Friday, October 12, 2012

The Bewitching Home at Casa de Cuckoos

It is my pleasure to be participating in The Bewitching Home hosted by The Witch of Howling Creek on today's post.
Thought I might take you on a bit of a tour of the Cuckoo's Nest decorations for Halloween.
I have for most of my life desired a full size Halloween themed tree. I have settle for the small feather trees, small black artificial trees and it just never was quite right. So, last year when Clearance Madness after Christmas had set in, I scored a 6 foot black tree for this year's decorating extravaganza.
Had no idea how hard it would be to photograph this beautiful tree particularly because it is in front of a southern facing window. So the whole tree shot is not the best but does give you an idea of our accumulation of tree decorations.

We have a black cat area.
A "tricks or treat" display.
Front door decos and the back of the front door.

Front porch blow mold collection lights.

Flying Annie, our rope light witchie guarding our door.
And thrown in for good measure is the first really good photo of our newest member of the Cuckoos Nest family, the Beauty that is a Beast.....Ms Cybella the Halloween colored kitten cat.
Thanks for stopping by today. I have a pair of primitive witches shoes as the prize for just simply commenting on this post (please make sure I have a way of contacting you). If you would like to follow as well as comment, then that's two entries for the giveaway. And for all my followers now, when you comment, you will also get that extra chance at winning these witches shoes. So it is a twofer. I will draw the winners name on October 18.

these shoes are about 8" high and 8" long. they turn up at the toes, are grunged,  aged and smell of cinnamon dust, yum.
Happy Halloween and thanks to Tenae for this great blogging opportunity. Please take look at the other Bewitching Home participants at this link

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. WOW! I love that tree! I want one just like it but will make do with the 2 ft. tall one standing on my buffet. Casa de cuckoo has never looked so festive and I'm even more motivated after seeing your wonderful decorations to up my efforts to make my casa as wonderful as yours. Have a great weekend and be sure to put my name in the witch's hat for those sweet shoes. S&S

  2. Ms Cybella is gorgeous but glad to hear that she is "mischievous" as well. Your Halloween decorations are marvelous -- and a full sized black tree!!!

  3. Can I just say, I absolutely LOVE that you decorate like that for Halloween! I totally want to be your best friend and come hang out there! LOL! That tree is really amazing and I may just do something similar and leave it up until Christmas. Ha ha!

  4. That halloween tree makes me insanely happy. :) So many beautiful decorations, and one insanely beautiful feline.

  5. Wow, fab Halloween extravaganza of decorating! You have so many fantastic stuff! love it all!
    I adore Cybela, that face how beautiful.

  6. I simply LOVE your black Halloween tree and all the Halloween ornaments! You are so wonderfully creative!

    We are looking for a tall skinny tree (except in green) for Christmas ... You have what we have been looking for only in black!

    I swear, only YOU could find a Halloween colored kitty cat! Ms. Cybella is absolutely charming!

    If I should be the lucky winner of the stunning witch shoes, they will most definitely be hanging on my Christmas Tree!

    Your Halloween decorations are totally OUTSTANDING!

    BRAVO OMA LINDA!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I just knew your house would be a perfect witchy nest for Halloween! Love all the decorations, esp. the black kitty corner. When you visit my blog for the party you'll see Miss Bella my black kitty. Cybella is just wonderfully adorable.

    And definitely please enter me for the witch's shoes. I'm already a follower. I'm having a giveaway too that I think you'll like :)

    The Year of the Cats

  8. just found your blog and Im enjoying looking at all your halloween decorations. Would love to add the shoes to my holiday things.

  9. I made the decision to pick up a clearance black or white tree this year after yuletide, I can only hope it will look as awesome as yours! I could probably spend hours looking at each tiny thing - you guys sure can decorate the heck out of your casa!


  10. Well I must say you really do go all out for Halloween. How much fun it must be to live in your house!! You must be a ball of energy ~ I was lucky to put some lights on the light post and some pumpkins on the porch this year. I love Halloween and people like you who keep the spirit alive!!
    Great decorations, Linda, and the big black tree is outstanding.

  11. Just discovered this party over at someone else's blog...what fun I've been having. I'm so ashamed I've done nothing this year except display my new witches hat I purchased a few weeks ago and a little pumpkin my bro's girlfriend gave me. Oh well, I'll just have to enjoy everyone's display for the season...yours in "vunderful" da-ling!!

    Loves ya,

  12. Cybella is a beauty!

    What a great tree - so fun. Those vintage baubles and ornaments are wonderful!

  13. Wow, had no idea that a Halloween tree existed....
    But I'm from Sweden , so what do we know....nothing:)
    Much love

  14. Thanks for participating - this all looks FABULOUS! If you could drop a link to this post here at the main party post ( that would be great!

  15. Just had my nails done today for Halloween. Got my Ravens out and perched around the house weeks ago...the decorations are ready to go up inside since the outside has been done last weekend. This is my FAVORITE month..must have something to do with being a Libra!!

    I'm going to make a habit to comment more..I read every post.
    xx, Carol

  16. LOVE the Halloween tree and the vintagy ornies. I will have to be on the lookout now for a black tree... Your other decorations are wonderful, as well! OH... and I already have a hat to match those SHOES ;) !

  17. Gasp! Your tree is out of this world! What a great idea and all the decorations are fabulous. What a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing.

    Great post!

  18. OMG!!! I have never seen a full sized Halloween Tree and Miss Oma Linda, I am spellbound! This is so incredible. Uh-oh...I feel coveting going on deep in the recesses of my witchy heart. Look out Dan!

    Your decor is beyond amazing and I want to thank you so very much for sharing such splendor. Happy Bewitching Home, my beautiful friend.

    PS. OH!OH!OH! (raising hand and waving above the crowd although I am only 5'3 and a half) Please enter my name for those shoes.

  19. Oma Linda, I am in Awwwww!!! Your house is fantastic! I love all the decorations soooooooooooooooooo much!!! I had to look at your post 3 times, to take everything in! Of course the best is your Ms Cybella ;o) I would love to win your shoes!! They are so wicked! I see Mina is only 5'3, well, I am only 5'4 and a half! LOL! So, if I win, I will share them with her ;o) LOL! She can have a shoe and so can I ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  20. Hey Chicky, I am sure you got my comment, just making sure ;o)

  21. OMG that tree is absolutely amazing! I want it, I want it! This year is the first time I've ever seen pictures of Halloween trees and I am getting soo jealous!

  22. Wow this is an amazing tree filled with Halloween Fun! Peace, Mary Helen

  23. A Halloween tree what a great idea and yours is spectacular!!

  24. A Halloween tree is something I never thought to try. How neat! :)

  25. My halloween obsessed travelling companion would love to see this, but alas, we shall have to just wave tomorrow as we pass through the top corner of New Mexico!


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