Thursday, July 12, 2012

One week and counting down to Celebrate Oz.......

There is still time to sign up to come and Celebrate Oz. Just fill in the linky tool on the sidebar. If you can't come and participate, would you post the information on your blog so lots of folks can come and see the fun? Thanks.

Today I thought I'd share a story about what ifs. I love what ifs. They are the coulda, shoulda, woulda's of the imagination.

I must interject here that I am the way I am because I set into motion a hex, or jinx, or spell on myself one summer evening when I was 12 as I lay on the driveway across from this very house. A group of us tweens was looking up at the stars and complaining about our parents. I said, "you know, I swear, I am never going to forget what it is like to be a kid". And I never have. When Shelley turned 13, she told me that she officially was older than me. And GK says she only has a year to go. Ry said because we are birthday twins, he's not gonna pass me up. We'll stay together.

When I was working/playing with teenagers as a professional back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and SuperMan was my boyfriend. I learned so much from them by playing the coulda, shoulda, woulda game. You see, teenagers really are kinda caught between worlds. Not a kid, but not grown up. I also found that in a safe environment, the beasts (teenagers) still love to play and have the fun they did as younger kids. Although some thought they were too cool for school, most jumped into the make believe with both feet. And all, even the "cool" ones, eventually played and laughed and were blessed by that fun. I loved my job, hated the folks I worked for. They couldn't remember they had ever played. Poor dears.

I've seen the real personality of a child come out because they didn't have to "play" life's game but could command their own game and fun. I've seen the parents of that child gaze in amazement at the softening of the edges of their offspring's spirit because they were focused on being at peace. I've also seen those same parents find their own fun and joy. And the lesson of what ifs has been a blessing in my own life from the knowing of all those beasts and their parents walking away with play as part of the equation of family.

We are all still seeking fun. You come to this blog sometimes to laugh or giggle and I am pleased that you do. And Oma's taking no lip on that one because even if you think you're too old for fun.....nah, it's just you haven't flexed your play muscles in awhile. So go on now, stretch out, there you go, put a question mark on your forehead, think of the possibilities and come join me on an adventure of the imagination.

Let's follow the red brick road........................????? Red, you say red? Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda follow the red brick road.

Tell me my lovelies, what is at the end of the red brick road? You know, the one that Dorothy didn't follow. It must lead somewhere. Give it a think and then comment what you have thought. Take your time and have fun with the what ifs. Remember, here we don't ever compete, because there isn't just one answer.....each one is as precious as you are.

I'll be here waiting to play and tell you my red brick road story tomorrow as we count down to Celebrate Oz 2012.


  1. As always, a fabulous post. That is why I come here because you always encourage the fun, quirky side of things. It takes a quirk to know a quirk...embrace your inner quirk! I have to think on the Red Brick Road for abit....never even saw there was one!!! Hugs and blessings to our dear Oma Linda. Love ya, BB!!!

  2. This is me now, lol! good grief, talk about quirky.

  3. GAD ZOOKS!!! Only one more week??? How did that happen? Here I thought I had plenty of time left and now I feel the mounting pressure of getting my "stuff" done for the party and if that wasn't enough, you've given me one more thing to think about. What's at the end of the red brick road? I looked at all of my maps of Oz and can't even find the yellow brick road and it's the one we all know about so this may take a bit of research. I wonder what happens if we google it? :0}

  4. Well, personally, I do believe the red brick road leads to the City of Ruby Red in the Land of Oz. The magical county to the West where Red prevails throughout the land and is the birth place of the magical "Ruby Red Slippers".

    The Ruby Red witch is a cousin to Glinda. Glinda's Mom (also a witch) was God Mother to Ruby Red and presented the Ruby Red Slippers to Ruby Red when she turned 16, created with great love by the colony of Ruby Red Fairies who live in their enchanted world of love and mystery.

    The Ruby Red Slippers were intended only for good, but an event in Ruby Red's life changed her for the worse and she began succumbing to her dark side with distrust and disregard for those around her.

    Hmmm, I wonder what kinda of event could have caused such a drastic change in Ruby Red?

    PS I sent you an email to the address on the right of this blog, did you receive it?

  5. If the meandering and sometimes dangerous Yellow Brick Road led to the Emerald City and that old fraudster, the Wizard of Oz, perhaps the RED Brick Road led more directly to the truth that all Dorothy had to do was click her heels together in the magic RED shoes in order to go home? In other words, YBR = path of illusion; RBR = path of truth? We all wander the YBR of course.

  6. How exciting is this ... we are now up to 27 participants! Yes!

  7. I think it leads to fields of lollipops and candy canes. No idea why, I just think it should :oD

  8. I think the Red Road would lead to the opposite of what Dorothy wanted. She wanted to go home, and they said Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
    If she had taken the Red Brick Road perhaps she would have found an alternate life of peace and love, perhaps not with her family and farm, but maybe with a whole new set of friends, where she would live forever, marry the Scarecrow and live happily ever after.

  9. Well, my Answer is more of a Boring, Historical sort of practical idea. As we ALL know, the Marvelous Land of Oz has 4 main well as the Emerald City in the middle of the map. To the North is the untamed, Wild Gillikin Country, where the main color of the cosumes and land is Purple. The West is Winkie Country where the color is Yellow and the Tin Woodman rules with a Heart! The East is BLUE Munchkin Land and that is where the Scarecrow is Ruler with his Clever brain. BUT..The SOUTH is RED and that is where Glinda The Good lives!!! I think the Red Brick Road leads to the Quadling Country and Glinda the Good!

  10. Sorry I have been missing from action...I feel like I have been in OZ!!! The weather has played havoc with OHIO this summer and we finally got our power back after about 9 -10 days. I will check back soon to see where the yellow brick road leads you all dear friend. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  11. Oma Linda, you are so much fun! I have been reading some of the answers to your question, and they are fantastic! I don't know what to say? LOL!
    The first thing that did come into my mind, was a land of faeries, where everything was made of candy. It would be snowing and flowers would still bloom. A very magical land. But, once you came, you couldn't leave! That's the price you had to pay.

  12. I have always known that the red brick road leads to a land that is full of all that is beautiful in magic...and maybe even your front door. ;-)


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