Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ry's new school adventure...............

Monday was Ry's first day of 3rd grade. Shelley had already met with the teachers and was cautiously optimistic. Last years special ed and regular class room teachers had already filled the new special ed and regular teachers in and that's bodes well for that.

Ry came home with a very typical first homework assignment. He was to tell about himself and his likes and a souvenir from his vacation. (Allow me to wax irritation........what vacation? The supposition that the"traditional 1.5 kid mom and dad working and taking a vacation every summer" notion is not really the norm during this economy and most especially in our real life.) So being the cuckoos we took our adventures as vacation and let Mr. Ry take his pick of "souvenirs" in the form of pictures.

His favorite food is still pizza, his favorite sport is running and of course some day he wants to compete in the Olympics, he collects action figures (now that's an understament of monumental proportion), his favorite animal is a dinosaur and he loves his family   the most.

In his special ed class he was to share the wrapper from his favorite snack. (Once again the assumption that the snack came in a wrapper like candy, cookies etc.) Ry took a picture of banana in a plastic bag. And his vacation trophy.....a picture of him on Ms. Lucy's back at 7MSN Ranch.

When asked how he did on his presentation, he said, "I killed it. I'm good, they really liked it", as he swaggered away. Once again the summer program self esteem boosters have kicked him up to super kid and he is just about as terrific as any 3rd grade boy can be.

Since you know his story.......miracle number 2013  school year has begun. I'll keep you posted on his progress.

And I can't leave without telling you how GK's jumpstart day went. She doesn't actually start school until September. I will quote her. "There sure are a lot of boys and they were staring at me. Why? I was just hanging out with my friends."

She has nary a clue. The only snarky in that kid is with me (and I adore her sense of humor). Otherwise she is the Taurus beast she is and is a straight arrow and slightly oblivious. Please let it stay that way for one more year. Although I do have to report a slight case of eye rolling starting.

Mr. Ry knows he's cool and GK is just comfortable in her skin, even if she doesn't understand how cute she is.


  1. Good on Ry and GK will figure it out before you know it.

  2. Hi Linda! I experience the same here :-( Everybody ask were i am going on vacation or they ask were have you been going to? If i tell them i am poor and only go on small trips with my mother, they look strange at me or pity me. Well, i don't care!
    I'm glad Ry is feeling good at school and offcourse the boys look at GK! She's very pretty ;-) just like her mom and oma!

  3. I am so thrilled to hear about Ry's (much deserved) confidence. I remember when it wasn't so, of course nothing like you, but every time I read about another success I just get somewhere between my chest puffing out in pride and a tear of joy down my cheek. Thank you for giving me these moments of utter elation.

    And GK...oh honey, the boys will come a running and it has begun. She is too beautiful and too smart to be a wallflower. But you already know that. ;-)

    I wish for the wonderful grands a school year of growth, fun and true friendships. Hugs, my lovely friend.

  4. It's fun and exciting to read these back to school stories, Linda. Your grands are just precious. I, too, hope GK stays clueless for a while longer ~ there are plenty of years ahead for knowing why the boys are staring. (:
    love xo audrey

  5. Banana in a plastic bag, genius!

    Yeah, can't think what those hormonal pre-teen boys were up to...

  6. Great stories! I hope they both do well this school year.

  7. It would be neat if Ry's teacher took a lesson from Ry's "wrapper" and "souvenir" to perhaps think outside the box when asking for such things next year. Because what better snack than a piece of fruit or a veggie and what better souvenir than a wonderful memory rather than a piece of plastic what-not that will self destruct sooner or later. Great beginning of the new school year. Crossing my fingers you have a little more time before GK catches on.

  8. The ride on his precious soft furry donkey friend...that is a heart memory and I am sure he did kill it with his descriptions. I was a special ed teacher and the greatest lesson we all learned ..."listen with your heart"...both teacher and students. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. Big Hugs to Mr. Ry and Gk ;o) They are both going to do great in school! I agree with you Oma Linda, Gk is very cute ;o)

  10. Big Hugs to Mr. Ry and Gk ;o) They are both going to do great in school! I agree with you Oma Linda, Gk is very cute ;o)


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