Saturday, October 27, 2012

Old timey photos of Hallowe'en and a rememberance.............

Since I haven't been out and about much in the past week. I pulled out some of my Halloween book collection and thumbed through them. I am such a nerd when it comes to the celebrations of Hallowe'en past.

And so my collection consists of books on old time decorations, games, customs. The Golden Age between 1870 and 1930 are my favorites. I've read so many different accounts of how Hallowe'en and all it's incarnations came to be in America. But to be sure I was born when the decos and parties were just beginning to fade and the age of horror was taking over the gentile and robust celebrations of the former times. I still perfer fun and laughter over gore and terror.

In the fifties, the schools and communities were still involved and not only permitted but reveled in the celebrations. All manner of social clubs, fraternal organizations, schools and community groups put on parties. It was a good time to be a kid. There was always a Hallowe'en costume parade around the school. A terrific party at the Elk's lodge complete with a band and refreshments not only for adults but kids too. And the streets were safe to run like a pack of wild dogs on the hunt for fresh bones on the night of Halloween. When you knocked on a neighbors door, you knew you were expected to come inside so that you could see their decorations and then dance, sing, recite a poem or tell a joke or something in order to obtain your treat. And the treats were so wonderous.....huge bags of decorated to the maximum cookies, homemade candies, candied apples, popcorn balls or if you were lucky......Trinket balls. Shiney coins and more wrapped up in orange crepe paper balls, with other plastic fun games or toys also included. Oh the dreams of Hallowe'ens past.

And the night before was called Beggar's night. My Mom always stacked canned goods and clean bed linens, towels, soap and cookies and treats on the front porch for those that called on our house that night. It was a pay it forward night even back then. Lots of folks with pillowcases came and went from our porch all those years ago.
All of the photos were borrowed from Pinterest contributors.
I hope you enjoy your celebrations this weekend and that Wednesday night brings you Halloween fun. Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. I'm with you, Oma Linda! I much prefer Halloween fun and laughter over today's endless emphasis on gore and terror. Halloween should just be a little scary, not a gore fest.

  2. Very nice memories of Halloweens past. Making our costumes was also a big deal; lots of thought and energy went into the Trick or Treat outfit. It was always one of the most exciting days, from the school party to impatiently waiting for darkness to fall. I love the Halloween scenes in the great movie "Meet Me in St. Louis" where you "kill" someone by throwing flour at them.

  3. Happy Halloween Linda! Great post...I'm glad you're a Halloween nerd!

  4. Beggar's Night! I've never heard of that. How wonderful. To put stuff out for the needy so that they may retain their dignity by not having to ask for help.

  5. Oh to be a kid again back when we were kids. Love all of the old Halloween photos. Happy Halloween to you and yours. S&S

  6. Oma Linda, I am so with you on this! Even back when I was trick or treating, it was so much different from these days! We new our neighbors and we had homemade treats, like candy apples and apple cider! It was so much fun! Not gore, terror! Hope you are feeling better ;o)

  7. I forgot to say, Happy Halloween!!!

  8. Oh, what beautiful remembrances. I so agree with the fun and laughter over terror and gore. I never go to haunted houses or haunted woods, but a good old fashioned hay ride,or a party or festival? I'm your girl.

    Wouldn't it be beautiful if we could just turn back time, in the sense of the speed and "progression" of the world.

    We never had Beggar's Night, but I wish we had. What a wonderful idea. Warmest whimsically spooky wishes to you and yours. Mina

  9. I have never before heard of "Beggars Night" ... what a wonderful concept!

    Your memories of Halloween's of the past are so deliciously happy! I think a great part of those times was in the creating of one's costume ... I don't think "store bought" costumes even existed back when I was a kid ... but great treats were very abundant!

    Happy Halloween Linda!

  10. Beautiful post Oma! I didn't know all that ;-) Have a great all Hallowes eve with GK, RY, Shel and hubby! Big hug from me to ya'll

  11. I love these pictures, especially the second and the last. Just the right amount of uncanniness and good old creepiness.

    Happy All Hallow's Grim, Oma Linda!


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