Friday, October 5, 2012

Come to the Carnival, you can be our guests....

The envelope was pushed under the door.
No one in the house noticed it until they were on their way out of the house for school. It was the boy who spied the large envelope first. He and his sister carefully opened the mysterious looking parcel and out slid a shiny silver ticket.
It read:
Le Mysterieux Carnival
Greetings to the lucky recipient of this Silver Ticket
Present this ticket to the gatekeeper at Le Mysterieux Carnival entrance at exactly midnight on October 5. Be sure you are able to choose which of the carnival performers you would like to be, when handing in your SILVER TICKET. You may bring along one guest only and they too must select their act in the carnival.
Do not be late, discourteous or short sighted about your choice. Your time at the carnival will be dependent on your choice. So choose wisely.
In your wildest dreams, you cannot imagine the marvelous surprises and adventures that await you at Le Mysterieux Carnival on October 6, 2012.
You will remember this "once in a lifetime event" forever.
**** this ticket is non transferable and must be used by the recipents mst be on our guest list to be admitted.
signed The Management
Immediately, the children they began to imagine the possibilities of this fabulous gift.

Would they meet real "carnies"? Would they really dress up like performers? Could they stay for the whole day? So many thoughts.....

So many choices.......

The very next evening was the date marked on the ticket. After dinner they began the walk to the location.

When they arrived the rides were all set up, but all was quiet as a tomb.

Little shivers ran up their spines and goose flesh ran down their arms.

Hand in hand they walked through the gates...............

In an instant she was dressed head to toe as the daring tightrope walker she had imagined herself to be. High above the gasping crowds, she balanced on the tiny rope with only her parasol to keep her from falling.

He became the magician of whom he had wished. Magic was at his fingertips and he made things vanish and change at will.

They met up later in the theatre tent and talked of their performances. Enchantment certainly was afoot because they didn't even recognize each other at this point and only had their characters thoughts in their minds.

He made the comment that he was certainly a much better magician than she was a tightrope walker. She assured him he was deceiving himself, that in truth she was a more favored member of the traveling troupe. One thing led to another and.................

Something must have happened to their true selves in the "pretendings" because she took his wand from him and waved it wildly. The results were very unexpected and disquieting. Part of him became her and vice versa.

The clock began to strike midnight and unfortunately for these siblings.....their invitation to the carnival was a permanent one. They would be staying with The Mysterious Carnival. And just as the ticket has foretold, they would remember this "once in a lifetime" adventure forever.

So if you receive a silver might just want to say thanks, but no thanks.

Thank you to Marfi at Incipent Wings and Anna at Frosted Petunia for hosting this wonderful blog party Le Mysterieux Carnival to see the other participants please follow this link: 


  1. What a wonderful and yes, mysterious, carnival! The performers were magnifique!

  2. (Clapping of hands....) My goodness, but you are SO creative, and the grands are wonderful theatrical people!!! How I love your blog posts, my friend. Give those two a big hug for their part in Le Mysterieux Carnival, please.
    ♥ audrey

  3. so cute but, OMG, GK has breasts! When did that happen!

  4. Great costumes, great story! GK and Ry are superior performers! I hope they figure a way to get out of that Carnival before Halloween!!!

  5. Fantastico!!!! Marvelouso!!! Bravo!! What a performance and what a delightful pair. The costumes and story so perfect and each of the performers were wonderful in their roles. Well done, Cuckoo performers, well done.

  6. I love your imagination and sense of FUN!! Also, the kiddos are adorable and such hams!! LOL

    Loves ya,

  7. What a fascinating tale! While life with the circus can be exciting, I do hope they find a way to break the spell.

  8. Thanks for such a whimsical and fun carnival!!! Such talented performers... :-)

  9. Oh I loved seeing the wonderful performers here...I felt like I had first row seats and everything so magickal and upside down. Thank you for the wonderful treat.

  10. This is by far the most wonderfully witty, charming, delightful, entertaining, happy, mysterious post I have ever been privileged to view!

    Thank You!

  11. Oh my, there is always a saluatory tale to be told when you start being boastful about your achievements and favours...

  12. great carnival post, love your magician :-) Debi x

  13. Fabulous!! The performers were adorable!!

  14. Oh Bravo, to a wonderful performance by the beautiful young woman GK and the very handsome and debonair RY. And the script, costume maker (wowza on those!), creative consultant and all around Sage and Goddess...Miss Oma Linda. What a fabulously creative idea and show. Warmest hugs always, Mina

  15. What an adorable musician and assistant! Too cute. I have had so much fun visiting your booth/sideshow!

    Ricki Jill

  16. Love Gk and Ry's performance! Bravo! And, great writing Oma Linda! Very mysterious!!! More please ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  17. A lesson to us all about the dangers of magic! Wonderful post and such excellent helpers!

  18. You are incredible!
    Love the story the props everything!
    You grandchildren are just so beautiful
    Thank you thank you for joining in !!!

  19. I absolutely loved your magician and tight rope walker. They were positively enchanting. The pictures were amazing and so were the costumes. Loved everything about your mysterious carnival.
    I am running a little late for my party but I would love for you to visit.

    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland


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