Saturday, July 14, 2012

We're getting Celebrate Oz

This is so much fun.....the anticipation of not only myself but of others who have signed up to Celebrate Oz.
found this on wonderful is this????
I have a couple of snafus on the linky as far as participants are concerned and thus far have had no assistance in getting things straightened out. I'm gonna tell you here and then again on the day of Celebrate Oz. I put Danni of Whimsical Cottage on the link and then so did Danni......oops my bad. My amazing friend April from The Angry Gnome is using my blog Practically Magickal for her posting for the party. Before I realized we had issues, I signed her up....incorrectly and then again'd think I could figure my own linky thing out huh? And when I finally got it...or so I thought I messed up a third time. But the April listing leads you to an oops page that actually works. 

Now the I have confused you.....go to my blog for April the day of the party....which is this coming Thursday. Woooo Hoooo. She and the Angry Gnome will be there to greet you.

All the other links seem to work so I think we are good to go. Next year, I will do the list myself and then I can be the control freak I am and blame no one but me. What the heck, I gave something new a try, right?????

Have a super weekend, I'll post again on Monday. Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Believe me, Linda, I totally understand and sympathize. I have been having my own issues, like trying to grab your button and putting it on my blog. Errrgggghhhh, techie stuff totally baffles me. Anyway, you are doing Fantabulous and everything will go great on the Big Day!!! Hugs to ya BB!!

  2. That cake is amazing! Way fun!

    LOL! Don't you just love all the kinks you run into when trying out something new? In this case "Links Kinks"!

    Have a wonderful weekend with the grandkids Oma Linda! 8)

  3. Love your colors.

    Mr Linky scares me to death!

  4. Hey Oma Linda ;o) I am so happy you like the creations I have been doing for the party ;o) You make my heart smile ;o) I love the cake! A+++ Now, I have to tell you, I am confused! LOL! I will be here for the party and just do want you want me to do ;o) Hugs ;o)

  5. I think the linky thing is confusing so it's no biggy as long as we know where to find April, and now we do. It won't be long now. I'm planning to watch the movie tonight. Smooches


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