Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello my lovelies..........The Olde Bagg is back

When last I posted, well my computer Buddy had given up the ghost and I being the stubborn olde broad that I am refused to spend money on another computer. Which really left me with slim and none for choices. I am if nothing else consistent in my manias.

Still have not gotten a new and wonderful computer. Instead, I am making do with Sweet Man's computer. I did kinda tweak it though. I downloaded all the extranious (BS) data that he kept on this baby and make sure I download all my junk to my external drive.  This actually runs a little faster than gerbils on a wheel now.

So much for the update.

All of the people at my house like Elvis have left the building for two days in a row. Whoooooo Hooooot. The silence is not only golden but much coveted. I can actually hear the dogs snoring, the refrigerator working and the birds in the backyard fussing. Lovely this spot in time.

While on hiatus from computering, I have made this years Not Quite Right Halloween hearts, Spooky Ooky mushroom tablescapes which should be listed tonight on Etsy on, a cloth pennant banner for my front porch for Halloween and gotten the costumes ready for our participation in Le Mysterieux Carnival sponsored by Frosted Petunias and Incipent Wings. Also went shopping for a few items for Tenae's The Bewitching Home blog party which I will be celebrating on Ye Olde Crones Gazette with the fine assistance of Ms. Baggs

I even worked in some time to enjoy the backporch as it has been cloudy for two mornings in a row and the hummingbirds have been quite busy pestering each other and the dogs.I also have taken the time to write 3 more tales of the fantasy variety starring....drum roll please.....gnomes and hobgoblins. Once again it's that consistency thing that accounts for my drifting off into the world of the fae, gypsy fortune tellers and dress up for my grands.

And is the sure way to tell that nesting is commencing here at the Cuckoos Casa. I have had an urge to actually cook something after a very hot and fast mealed summer. I would like to invite you to take a look at Deep South Dish. Ms. Mary is a phenom when it comes to hearty and homecooked recipes. Last night, we had her skillet lasagna and for the first time in a very long time the kids actually asked to have this one again. Tonight is Mary's Chicken and Dumplings Casserole.....yummers to the max.

I don't know about you but I get in a rut when it comes to thinking about what to serve for dinner.....that the kids will enjoy and Joe will actually think is real dinner. That's where Mary has made her presence known again. Her site has a really great search feature and you can find everything needed for a party, a casual dinner or snacks for watching football and she can be found on FB as Deep South Dish, with a new recipe everyday. And to top it all off.....she is a really nice person too. Is always willing to answer questions and is just down to earth. I love her. When I get cooking, Mary is who I go to.....hope you will too.

Well I have taxed the gerbils far too long and also need to get back to the listing on Etsy, if it's up and running. Nice to be back among the blogging.

Smooches and Squoozes, OmaLinda


  1. welcome back BB! Glad the gerbils held out for a post!

    Same here this summer with the lack of actual cooking. Mostly quick freezer dinners, fast food, eating out, sandwiches...blech. One or two bbq cookouts.
    I will have to check out Mary's she only on FB? cos this little chickie doesn't do FB, or twitter and all that.

    Glad you could enjoy your porch and the hummers.

    How is your little Pig fella, btw?

  2. It's funny how much can get done when one is not blogging, eh? LOL! Hugs to the gerbils.

  3. Oh dear, don't wear the gerbils out too fast! Enjoy your couple of days of P&Q though :o) Incidentally, I started up a new food blog, but it may not convince SM it's dinner, however, if you want to check it out, it's

  4. Oh my goodness! You have accomplished more in that small amount of time than I have in a month. I am looking at the swaps and blog parties I have signed up for and getting a tad nervous. Like, am I going to actually be able to pull all of that off? It's just that I am so excited about autumn and it all sounded SO FUN! Did you say mania? ;-)

    What wonderful meals you are creating and I am so happy that you had some private time. Costumes? Oh, I can hardly wait to see what you and the grands have conjured up. Warmest hugs and love to you, Mina

  5. Hey Oma Linda ;o) You have been a very busy young chicky! I have missed you, but I am happy you have got so much accomplished! Good hearty home cooking is the best!

  6. I start massively nesting this time of year. I am beginning to hunker down for a Northeast Winter and getting all of my soup, stews and casserole recipes out. YAY WINTER!!!!

  7. I'm still not in the mood for cooking dinner and throwing meat on the grill and making a salad is about it for now. When the weather is cool I will no doubt be back to putting together hearty mouth watering meals. I will go check out Mary's site and see what she has to offer. I can always use new ideas for putting together a menu plan for the week.
    Have a great day. S&S

  8. Hurray for gerbils...Nice to see you back...

  9. I am just happy that you have access ... thank YOU "Sweet Man"!


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