Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October one and all.................

First a fun illustration from my collection of Hallowoonie goodies. I hope you will enjoy it.

Now to the insanity of decorating for Halloween. Many of you know that we love us some donkeys. And probably none better than the longears that live at 7MSN Ranch.  Many of you have seen our references to Linda Carson at 7MSN Ranch and how we adore her. But what you do not know is how utterly, wacky and wonderful Linda is.

When changing the batteries out on her smoke alarm which is like 12 feet off the ground level, she put a ladder on top of her dining room table and climbed to the top taking her camera to document the activity. Here is that funny and jaw clenching daredevil post link.

And recently she contemplated putting the ladder in the back of her pickup to reach the top of her newly gifted weather station. Her reason for not using the gerry rigged taller ladder makes for a great read and here is that link.

So when you see this picture of my adorable, albeit wackado daughter getting down the Halloween decorations, you will understand why we call this "doing a Carson". I do have to admit that the kitty litter box did fit well on the task ladder but it still gave me the shivers. And then Danger Jane (you notice the nut did not fall far from that tree) wanted to see what it looked like from up there and climb atop the device of terror to my old heart. Odd note.....Shelley is afraid of heights. GK climbs on the roof with Pops whenever he will let her. I don't want to know anymore.

And ya wonder why I call our house Casa de Cuckoos????????


  1. Hmmm, must be something in the name you share with your donkey friend ;o)

  2. Love that sweet graphic, BB!!
    Holy Cow Patty! That would have made me so nervous to those girls of yours climbing like that. I looked at Linda Carson's photo daredevilry and cringed! And yes, she should have the phone in her pocket!!
    Thanks for sharing. Have fun decorating!

  3. Would you just look at how stinkin' organized your garage is!!??

    I'm honored to have a move named after me. Makes me feel like a gymnast. Thanks!

  4. Happy October my friend. I can't believe the big day is almost here.

  5. Gulp! My stomach is in my throat! Whilst I cringe in terror and horror! Where is my Prilosec?! Can you tell? I have an over active, irrational and uncontrollable fear of heights!

    In my worst nightmares I am walking along a flat road when SUDDENLY it spirals up into swaying, winding steep steps and I find myself staring down into an unfathomable terrifying deep abyss from the tiniest of platforms that is smaller than my big feet!

    Yikes! As good as this post is ... I just experienced that reflux reaction! I think I'll go brush my teeth ....

    Wow! You have certainly set the mood for Halloween for this "Chicken Little"! 8)

  6. I'd like to give them kudos for even climbing on a ladder and getting stuff down! I am terrified of ladders and have to wait for dumbass to help get the crap down. I need to get over that shit right quick.

  7. I love your Hallowoonie Goodie ;o) I have to write down the saying! It's so cute! I really love the links! Thanks so much for sharing them Oma Linda! I laughed at the cat sitting on the table and then seeing both animals, from when she was above! Great pictures! Great fun! Glad nothing happened! Your daughter and little Ms. GK are brave!! Big Hugs ;o)

  8. Hey Oma Linda, hope my comment went through ;o)

  9. Perhaps these climbers were mountain goats in a previous life? You'd never catch me doing that!


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