Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Only 3 more weeks until Halloween...

I think this little girl is scarier than the boogie man.
When I was a kid, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I was like most kids, loved "the holidays". Starting right about now. The prospect of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year all lined up in a row for months seemed like perfection and offered fun, excitement and good things to eat.

I suppose that is when I became a holidayaholic. When I became a Mom I officially became obsessed with decorating for any and all holidays. My daughter has grown up with all manner of fallderall for every holiday I think except maybe groundhogs day....except one year.

Sweet Man has always praised me for my ingenuity of spirit and process albeit sometimes in a left handed (no offense to lefties) way. He brags about what a nut case he's married to. True as that is and always has been, I have on occasion made him pay for his remarks. It was when Shel was 14. . .

This was the year all the kids she hung around with walked to our house for lunch everyday. I fed anywhere between 5 to 15 teenagers "extra" lunch stuff. Our food budget was shot to kingdom come but our lives enriched by those crazy teenagers and there antics. It was a riot at our house and I loved having the kids there. And they in turn loved the fact that I had "stuff" for every holiday. They loved to tease me about being the Holiday Lady. Joe remarked one day when he was home during December that "she doesn't do Groundhog Day, yet".

So being the snarky broad I am.....I set out to prove him wrong proceeded to make a wreath for the door with Groundhogs and shadows. Then I made a centerpiece with a fat groundhog (looked more like a squirrel if truth be told). But the joke was on me. Because when I put all the snowpeople away in January, I inadvertently stored the wreath and centerpiece along with them. So Groundhog's Day passed and I couldn't find either of my creations. The next year there they were staring at me from the Snowpeople box.

While my grands were gone to SC I didn't decorate much but since there are kids in the house again.....well the insanity has returned with a vengeance. The great part is that I have partners in crime and they love to decorate as well. Shel, the kids and I put up the Hallowoonie decos and I'll have more pictures for you later in the month.

And today I am going to set up my Dia de los Muertos Altar. One of my favorites. Pictures to follow as well.

Smooches and squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. You are the queen of holiday decorating and I'm your humble follower and bow down to you. I have to admit that at one time I held the title of Holiday Decorating Queen but now that the kids and grands have all flown the nest I've fallen down on the job. I have been making an effort to decorate but don't worry any, you're still the queen. I can't wait to see what you all have been up to. I know it's going to be wonderful. Have a great day Sista. S&S

  2. I've always thought that Groundhog Day gets the short end of the stick when it comes to celebrating holidays. Personally, I think it's Rodent Discrimination.

  3. It's because you ARE a nutcase that we all love you so much!!

  4. It's hard to believe that it's almost here. Too bad it's on a Wednesday. I have to work until 7pm.

  5. aww, poor little groundhog, lol!
    Well, you are my kind of woman, I love decorating too, although I've not gone as crazy since I moved into a smaller place...but there is nothing like walking into a fun, decorated home, and having so many things to look at and appreciate. I don't understand how people can't decorate for the holidays, lol!
    looking forward to seeing your pics!

  6. I love decorating! It's so much fun! I would love to be around your home and experience everything with you and the family ;o) I am lucky to be in bloggy land, so I can share in some of the fun ;o) That little girl is scary looking, but so cute ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  7. When the kids were young and even up to when the grands were young, I used to decorate for every holiday with major enthusiasm ... in the past 10 years, not so much. Probably because in those past times there was always so many to help with the decorating and the decorating became a party! It was truly grand fun! Now days, any decorating is basically done solo by your's truly ... not so much fun (more of a chore) and the party atmosphere is totally missing.

    I remember the first year we moved into this house, it was 1970. We had bought a major fixer upper in October of that year. The wall paper was about 1930 vintage and curling off of the walls, when we pulled the shades down ... well, suffice to say they were so old they disintegrated by X'mas time. We had very little money in those days and very little furniture but a nice roomy "Fixer Upper"! We wanted to have an X'mas dinner for both our families to inauggerate our 1st home with a mortgage.

    We had cast off out door Christmas lights so we taped them to the crown molding in the living and dining room; went out and cut tons of holly and shoved that into the light cording all around; made cranberry garland and cookie ornaments for the tree. Gathered fallen pine cones and greenery from the Mt. Hood area and made garland that we draped from room to room. When we turned off all the regular lights and plugged in the out door lights ... BAM ... the front rooms were turned into a magical wonderland! The families dinner we had? Well, I wasn't a very good cook back them ... but the Christmas atmosphere made up for that and everyone had a good time!

    Thanks for generating that long ago memory with this post Oma Linda!

    I'm so happy to are still enjoying "decorating party" times with your family!

  8. My mother had the house decorated for every holiday under the Sun! Including a menorah that plugged into the wall and we're not even Jewish (well, I was in a previous life but I digress).

    When I first got married I was exactly the same way but now I really just decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've even pared those down to just the hearth and Christmas tree. I do have my Wheel of the Year altar as well.

  9. You are without doubt, Queen of all holidays. Thank you for sharing this lovely memory. I love to decorate for holidays as well and my sister actually keeps up a Yule basket I made for her years ago, year round. She loves Yule! I can only imagine the days of decorating in your casa! What glory it must be.


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