Friday, June 8, 2012

No wonder I've been hearing an echo.....

It has come to my attention that there are fewer comments than there used to be. And there is a very good reason. It is because, there are fewer of you out there being notified that I have posted.

I have expressed my love/hate relationship with blogger before but can't a girl change her mind and not have to do solitary confinement?

When I had "anonymous" cruel and stupid remarks coming in, I changed some of my settings so that I didn't have to deal with all that nonsense as well as the day to day. But once I had a chance to rethink, like Pooh, I thought how silly it was to let a fool make me leave out anyone on anything. So I switched my permissions, comments etc, back to the original settings......but blogger didn't get the message and you my lovelies..................well ya don't even know I wrote a short story about gypsies and fairies, or that the grands have had a wonderful end of school or any of our fun adventures.

I have tried to get in touch with blogger but well I need your help. Do any of you know if they really exist? Is there a place where you can go to get help besides their help area, which is like chasing your tail? If you have the right incantation, or know how to hold your mouth just right, or what words to say to get them to answer....let me know please.

I would love to have this cleared up by the time Return to Celebrate Oz happens. A few of you have now noticed I have been missing and have re followed me. I sure hope that works for now because dang it, I miss ya.

Smooches and squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. You obviously scared them, you arrived in an avalanche in my reader this morning! BTW though, for this little dyslexic dysfunctional, your blog is SO difficult to read now with its current background, I'm really struggling :o(

  2. I think "re-following" did the trick for me -- this morning ALL your blog posts that I've missed out on showed up in my blog reader! So I'm getting your feeds again, hurray! Wouldn't want to miss your Oz celebration!

    Blogger is impossible to contact except when they allow contact via email. About a month or so ago, Blogger deleted my blog. Following some prompts from Help, I contacted Blogger and it was restored. But they are damn hard to contact unless they allow it.

  3. Hey lady, I've been absent for so long, blogger changed formats!! I blogged about it last week...think if fell under the title, "WTF!"

    I've been reading lots about the problems bloggers are having, plus add the fact that FB is taking over the world and leaving behind us bloggers, doesn't bode well either. Just glad I didn't buy stock in FB!! LOL

    I'm steadily returning to read some of my favorite blogs but I've noticed some are no longer...either blogger decided to punish me for not keeping up or they have done something wicked. I missed many of your blogs...kept "timing out," so I gave up. Pinchi blogger!!!! But today, you came in loud and clear...WTF!??

    Anyway, I'll stay tuned and see what happens. Can't help you as for getting help...I think it's all a conspiracy!! BTW, did you get my package?

    Loves ya,

  4. Ok, now something wicked this way did come!! All of sudden, all your blogs from the last "13" hours are appearing on my blog roll...really now, "WTF BLOGGER!!!" This is just too weird. "OH where oh where did my ol' blogger go????"


  5. Hey Young Lady, you are back??? My blog roll is filled with Oma Linda and I love it ;o) Oh, and I love your new look to your blog too ;o) I love purple! I have to check up with your other blogs now, I don't want to miss out on anything!! ;o) I don't know how to get hold of blogger, sorry!
    Just to let you know, my leg is doing so much better today! I am almost sure it was a pulled muscle, but when it started to swell, that's when I worried! The swelling is gone and the pain is almost gone! Yeh! Happy Dance ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Oooh, I didn't think of re-following, I just linked you and gave Blogger the finger. I'm going to re-follow and see if it works. Still, I will always be here to check on you and the lovelies ;-)

  7. I just figured you had posted a WHOLE bunch of stuff in one day...
    I love the new layout!! and am glad you are back on my reader! Hugs

  8. I had to re-follow you. I'm getting notifications of your posts again but have not had time to be on-line much lately.


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