moment to call or email or write a note to the people who have organized this terrible event to rope donkeys. If you have read my blog at all you know how Patrick a former roping donkey touched our lives through our sweetest boy Ry and how important Morning Bray Farms and all the donkeys there and elsewhere are special to me and my family.
this is Bernard and Ry with Ellsworth in the background with Mommy and  Mr. D.

Please just take that moment and let these folks know how heinous this is. Donkeys are such loving, caring animals. They "can cure what ails you" just by being with them. It's not like they can handle this abuse physically or mentally.

Luckily Patrick, Patty Pat Pat, has come to not only trust humans again but is a poster donkey for getting over the awful things done to him in his former life (pre MBF). Thanks from the bottom of our donkey lovin' hearts.

Please call or email the Van Horn Chamber of Commerce in Texas and ask them to cancel their donkey roping event scheduled for next Saturday, June 23. Their contact information is: 

P.O. Box 762
Van Horn, Texas 79855

(432) 283-2043, Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


  1. Thank you, dear Linda! We need lots and lots of emails and phone calls!!! It's up to us to show the world that this isn't culturally acceptable anymore!!!

    I absolutely LOVE the new look of your blog. It's gawgeous!!! xo

  2. This is so sad Oma Linda! I will phone!

  3. I just wrote them a harmful, disgusting and Abusive E-Mail!!!! SHAME ON THEM!!!!! Let's Rope and Tie the Cowboys!!!

  4. I'm not sure how much weight an email from Indiana will do, but I sent one.

    I can't believe this is called entertainment in this day and age.
    xx, Carol

  5. Don't know if words from Arkansas will help but you have my vote. I always hated to see the calves roped also. What we humans do for sport.

  6. I am on it, dear Linda!

    I just want to let you know that this blog finally is showing up with updated posts in my dashboard but Ye Old Crone is not. xoxoxo

  7. I'll e-mail them today. This isn't entertainment it's just plain cruelity and it has to stop!

  8. From Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue:

    Donkey roping is an extremely cruel "sport" where the donkey is schocked with a cattle prod until he tries to run away. Once in motion two people on horseback run the donkey down, one throwing a rope around its neck, the other around its rear legs. Once roped the donkey is then stretched between the two horses. Broken bones and death are all too common during these events.

    If you haven't done so already, please help by contacting the Van Horn Texas Chamber of Commerce and letting them know how you feel. Call them at 432-283-2043 or by email

  9. I will and I'll spread the word Oma Linda!

  10. I almost didn't comment because my heart is so tender when it comes to animals that at this point in my life after seeing such horror in rescue I feel like I can only handle so much as far as stories and images go. I still rescue, but I can not ever allow myself to be engulfed with emotion again as I was a few years ago. I lost my marbles from the emotional toll it took. That being said, reading about this touches a primal place inside of me. It brings out pure hate for the human race to beat and mame animals that are completely defenseless. I have literally gotten into physical fights with people like this. I will leave you with this. Those "people". They will beat an animal because the animal is defenseless but when faced with this crazy Jersey bitch, they were left frozen.


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