Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This is my 700th post

Happy Tuesday before Celebrate Oz.

Can you believe it? Me either.

I've annoyed, entertained or bored you 699 other times.

I knew this was going to happen on the way to our upcoming celebration, but I wasn't sure when. Makes 700 even more special.

On Weds. which I like to call the Night before Oz....hey that could be a story all by itself, I won't be able to sleep thinking about how much all of you have put into your Ozness and how much we will be sharing and enjoying. I have seen some of the entries and you are gonna be so amazed and entertained. We have some participants have already decided that they are having a potluck of sorts and are making the food and drink list. Hi Stacy, Karen and Shelle.

But I have a home grown Oz story for you.

When GK was quite small I infected her with my love of OZ and we recently found her first set of Wizard of Oz dolls in the storage unit where they have kept so many of the things they moved here from SC. You would have thought they were made of gold when she found them. She and Ry played with them for hours.

And I will take credit for the strangeness of the play because these Oz visitors had several very different stories and even followed a red brick road that the grands colored. They also included one of the minis as Kelvin Ator. Go figure.

Her Glinda has a blue dress because well......at age 3 she sorta customized the pink one. GK was emulating the cutting and sewing I was doing one day and just took a few too many snips while I wasn't watching poor Glinda, I guess. I asked last Friday if she wanted to make Glinda a new dress and she said, "of course not, then she would be just an ordinary one, not my special one." So there ya'll go. The king of the forest has lost his crown, the tinman has only one boot, the scarecrow has no shoes but Glinda and Dorothy (check out the 70's style red shoes she's sporting) still carry on their innane conversations via the buttons on their backs. And I thought I'd share the photos of a very used set of Barbie Wizard of Oz characters.

But that is not the end of the tale. You all notice there is someone missing right? The Queen of Green herself. GK was so afraid of Ms. Gultch/The Wicked Witch of the West that she had one but it is still in the box. Never wanted to let that badass out of her confines. I want you all to keep that in mind after my take on the witches in my writings and how the greenie wasn't the baddie afterall. She did however let Halloween Barbie stand in for the Wicked Witch. Now the story (according to the crowned princess Cuckoo) is that she was kept pristine because she is the best one. Cracks me up, what a few years and a few real witches will do for your perspective on Ms. Elphaba. Go team green.


  1. You know what, BB? I just want to hug you! Everyone should be so blessed to have an Oma like you, truly!!!This is such the sweetest post with these Oz dolls. I can just picture the bygone days when GK was little and you all were playing with these characters.
    And by the way, thanks for one-upping me (or should I say 200-upping me) I just posted my 500th! and now here you are, Miss Blogger-Queen!! Congrats on 700 posts, and I have never been bored by your blog, ever! The excitement is definitely building for Celebrate Oz!!!!!!!

  2. Love the fact GK was so afraid of the Wicked Witch. I was too at a young age. She scared me so much I'd close my eyes and cover my ears when she was on screen. Now she's my favorite one of the bunch. These are some great dolls and I would have been excited too if I had found them again. BTW in the books Glinda is dressed in white. MGM made the pink dressed version popular. Can't wait until Thursday. I'm that excited. Smooches

  3. Congrats on your 200th post. You've never annoyed me at all...Love the story about the beloved Oz dolls and even though I'm not participating this year (too much going on) I'll definitely stop by and say "hi"

  4. 700 Blog Posts? That is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations! I, for one, have found all of your posts to be entertaining, informative, creative BUT never annoying nor boring!

    Love all of GK's Oz dolls! Bet it was like X'mas for her when she opened up that packed away box. And I really enjoyed hearing about her keeping the Wicked Witch in her box! LOL!

    Two more days and the Party begins! Ya-Hoo! We are nearly at the end of the yellow brick road to Oz!

  5. Barbie Oz? Now I've seen it all lol

    Loving the boxed WWW story ;o)

  6. Am still working on my entry for this year... cant possible show off the mombi dress yet again ;) and am using those wonderful fabrics from last year!

  7. Hahahahahaha, making Halloween Barbie stand in for the Wicked Witch of the West just made my day!!!

  8. Congrats on your 700th post! Yepee! I think we should have a party! ;o) I love the dolls! I love the red shoes! Oma Linda, you are so special and this post is very precious! You know, I still have my "Cher" doll! I cut her hair all off! LOL! That's one thing I always did, was cut the hair! Big Hugs ;o)

  9. Great post :) Your Halloween barbie looks great! I have one too but somehow managed to lose the witch hat though *pout* Mine is purple of course ;) Also loving the 70s shoes on dorothy, hilarious! Thank you for sharing!


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