Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today is World Animal Day

You know how fond I am of animals, no atter whether donkeys, dogs, cats, turtles, polar bears, elephants, ferrets, iguanas, hummingbirds, or my grands. They all are beautiful and add something magical to life here on our blue orb. I would like you for a momet to think what our lives would be without other creatures, great and small.

If you aren't already helping to make an animals life better whether it be by having adopted a pound puppy, stray kitten, rescued donkey, wild life organization or volunteering your time or donating money to the rescue of these wonderful beasties, I'd like to invite you to do so. Thanks. And if you are of a mind, check out what rescues there are that need your assistance in your area. They will certainly be some and your help will be appreciated.

I borrowed this photo from Wild Burro Protection League operating under Todd Mission Rescue that I follow on facebook.



  1. Love that donkey behind a tree! At least I hope it's a donkey!! lol!!
    All my pets are rescues, and I do support several animal rescue groups and one wild life rehab center. You have to, don't you? How could you not!?!?!

  2. Our lives would be very empty if there were no animals... The love, warmth, laughter, animals can give you, we didn't knew the feeling if they weren't there...
    I was an animal activist some time ago, but since the goverment have created bigger punnishments, it's too risky for me know.
    I live all alone and if i have to go to jail, who is gonna pay my bills? heehee!

  3. I love that donkey behind the tree and I love all animals too, even those darn squirrels that stole my white rocks! They never gave them back!!!

  4. Love the Donkey ears peeking out from either side of the tree - tooooo cute!

    We have had our share of animals over the years and each of them has been special in one way or another.

    Back in the late 80's our eldest son purchased a male ferret (Scrappy) and a female ferret (Tammy Faye). Tammy Faye got pregnant and had a litter of 11 kits! Shortly after she developed breast fever and was unable to nurse or care for the little ones. Not many vets in the area knew how to care for the babies so we set up a bassinette for them ... a cardboard box with a warm heating pad and a wind up clock that softly ticked. Went to the store and picked up doll bottles and we fed them baby formula from those bottles. After a couple days, we noticed they were developing eye infections, we called a vet and he said that MaMa ferrets always lick off the excess food from the babies and without a MaMa bath, the babies were infecting each other.

    So ... after that, each time each baby was fed, I'd fill a small bowl and wash off each little baby and place them back to bed, each baby received fresh bath water and soon they were doing fine.

    The first week it was really rough because they wanted feeding every hour on the hour, night and day! Whew! We ended up rotating work schedules, and school schedules until they were finally able to feed themselves from a dish. We only lost one of the little babies, so we thought we had done a good job.

    When the little were about 3 months, my son checked out pet shops in the area and finally sold all but Scrappy, Tammy Faye and "Cocoa Beware". They commented that the babies were the tamest, people friendly ferrets they had ever encountered. They wanted us to raise them for them ... we declined.

    Just thought I'd share that memory from long ago ... it was a lot of work, but it remains a sweet memory.

  5. I wonder what's hiding behind that tree. I just can't tell. Pretty ears though, and I'm suspecting is grinning ;-)

  6. Today is the blessings of the animals from ST Francis so being kind to animals every day is the best we humans can do. I adore that funny donkey photo!

  7. LOL! What an adorable photo. This is a wonderful post in tribute to those other creatures we share space with. Beautifully done, Miss Oma Linda.


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