Monday, June 18, 2012

So much is happening.....

I am thrilled to see there are 18 folks who want to play Celebrate Oz and we still are a month away. I am having a blast making my stage for my players.....shhhhh, I will not say anything else.

I have gone in and added all the links for the stories of the 4 little witches on the 2011 Celebrate Oz page. I thought you might like to get caught up before I finish the tale this year.
Ride em Ry....
Now on the Donkey Roping front, I'd like to tell you that we have a link on CNN that you can go to and vote to recommend it to be seen on CNN.
Buck, Nigel and Ms. Grace Belle
Also I would like for you to go to this link and see what Van Horn Texas will be known for henceforth.,_Texas

the once and former roping donkey, Ry's bud
Thank you all for helping by whatever means, putting up with my obsession for all things donkey and continuing to be my besties.


  1. This is a good cause and I am proud to voice my opinion to help stop this nasty ... I refuse to call it entertainment.
    xx, Carol

  2. Doing what I can to help the wonderful donkeys :)

  3. Humans who participate and promote this type of activity may be human, but they are certainly not humane.

    God bless the Humanes who are trying to put a stop to these horrid acts perpetrated by soul-less humans.

  4. Donkeys are so adorable! I love them! They deserve to be treated nicely! Yeh to everyone doing something! I went to the link, for what Van Horn Texas will be known for. Donkey Roping Controversy!!!!! Big Hugs Oma Linda and Big Hugs Donkeys ;o)
    They had baby donkeys on our news last night. Some were rescued at a fire. So cute!!!

  5. Wow I'd never heard of such a thing.... Soooo sad, breaks my heart. Cripe, they have outlawed cock fighting but they allow donkeys to be treated soooo badly... Makes absolutely no sense. grrrrrrr
    Always, Queenie

  6. Have I told you lately that you are one of my heroes? I place you among the strong and beautiful women who grace my life. Thank you for that.


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