Sunday, July 29, 2012

A time to celebrate ..........

3 years and 5 days ago, my daughter Shelley and grand RyLeigh drove into Albuquerque from South Carolina in a U-haul filled with as many of their possessions that would fit into the truck. GK was already here visiting with us.

If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have fretted for the first year.

When GK was a baby, I stayed home with her and Shelley went to work. That lasted for 2 1/2 years. Then Shelley got married. In the next year and a half, SM and I moved back into my childhood home and Shelley's family stayed on in our old house. That April on my birthday, Shelley gave GK a brother. I never really got to be Oma to Ry, it didn't fit into their family plan. And then they all moved south the summer GK turned 7.

That separation from them was really difficult for me. GK and I cried for days and then everytime we talked on the phone. I would call her at bedtime and read a bedtime story to her.

And the reunion 3 years ago was amazing and a little frightening. Ry was 3 years older than when I last saw him and he had no idea who I was. But in the last three years, we have all made up for lost time.
this was our first blog party after they came home
I can't imagine my day to day without Shelley and the grands. I know it is selfish but I really don't care. I'm very blessed and I know it.

So I will just call it Happy Omaversary.

All of the inhabitants of Casa de Cuckoo celebrated and won't ever take each others company for granted again.


  1. What a wonderful, magickal photo of GK and Ry! Happy Omaversary to you all!

  2. I love stories with happy endings!

  3. Happy Omaversary!!! What a great word!! and a beautiful story, a bit of a tear-jerker for sure. And amidst all the sad parts, so many happy parts. So very blessed indeed! Hugs to you all, and where is my piece of cake??

  4. You truly are blessed and your posts are full of the joy these grands bring you and you them.

  5. Yeah. I love being close to my girl and grands. They lived right next door. That was the hardest part about moving an hour away, not being next door to my girl and grands whom I saw every day. my son and dil though, I never saw them anyway.

  6. They sparkle and is not the little stars on the picture, it's the love. And that magnificent scar on the Hatters hat, AWESOME!

  7. Happy Omaversary. I like that word. It sounds rather magical doesn't it? I adore the pic of GK and Ry. Have a wonderful week my friend. Smooches

  8. Happy Omaversary to a very special family ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  9. Happy, happy Omaversary sweetie! This is an occasion worthy of a million and one celebrations. I am so happy for all of you.

  10. When I tried to save my comment a minute ago, blogger gave me an error, so in case it doesn't come through, I just want to tell you and yours Happy Omaversary!


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