Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One more reason to love the man I married...........

As Sweet Man is getting ready for work this morning he asked if I was feeling better this morning. Last night, I had a panic attack or something from my preoccupation and involvement in a work of love/hate. (Not that you all know about my mania with certain folks in Van Horn Texas). Which, by the way, if you type in Van Horn Texas business directory in your browser, there are lots of churches, restaurants and gas stations to call and let them know that you're offended by Donkey Roping, just in case you didn't have that on your to do list today. But like Justina says, be nice, please.

Mr. SM and my darling daughter Shelley and the grands all were.............uh concerned and made me turn off the computer and go to bed.

He made me promise to behave today and stay relaxed and not get all worked up and to try to stop crying. Then the clouds parted and the reason I call him sweet man shone down from above. He said with his scruffy mustached olde mouth, "honey, I wish I could get off work to drive you to Van Horn so you could protest the donkey roping on Saturday".

I wouldn't want to be there anyway, way too painful, but what a sweet talker I'm married to, huh?

After forty something years of being married you kinda know that somethings are really big deals. This man who says he isn't really an animal lover, fell in love with donkeys not because of donkeys alone, although he really likes Ellsworth, but because he loves me. He accepted and is tickled with another cat, even though he said no more because it wouldn't be fair to the dogs, especially the older one and Sunny because he is 13 and has helped us shuffle animals around so everyone gets attention in safety. Not because of anything except love.

I want good things for all. I want donkeys not to be hurt, children not to be abused, all dogs and cats to have forever homes and to be red headed, long legged and slender. But mostly, I want everyone to  understand Olde Baggs who love really, really hard.


  1. Oma Linda, You are a loved woman and blessed with a loving man. I am very happy for you! God Bless loving and caring husbands everywhere!

  2. Hi Oma Linda!

    You are gonna get a great chuckle out of this .... I thought today was the "Return to Celebrate Oz" Party! What a silly goose I am! I wanted to check out the other participants blogs, before I posted mine, and there were no posts about it .... I thought maybe I had really traveled into Oz! Then I went back to your blog and realized you posted JULY 19th not June 19th! LOL! Well, I guess I can say I am indeed ready! May even get in a few more Oz ACEO's!
    Just had to share!
    Karen Anne

  3. Oma Linda, you are a loving person and have a loving hubby! You two deserve each other! I am happy you listened to your family and turned off the computer and went to bed! Sometimes, we need to breathe and relax ;o) Big Hugs and lots of love! xoxoxox

  4. Yeah, you should probably keep him around a while longer... ;o)

  5. This touched my heart. Be well and enjoy your husband ♥

  6. Sweet indeed, your Sweet Man! Clearly he loves you very much!

  7. Damn woman, you're not supposed to make people cry before they are through with their first cup of morning coffee. Hugs to you and the whole, crazy famdamily.

  8. You are not alone! I, too, am an olde bag who loves very hard and sheds tears for all they innocents who can't stand up for themselves!

  9. I feel your love. How wonderful it is to have a supportive husband and how could we not love these animals that bring such unconditional love to our lives!


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