Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'll let you in on our little secret.....but promise not to tell the donkeys

You are all sworn to secrecy cuz you know how the donkeys love watermelon. And we just abused one.....all the way to pieces.

I don't know if you have seen the videos on youtube about making a watermelon burst by putting several hundred rubber bands around said watermelon.......but

GK thought that if she stated her hypothesis just right and we did the experiment when the watermelons were in season and less expensive and if she got through with it before school started, she would not have to worry about a science fair project during Christmas break. How's that for a run on sentence??? And a plan with a fun side to it.

So we invested in a big ole fat watermelon, 1000 rubber bands and set about causing great bodily harm to a "never did anything to anyone" watermelon. It took 2 and 1/2 hours and 857 rubber bands, but we made it change it's shape.

First it began to decrease in size around the equator of the melon. Then made it start sweating in several places and the stem end turned colors, from yellow to purple. Then the skin of the watermelon got dark. And then crinkle, crack, snap and blam and there was watermelon shrapnel everywhere you looked in my back porch within a 15 foot radius. The watermelon cracked and then exploded.
look at the sides how concave they are

Shelley laid it on it's side and stepped away and Blam

look Ma no watermelon....her face is priceless
It took us quite awhile to locate the rubber band ball. I'm just glad that puppy didn't knock one of us out or break a window. We were all covered with watermelon bits and juice.

you can just see the rubber band ball under the grill to GK's right

This is the most priceless fun, I've ever had proving a theory about exploding fruit.....well it's also the first time. We are moving on to pineapple and then cantaloupe. GK is going to call her project.....pressurized fruit salad.

The strangest thing was that the ants, the birds, the flies all could smell the watermelon long before it was evident to us and long before it started was being bruised from the inside out.
You can see that in the photo where the rind and the flesh are all watery.

So if you want cheap entertainment and the kind of anxiety of not knowing when it will explode everywhere but knowing it will sooner or later....go for a watermelon bust. But be prepared for being surprised and a shower of sticky fun.


  1. That is AWESOME!! And so much fun. You are one awesome Oma!!

  2. cool. I'm going to have to pass this along to my grandkids.

  3. ROFL, hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family! Plus super smart thinking on getting the science project out of the way :oD

  4. Wow! Just don't let the donkeys know what you're doing to their dessert!

  5. Man, that's funnier than Mentos in a 2-litre bottle of Diet Coke! I wish MY science fair projects were as much fun when I was a kid! I'm looking forward to your posts about the other exploding fruit now. Poor fruit -- they're giving their all for science.

  6. I love this and will have to try this with my little ones!!!! Have a great weekend!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Who woulda thought a water melon could be taken down by rubber bands???? I wish I'd been there to witness this first hand. Great job cuckoos. Hugs to all

  8. How much fun! Great science project ... you could even time the different types of melons to see how much "rubber band" pressure it takes for each to burst. Wonder how much pressure it would take to burst a cantaloupe? Course then there is the ripeness factor ... would an under ripe watermelon burst as fast as a very ripe melon?

    This project has many potential trials, plus it's tasty too! Love the title "Pressurized Fruit Salad" ...

    Happy day to you all!

  9. This is so much fun Oma Linda!!! I am still laughing! I love GK's face!!! Hugs ;o)

  10. Interesting.....might tell our silly science program about it...only problem the class is only 2 hrs long. Lol looks like a lot fun for the kids.

  11. OH I LOVE GK'S FACE!!!!! She needs a HUGE print of that along with her report!!! HAHHAHA!!! WHAT FUN!!! Man, that experiment will teach you patience as well!!! LOVED THIS!!!!

  12. When you first started this story with rubber bands, my mind went to those ladies that do a similar thing to their gut for weight loss potential.

    Now I will be afraid of exploding fat people when I am walking the halls of the hospital.

  13. Oh this sounds like too much fun! I think my son would get a kick out of torturing a watermelon this way!


  14. My lips are sealed, but I might have to show the donkeys that picture of GK, for it is priceless. That surprised expression look extra cute.

    Oh, and your scientific voice sounds very scholarly ;-)

  15. Wow! This really looked like a sweetly fun time. You are the best Oma. The images are fantastic but the one of GK's face upon the explosion is unmistakeably "caught in the act". LOL - too adorable.


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