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Welcome to CELEBRATE OZ 2012.........

Welcome to the second annual Celebrate Oz. Come visit the participants blogs and enjoy the day with us. 

Before I begin the ending chapter I would like to let you know that The Angry Gnome #6 and #23 are not valid addresses and you can find this very cute blog by  April #27, just follow this link.

The last chapter of the thewi of Oz and how it all came to be.

When last we were together, Dorothea was waiting for the arrival of the witch who had saved her in her adventure in the Land of Oz. It had been some time since she returned to Kansas and took up living a very normal life. She was now married to a farmer, pregnant with her first child and had a good life. But there were holes in her memory of Oz and out of the blue a package and a note had arrived, letting her know that Elphaba, the green witch was going to come for a visit. She had asked that Dorothea tell no one of their meeting.

In the package there had been a tin with amazing smelling tea enclosed along with directions as to how to brew the tea. Also there was a small copper coin. On one side was written, “safe” and the other side said “sorry”. The note enclosed indicated that Dorothea was to hide this coin in plain sight and after the visit she was to place it in a very secure place, back in the tin and put it where no one would find it.

And so after Elphaba had made her entrance in the limousine and entered Dorothea’s home, the two old friends sat down for tea.

Elphaba reached into her old black bag and pulled out a richly embroidered cloth drawstring pouch. The pouch was well worn and the drawstrings also gave away the age of the container. Opening the pouch, Elphaba pulled out a crystal ball wrapped in purple cloth. It was quite beautiful and looked very heavy. As soon as the orb was placed on its stand, the sun light shown through the orb, making rainbows all over the walls of the dining room where the two, Dorothea and Elphaba sat. Dorothea giggled nervously and Elphaba smiled at the sight as well.

Their reunion and the explanation of Dorothea’s dream like adventure was close at hand. The air was supercharged with excitement. But before the telling could begin, the beautiful green complexioned thewi asked that the curtains be drawn so that they would not be distracted by anything that might happen outside of this room.

And so, Dorothea drew the draperies throughout the house and closed the doors to all the rooms, shutting the two of them off from the rest of the world, so to speak. Dorothea also poured each a cup of the tea that Elphaba had sent a week ago with special instructions for the brewing of the rust colored leaves. All this only played to the mystery of the visit and this special meeting.
After each sipped most of the cup of tea, Elphaba inhaled very slowly and peered into her crystal ball. As she purposefully exhaled her breath ever so slowly, she instructed Dorothea not to look away even for a second or she would miss parts of the story that she longed to know. And so within a matter of moments, the ball, as though it were a video player, showed the events on Oz from the time the house had touched down to Dorothea waking in her own bed surrounded by her family in Kansas.

But Dorothea had a perplexed look on her face at the conclusion of the recollection. “But where is the part where you saved me from that awful beast that was going to devour me? And this story makes your sister Glinda the one who was the good witch, but we both know that isn’t true. She is the one who called the ugliness down on me. This is a child’s story. This isn’t the one I lived through. I thought you were coming to help me, not make light of my ordeal?” Dorothea was visible upset and on the verge of tears.

“My child, we have not yet begun to unweave the story. And obviously you now remember your story, the one you hold in your heart and head. Most of the story’s happenings that were shown to you today are basically true. But I must beg you to commit to memory this version of the story and also to pass it along to your child. For, I have seen the future and he will pass this on to millions and they will be safe because of his efforts. Things here on earth will go so much easier if, ‘those that would harm’, thought that the truth was never going to be told to all.” Dorothea was still not appeased.

“I am glad that the fog of protection that I put upon you has lasted this long. I feared that if it had not, you and everyone else that matters to you would have been destroyed by both my sister and the Neg. Neither of them has forgotten what a threat you are to them. What a threat the real story of your time in Oz would be to their tyranny and control over Oz. That control could also extend to earth and that would be catastrophic”.

“That is why I contacted you, sent you the ‘eye opener’ tea and asked for this meeting.”

Dorothea looked at Elphaba with tears in her eyes, “This means that I will forget the horror again? And will I forget how wonderful and brave you were back on Oz?”

“Why yes, what would be the point in leaving you with a hurt that big to have to handle by yourself? You not remembering will be the best magick I have ever done. It will keep you safe, forever. After my visit you will have a most normal and happy life. Be proud of your son for being an author of renown. But the story of The Wizard not thewi zard on Oz will turn out to be a favorite of so very many of you human’s. And Dorothea, you are the star of that story. It will be called The Adventures of the Wizard of Oz.”

“But why chose that name for the story? There was only one Zard on Oz that had been a thewi?”

“It will be your son’s choice after you telling him about the adventure pictured in the orb. You see, he will write many other adventures with many other names. It will be his passion to get the story in books and on stage. And so much later, there will even be what will be called a talking movie, much like what you just watched on my orb.”

“Be of good cheer, Dorothea. The secret of the Oz we know is safe between us. I will go back into hiding and you my lovely creature will forget that anything but a visit from an old green faced friend.”

“Well, could I at least hug the good green witch of Oz who saved me, even if I won’t remember it?” Dorothea said with glistening eyes.

“Yes, but for goodness sakes please dry your eyes, you know I don’t like water”. And they hugged and laughed for a very long and lovely time.
When they at last sat down and finished their tea, Elphaba produced a permanent fog of protection. The next time Dorothea looked at Elphaba, the witch knew it had taken.

The joy of motherhood to be, the pride of her lovely life and the visit from an old friend were all she saw in Dorothea’s beautiful root beer colored eyes.
They hugged after their visit, the two walked hand in hand to the door. The limousine driver opened the door for Elphaba and as he helped her in, Dorothea thought she heard a squeak, like a rusty hinge.

As the car sped out of sight Dorothea said to her unborn child, “wasn’t that a nice visit? It was so very kind of her to visit and wish us well.

And she opened the curtains, noticed the coin tucked inside the tin, put it on the top of her Hoosier cabinet in the kitchen. After putting away better safe than sorry, Dorothea looked at the world outside and knew, it was such a lovely day and she felt so safe. There’s no place like home.

For those who have not read the beginnings of this story you can go to the Celebrate Oz 2012 page at the top of this blog to read all of the chapters.

Now for the "thanks for visiting gifts". I have a working clock with WOZ fabric to offer as my guest gift. That way you can Celebrate Oz every time you  look at the time. And I also have two other giftees for the 2nd and 3rd winners. The necklaces are scrabble tiles with a scene from the original WOZ movie. All you have to do is make a comment on the post and I will draw the winners names on July 26th. Good luck to you all and thank you so much for visiting Celebrate Oz. 

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  1. Whooohooo!!! Let's party! What a wonderful story Linda! pfew! I wished my english was a bit better. And what a great gifties you offer! It's 9 o'clock uphere, so i need to hurry up and go to my work. I see you later ok?
    When i come back i'm gonna look at all the blog partys ;-)
    xoxo Donna

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  4. Your mind rocks! And I knew there was a reason why Elphie has always been my favorite. There are things that just need to be done. They might not feel right for some, or make much sense, but a good soul will do whatever it takes to protect the innocent.

    I'm glad she reminded Dorothy to wipe her eyes ;-)

  5. Well, BB, you have outdone yourself with this story. I enjoyed sharing tea with Elphaba and Dorothea, and could see the rainbows on the walls from the crystal ball. I loved this 'telling'. Wonderfully done! Thank you so much for this story; AND for this great Celebrate Oz blog party! Hugs from me to you!! There's no place like Oma Linda's!!

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  8. What a wonderful ending to the story. I must thank you again for hosting this blog party letting all of us who love all things Oz to join together in celebration. Please include me in the drawing for one of your guest gifts. Now I must be off to see some more of the party. Smooches

  9. I'm so glad i stopped by...such a rich imagination and such a story!....Oz will be a new adventure for me now....

  10. This is marvelous. My first visit. I won the darling Wicked Faerie Queen box from Mina and just getting into this. I love Oz and have to say how creative you are. I would love that doll and will post your button. Blessings

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  12. Great story, Oz is a living place for you and for many of us. Thanks for the blog hop, and thanks for your lovely story.

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    Hugs to you sweet friend♥

  14. Hi Linda
    That is a great story!!!
    Thank you for all your work
    on the Oz Blog Hop!

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  17. Hi Linda,
    You are a very talented writer!Thanks so much for Hosting again this year!
    My Post is finally up ,I am so sorry I am late, but I seem to have one speed ,

  18. Well, it seems I saved the best blog for last ... this last chapter is "Oz-some"! Deep down I always knew that Elphaba was good, after all ... everything in the Emerald City was good! Ergo, green is good! Elphaba is green ... ergo, Elphaba is good!

    I loved this story Oma Linda! Thank You ...

  19. Oh I do like this follow up to the original tale :o)

  20. Thank you so much for hosting this again this year, it is so much fun and you always make it a wonderful event :)

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    Thank you dear one!

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    Please include me in the wonderful giveaway as well.

    I had to work much later than I had hoped (didn't get home until 7pm and I leave at 6am) and will probably have to do it again tomorrow so I may not get to the other parties until the weekend, but get to them I will! Hugs and kisses you wonderful wordsmith.

  26. Just popping in to say "Thank You"! I had an Oz-some day visiting all the participating blogs!

    You "made" my day, Oma Linda!

  27. Oh my, O-ma... I feel like jumping up and down like an excited kid and applauding you AND your insightful background wondrous Oz tale... You truthfully are a born storyteller... Totally awesome, like it was actually penned by Mr Baum himself, so well did the story weave it's tale to the original. I am late writing my comment because I actually read your post last night and was in awe, so rereading this morning and want to congratulate you big time, the story, the lead up (yep, I'm catching up and those are such fun posts too) and of course, being welcomed into your magical Oz home, because babe, there ain't no place like it :)

  28. Happy Celebrate Oz (one day late). It was really fun and I'm just now catching with the partiers. Thank you SO very much for allowing me to play. I am looking forward to next year!!!! :) Thank you for a most wonderful giveaway, as well. :)

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  30. My life hs been caught up in a tornado this summer so I am reading bits and pieces and feel so far behind, yet included. Thank you.
    And I had to laugh, as I read the squeak from the limosine, as previously I read your comment on the Naughty Oz tinman post.


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