Sunday, September 30, 2012

A rare sighting............

It's been at least four years since I have spied these very rare and seldom seen critters.

Shelley and I were continuing the tedious yet very rewarding garage cleaning on Tuesday. We were enjoying the great cooler weather and went out onto the front driveway to take a break when we came upon a young one.

Later in the week the grands and I spied three in the backyard.

There they were sitting on the hedge which backs up to our gnome porch....Granny Flutter and her two little Byes. An extremely colorful and whimsical sub species of butterfoot flutterbyes.

Hope you enjoy seeing these rare specimens as we did.

tiddle de tra la....................

So now I need to tell you the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would have said. Shelley and I found Ry's preschool footprint butterfly while doing our garage cleansing. When I saw it I commented to Shel that it's a shame that we don't keep getting footprints as they get older....and then a brainstorm occurred. So on my first day back in the saddle as Free Oma, and after our Saturday chores were finished, the grands and I did just that. I painted their feet (very ticklish situation) and they mine on the gnome porch as we enjoyed the autumn weather. Giggling, grinning and fun was had by all. I wasn't going to have my feet painted but they insisted they wanted to so there ya go.

As we "put them together", the flutterbyes (which admittedly are slightly rough), the kids took turns reading aloud the old Halloween kiddie books we have amassed during their short lifetimes. And just to prove I've still got it, I read my favorite, "In A Dark, Dark Woods". Yep, I made them both jump at the end of the story. Love it. Been reading that story to GK for 10 years and I still made her jump. Ry just kept asking me how I do it. Then later on I heard him practicing my quiet, soft, precise pronunciation voice, with the loud quick ending.....he got it and I'm sure the "hambone" child will pass the pleasure onto his friends and others.

There could not have been a more perfect Oma day ever. Good fun, hearty laughter, quality time shared, memories made and "no grumps allowed". Oops, did I say that??????

So Saturday special time was had by all. Even Shel when she got home because she has new footprints for her "forever" box, which was the main goal anyway, the rest was the icing on the cake of life.  And today......well we're gonna decorate Casa de Cuckoo for Hallowoonie, now that we can get to the boxes of decorations in the garage.


  1. a blissful day! love those very rare flutterbys!

  2. I love those Flutter Byes!! How special! I want to do this with my mom! I wonder if she would let me? LOL! Great Day Oma Linda!! Keep On Smiling ;o)

  3. This is totally just pure FUN! Thank you for sharing!!! Peace, Mary Helen

  4. I love them!!!! What a perfectly fun thing to do on a perfect Fall day!!
    Your family has more fun than anyone I know.
    ♥ audrey

  5. That red one has mischief written all over her bright face. I'm convinced it's related to me. Only someone sharing my witchy genes can grin that wickedly ;-)

  6. These made me smile, which is a great way to start your day. Thank you, my dear.

  7. Thank you for sharing this glimps of the beautiful and rare flutterbies. They are almost never seen in our harsh climit and even more difficult to photograph. Hugs to all my favorite cuckoos. S&S


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