Sunday, September 16, 2012

Take your pick.........

The title refers to my options.......

Which animal is your favorite today Linda?

Cats, dogs, turtles, hummingbirds, donkeys, or grandchildren? Hmmmmmmm, I can't really say.

The cats that live here with me are precious beyond words. There is the ginger manx who has for fourteen years, tortured, delighted, directed and loved me. Old, cranky and cantankerous....yep that's my Sunny Bunny.
I wish you could here the sound he makes when he knows I'm taking his sweet...brrrrrtttt

Then there is the "new comer" to our menagerie Cybella, or as she is called now Bellatrix LaStrange. Wasn't sure how she would train us but she has. She requires time with all of the inhabitants of the house even the other animals....she loves to torture each one of her own special evil way....bwahahahaha. But I have never known a cat who is absolutely, positively devoted to her human, GK.
she hates the camera and wouldn't look at me, she is such a pretty girl

The kids went to a poker party at a friends last night. SM has to be up at O dark thirty so we went to bed before 9....old people, whatcha gonna do? The dogs were put to bed, Sunny went to his sleep room and we left Bellatrix and GK's room door open....because otherwise there would be howling and such coming from our in resident diva because her "girl" was not home, in bed, tucked in with said diva cat.

Ms. LaStrange wandered up and down the hallway, coming into our room to make like a shark and circling our bed for appendages that could be jumped, up onto the dresser and to the window that faces the driveway to check to see if anyone had come home yet.....for the entire time until GK and company came home. The cat is addicted to her human. As soon as GK picked her up she relaxed and was docile.

This isn't her behavior during the week days. She has a routine that fits into the flow of the household. But let her weekends be disrupted by her human being absent when required.....there will be hell dished out appropriately and with great vigor. Gotta love a cat who loves her girl......and ear plugs.

The dogs each have their place in Ms. LaStrange's world. Odin is avoided most of all because he still is kinda wonky about her, Ellie on the other hand is low animal on the totem pole and is messed with and left to say HUH?, a lot. Sunny and Cybella have signed an agreement that states that he is still in charge in name only and that they can cohabitate a room without hissing and spitting, share food, and will not get into fights in front of the humans so as not to cause stress. But Cybella, like all good divas, knows who is really top cat. I do think it is very polite of her to let him have his ego intact in his golden years. I also appreciate her not leaving marks on him when she does smack him for occasional misdeed.

So I guess I have to I have cats on the brain right now.

I also have a link to a terrible misdeed by humans at University of Michigan. They are using cats in testing by implantation of devices in their brains. The kitty shown looks so much like my Sunny Bunny. If you can't stand the ugly, don't look. If you are outraged, sign the petition, please. Thanks.


  1. What would our lives be without our beloved animals? Much, much poorer.

  2. After seeing the video, I had to go back and reread your post. I needed to see Sunny and the rest of the happy gang again, in order to go to sleep. I will watch the video again, and read more on it, and sign the petition tomorrow. I can't watch it right now. What is wrong with people? Seriosly.

  3. There are days when I am positive that my Boxer Jerry is the only one that gets me.

  4. These animals in our lives!! Sometimes I wonder why on earth I have, especially after a particularly dreadful incident; but the thought of not having a cat or dog living with me, who is part of the family, nd very important...well it is just not a possibility. I love how your wrote about your furry family here; just one more reason you call your home Casa de Cuckoo!!
    Sorry can not watch any kind of animal cruelty video at all. But is there way to get to the petition without seeing the video?

  5. Oh Miss Oma Linda, I love that your home is like Wild Kingdom with all of that fur, those shells, the little humans. ;-)

    Mr. Sunny Bunny and Ms. LaStrange are so beautiful. I think I know that sweet sound you are speaking of. Both Buster and Herger make it when greeting us or each other in the mornings or any other time we have been separated more than 10 minutes. Isn't it so special to have a kitty attached to her girl? What a beautiful bond. Of course, we are talking about the animal whisperer here so we shan't be too surprised.

    I am off to visit the horrendous site and really hope I can get to the petition without the photos. Humans can be so cruel. Warmest hugs sweetie! Mina


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