Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friends bearing gifts......

I want to take this opportunity to say to all of the readers of this blog that I am not, repeat....not doing anything except using my blog as a very fast thank you card. This is not bragging.....bragging is when you tell folks you have won the lottery and then sing out "nanny nanny boo boo".
Debra from She Who Seeks had a giveaway on her Talk like a Pirate Day post and....Cap'n Ry the Rogue and I won. Here be his booty ya swabs. If he had been of a mind too he might have climbed the yard arm and hollered his lungs out.....the Cap'n was mightily pleased. He has promised not to spend his million gold doubloons all in one place and put his Piratical ID in his treasure chest for safe keeping. We will begin work on the stained glass this Saturday.
And sometimes you have to be careful of making friends with loony tunes because they might be more like you than you had even imagined. Such is the case with Ms. April. She sent us real, yes I said real Crick-ettes flavored sour cream and onion and the other package is bacon and cheese. As yummy as these might sound, my days of chomping on insects has passed....but I think I will use them in my spooky apothecary case....Ewwwwww April, I love your insanity. You must have known that at GK's age I tasted chocolate covered ants and grasshoppers. Blech, gag. But the kids are eyeing them and doing some smack talking about "dare ya". So I'll be putting them safely away for a bit.

And Ms. April also sent some huge and tiny acorns with caps, some sticky balls (alias sweet gum pods), pinecones all the way from Arkansas and that is just what I needed to complete my captured gnome enclosure. Gnomies under glass. I will use the others in our winter holiday decorations.


I also used some of the humongous box of pine cones in the gnome enclosure that Judy from Judy's photos send me back in the summer. We have made hummingbirds, faeries and will have photos of those soon as we are using them as part of our waiting for spring display. We are also working on swags for our front porch with the bounty of nature our friends have shared with us.

We have been out and about collecting from the neighborhood, the surrounding countryside as well as our own backyard, the last of what nature has to offer us to use in decorations because as some of you have pointed out the first frost is on it's way. We used some of our dried sunflower petals and chili peppers as well as wonderful mica flecked strata rocks from one of our day trips to the Jemez Mountains.

And as if that wasn't enough wonderfulness, I got a booby prize from my sweet friend Robin Larkspur from Wiccan Writes. The jigsaw puzzle of another Halloween kitten (besides our very own)should keep us busy for awhile......and as you can see in the photo, Ms. Cybella gave it the tale of approval.
Thank you to Debra, April, Judy and Robin, the Cuckoos are truly blessed by your generosity and friendship. As GK pointed out "you have the coolest friends Oma". To which I say, Why yes, yes I do.


  1. I just tried to leave a comment, but I don't think I was signed into Google. So, if this turns out to be a second comment from me, then..well I had twice as much to say.

    So.....Happy my box arrived so quickly. Hope you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, cos it's a biggie.
    Your booty from the other gals is super...great pirate stuff, pinecones and all, but as for the cricketts, I'm thinking: "Do turtles eat crickets flavored like bacon & cheese?"

  2. You are certainly having a bunch of fun decorating! So many grand ideas and creative wit!

    Your friends have certainly been generous too, you are sooooooooo lucky ... oh heck, its not luck you have so many great friends, it's because you are a gem of a friend yourself!

    Your "cricket" gifts reminded me of a time when my hubby wanted crickets on the X'mas tree. He went to the pet store and picked up a dozen and then we commenced to make little ornament houses out of netting , complete with cricket food, and hung them on the tree. It was great! We had a fire in the fireplace and crickets chirping in the tree! The next morning, when I checked to see if they needed more food, I discovered they had all escaped! Apparently mesh netting is NOT cricket proof! We never did find them, but there was a LOT of cricket chirping throughout the house the next several weeks! LOL!

    LOL! I just realized your posts always seem to evoke a long forgotten memory in me!

    Hugs to all of you!

  3. Clearly, October is your lucky month! Enjoy all your winnings!

  4. You always make me smile and feel gleeful like a child. Thank you, Mary Helen

  5. What a wonderful bunch of gifties. See, I told you that you are special.
    That April..... What a nut! The cricket treats remind me of when I was a kid and one of my dad's friends gave us a gift box of strange and buglicious treats. Chocolate covered ants and baby bumble bees were as adventurous as I dared get. Oh, and I did take a tiny taste of the rattle snake. Enjoy your bounty. S&S

  6. Well, Nanny, Nanny, Boo, Boo! LOL! Just teasing Oma Linda ;o) You and the family deserve everything! All these gifts are so precious, even the Crickettes ;o)LOL! ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  7. Can't believe you're passing up the opportunity to try those crickets ;o)

  8. Jeez, girl, you must have the magic touch!! Now as for the crickets, well, that's a bit of stretch!! LOL Many years ago, when my dad was still in the liquor biz, he sold "exotic" foods for a while and one of those "exotic" foods were also choco. covered. When his "exotic" line of food didn't go well (gee, I wonder why), he brought the booty home and yes, we kids had a ball...did a lot of double-dog-daring in the 'hood back in those days!! LOL

    Anyway, I need to do some contest entering and see if I get lucky...sure miss my blogger buddies and am trying to get back on the horse...all my horses. Have a great week and take care of yourselves.

    Loves ya,

  9. Oh Linda, I can only imagine how excited RY must have been over that pirate loot! What a wonderful haul of treasure.

    April's crickets are hilarious. Eeeeewww...but hilarious. I love how you used her nature gifts in your Gnomies Under Glass. Too adorable. And that puzzle from Robin is so sweet. Warmest hugs, my lovely.


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