Friday, July 20, 2012

Next year's Celebrate Oz.............

I had a blast. Thank you to all the participants, the visitors and to all of you who encouraged, got the word out and made this so very much fun. Could not have been better. All the right people blogged about all the right things and we have shared our love of L. Frank Baum's creative beginnings that have blossomed into so many different views of Oz and the characters therein.

Yesterday was the best.

I am going to leave the participants list up for 5 more days so that all of you will be able to visit all of the blogs.

I'm already thinking ahead to Celebrate Oz 2013. I know, I know, and the answer is yes, I am quite outsane thank you. Only I've gotta do some networking and playing and have a strategy to get even more folks to participate and come have input, and fun. If you have any ideas....shoot them to me in an email.

We will be back on the spring schedule, The Wizard willing and the creek don't rise. As a matter of fact, there is a new Disney movie called Oz the Great and Powerful which will be coming out in March 2013. Here is the link, so that you can go and see for yourself.

Once again congratulations to all the wonderful ones who graced us with  your talent, views, writings, makings and fun times.


  1. Great blog party, Oma Linda! And thanks for leaving the link list up a while longer -- I've only made it to about half the blogs so far. Will do the rest this weekend.

  2. Thank you for hosting Linda...I for one am enjoying finding out that there is so much more to this story than the MGM movie :D XXX

  3. Lovely blog party! and enjoyed all the different views on this classic story! what fun! Next time I might just have to go Team Green :)

  4. Twas a thrill,m'dear!! Loved it, and it would be great if more people would participate! Still we had super people sewing and stitching, painting and writing, drawing and creating. What fun! and Stacy brought hotdogs! I need to go through your blog list, I think I may have missed a couple yesterday! Take care now, and don't stay up all night playing with your Oz puppets!

  5. Need to head out and check out everyone's contributions. Looked like much fun...maybe next year for me.

    Loves ya,

  6. Sorry I couldn't participate this year, but it was fun to read, thank you for organising :o)

  7. I was the BEST Oma Linda! And I had a wonderful day visiting each of the blogs! Thanks again for hosting this Oz-picious Event!

    Big Hugs,
    Karen Anne

  8. Thank you Oma Linda! It was a great party! I am still going through the list ;o) I don't want to miss anyone! Glad everyone liked my hot dogs ;o) LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  9. I had a blast and then some! And next year, 2013, it will be even better. I'll start thinking... THANKS so much for hosting the fun, my dear Oma ;-)

  10. This was one of the best blog parties yet and I had a great time seeing how all of these fun-tastic party people celebrated Oz. Thank you for hosting this fun event and count me in for next year. I've got more Oz related things to share. :0}

  11. I am sad that I was not able to participate and look forward to joining in 2013.
    Maybe you can do a mini hop around the time of the movie debut just to get people excited for a summer larger hop.
    Possibly also having a facebook event in March? I have no idea how those things work but I have attended several.


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