Saturday, August 25, 2012

I know you've all been there...or many of you anyway

I am going to make a confession here....I am addicted to the computer. There I've said it. I love to visit my friends and on occasion, I have been known to comment on their blogs. I also love to visit on facebook and go to pinterest to see what's out there in the big wide world. I also love to create digital collage, although I'm not very good at it yet. And I journal and also write my fantasy and fiction pieces as well as sell on Etsy.

I've share with you how the mechanical, electronics in my house behaved during the retrograde. But now everything has crossed over the conspiritorial line drawn in the sand and died. My office chair lost it's pnematicism...not a word but when I found myself 12 inches off the floor, I pinned the demon's name. Then my on again, off again computer just decided that it would design it's own screen saver and the diagonal etching from hades appeared on the screen. So back to the computer repair joint it went. We had them run a diagnostic on the hardware. Last time which was only 10 days prior when a power source and switch were replaced. As an aside, we had to replace the keyboard and mouse also. I got one of those Starship Enterprise ergonomically wonderful keyboards as a treat for my buddy. This time my buddy came back with a declaration of okey dokey on the hardware.

I dumped programs I haven't used since 2010, went through all my files (oh my stars, I also am a computer file hoarder) and backed my data up on an external hard drive. It was swimming along fantastically and I was actually able to do a few more housekeeping things with it and then.....................the object of my affection turned on me again and just stopped working.

I was distraught. But what do you mean I can't blog? Are you crazy? There are things on the computer that I love and I want back. I have people I want to communicate with and let them know I didn't jump off a bridge or worse. I talked to my buddy, I threatened the little twit and then I turned my back on it and ............dare I say it............did some housework. Curse you machine.

For three days I've come in to the computer area and tried to start my just stuck out it's tongue at me and refused to play.

Then last night as I was doing the minimal cruising my husband's "use a crank and let the hamsters warm up", older computer will do, he sat down next to me and said "honey, let's just move your computer out to the garage so it won't upset you and we'll go on my next days off and get you a laptop". I said I didn't want to spend any more money on computers right now and I could plod along with what we have. And I meant it, I wasn't playing silly wifey games.

Then he asked if I minded if he gave it one more try to start my computer? I said go ahead. The screen came up and he, just like I had found, couldn't even get the mouse to respond. I concurred with his problem. Then the most remarkable thing happened. He turned to me with what I would describe as "an eat shit and die" all knowing look and said, "well honey, you have to connect the mouse and keyboard if you want it to work". Crickets......................

I got up and walked into the other room and lmaorotf where he couldn't see me. I am a maroooooooon. All that fussing and carrying on, gnashing my teeth, tearing my clothing, putting on ashes and sack cloth and I hadn't reattached the mouse and keyboard? I felt like a foolchild of the extreme degree.

Hey, wait a minute, how did I get all those files purged and backed up and programs dumped if I had no mouse or keyboard......something in Denmark is stinky. So I went back into the computer room to deliver that opinion. But when I returned my buddy was showing off his art work with the diagonal screen and Joe was just looking at me like......should I run or should I laugh? We laughed.

I don't know who unplugged the keyboard from the port but it doesn't matter. I am typing this on my buddy and keeping my  thoughts positive the I can finish this post. I'll just keep playing this by ear, hanging in, keep my fingers crossed and maybe Santa Claus will know that I was sorta, fairly, kinda good and I will retire my buddy mid winter.

But know that I have missed alot, some, a bunch and will now need to find a really good excuse for the lack of housework if my buddy keeps working or have a clean house if it doesn't. That's a mell of a hess.


  1. had it been me I wouldn't have hesitated to accept his offer. anyway, I've wondered what was up and haven't seen you around my place.

  2. ROFLMAO, let's hope at least Maddy Rose can pass on the message to the mad in red ;o)

  3. What a great post! Well, finally ... I know what LMAOROTF means! LOL!

    I played that "When I'm in the mood I'll work..." with my old PC until one day when I was ready to pull out my hair and started yelling at it! I finally gave it the "If you don't work, I'm gonna go out and replace you this afternoon!" threat.

    Well, it didn't take me seriously so I went out and got myself a little Mac Mini ... came home and showed the old PC his replacement and unplugged old PC forever!

    You did remind me that I really need to do some computer "House Keeping" ... I have way too many files stored and I need to ease little Mac Mini's load before he decides enough is enough already!

    I had the same experience with my speaker system when I attached it to my computer. I had attached all the speakers to the unit ... but ... whoops! I forgot to plug in its electrical outlet plug! It only took about 3 months before I finally figured that one out.

    Guess we just have too much stored up in our little brains and the simplest things sometimes evade us!

    Well, I keep positive thoughts for your "Lil Buddy" and send wishes to Santa!

    Take care Linda!

  4. Linda darling girl, I am in complete misery with call your 'puter "Buddy", but honestly...."Baddy" is more like it. I love being connected, I just hate having to use a blasted techno-nightmare of Things I Don't Understand. The internet sidles up to you, makes friends with you, then when you aren't looking, slams you with the addiction, and then says, HaHa, now your computer is gonna play tricks. A vicious cycle. Good luck with Buddy, I hope things will run smoother than glass!!! Love ya, BB!

  5. Welcome back...we just thought you were taking a few days off...

  6. I would still go and get a lap top!!!! Especially since he offered! HA! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Sorry to hear you had to resort to . . . *shudder* . . . housework to pass the time. May you never be so cursed again.

  8. Sometimes the wi-fi switch on Denny's laptop gets turned off somehow and he's frantic that he can't get online. Razzlefratz,*%#)%! he'll say. I say, check the on/off switch. Voila!

    It's usually the basics and that's what throws us. Glad you're back, my dear.

  9. I can totally relate to your "addiction" to the computer and when my old computer went on the fritz, I freaked out. Pathetic isn't it? Not really, but this last Merc. retro really got you! I think a trickster was up to work with you. So glad you straightened out before we would have to send the Mounted Police to your door ;)

  10. Since i don't have a tv for about 2 years or so.. i'm pretty addicted to my computer. He dissapoited me last month by crashing. Guess somebody hacked me. It couldnt be repared and luckily i have a laptop now! pffew! I can't miss him for 1 day :-(

  11. Is it bad manners to lmao over a dear friend's woes? If so, I am just a vile woman, because you are so hilarious relaying these things. I mean I was literally chuckling out loud. (sorry)

    I am so happy that everything turned out well and your buddy is once again at your side. And why is it that these men will ALWAYS come to the rescue when it turns out our dilemma has the simplest answer? It happens in my home often and is enough to piss a girl off. ;-) Wishing you a warm and peaceful week, sweetie. Mina

  12. I laughed...not at you but with you.

  13. Hey Oma Linda, great to hear from you! Sorry, but I am still laughing, picturing you 12 inches off the floor ;o) Aren't computers fun!!! I know I will have to be replacing mine soon, but I keep telling her, she is a good girl and everyday she starts. So I do my little happy dance and keep on typing! Hugs ;o)

  14. It is horrible that I started laughing before I realized that the troubles were over? Naughty me, I know. But you are adorable ;-)

  15. Sweetie, you had me ROTHLMAO to the point of giving me the hiccups. It sounds like something that happened to me a few years ago. When I got the new Dell I couldn't bring myself to get rid of my old faithful HP so I moved it to my bedroom. After reassembling it in it's new location I thought I'd broken something in the move but it turned out I didn't reconnect everything the way I should have. I was heart broken because there were programs and files on it I couldn't use on the new computer and was crushed by the loss. It took my sweet child about 5 minutes to "fix" Mr. HP. I'm still hearing about my computer savy.
    Now it sounds like what you're in deed of is a new chair.

  16. There must be a support group for those of us in your position. And now I see a new post saying RIP. Hope you have a new laptop, they are very affordable, and that you still have hair.
    Repeat after me: "Hello, my name is (fill in the blank) and I am an internet addict."

  17. The guy I'm married to doesn't have much money,
    but he sure knows how to treat a computer:)
    How would I cope without that????

    Hope everything is great with you guys<3
    Much love

  18. Good grief, computers can be such misery makers, but we can't do without them. We have had 3 computers (in the last 2 years) go belly up, so I can feel your pain! Thank goodness for hubbys who have "the touch".

  19. Hi Linda, oh you made me laugh, I totally understand how such a thing can happen. I have had similar occurences trust me....I hope Buddy continues working for many a year. hugs to you.

  20. Oh gosh. You've reminded me with this story that I must back up my files. So much is on this computer - and no back ups! Eek!

    I do hope your buddy stays true for a while longer!


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