Thursday, November 29, 2012

Announcements....I found my address book and other stuff.....

Hello.....boy is my face red.
Found my address book. And I found it the day after mailing out all my cards...or at least I thought it was all my cards until I got to looking in the darn book and now.....well I've got some more cards to do. Go ahead laugh....I am. It always works this way. And ya can't get mad at stupid.

Why it was hiding in a pile of fabric squares I had been cutting out before the great Holiday card put together began, I don't have a clue. Other than I cleared off my work space and it was neither red nor white, did not have a gnome or a donkey on it, was not polkie dotted, and frankly did not speak up when I called for it when I noticed it had wandered off.

I've had suggestions by the cuckettes and other smart alecky birds to chain it to something big, like they do the bathroom keys at gas stations with the wheel it won't just take to walking off again. I've also thought I should install a remote alarm on it so that I can find it should I hide it from myself again. I have to do that with my cell phone.......I call it using GK's phone when and if she can find hers or it is charged, to find out where it is.

The cuckoos are really not very bright birds.
All except for the part where they put their eggs into other birds nests and let the foster parent birds hatch the cuckettes out of the eggs and feed them. Wish I woulda thought of that.....hmmmmmm there may still be time. There's teenage years, graduations, college fees, yup gotta find me a big sugar daddy bird for the cuckettes, cuz the olde birds here are just gonna keep losing things and hoping that the kindness of friends will bring them back into Holiday card sending land. By the way lovelies, almost everyone answered my SOS. Thanks, your Mommas did a good job of teaching you about coming to the aid of an old person.......crossing the street or otherwise.

And while we're on the subject of good that's what I call a transition. I must share photos of two giveaways that I have won. The first is from Anna at Frosted Petunias and was an extra prize given at the wonderful Mysterieux Carnival. I now have an original silver ticket, magic pumpkin and autumn leaves, a scroll explain how to catch a falling star, a bottle of star shine, a dew drop pumpkin rememberance and all of this was packaged so delightfully in black sparkles and orange gingham wonderfulness. Thank you so much Anna.
And the other giveaway is from Australia...which is also referred to as Oz.....hmmmm remember when we Celebrated Oz? Well, I have a fabulous friend Shelle of SunShineShelle and she made this plaque which will now live in our family room where we can see it and be ever mindful that in fact, there is no place like home. Shelle also put copies of some of her wonderful Aceo's in for me as well as delightful pins made from her series of Oz paintings. And knowing that the grands would be looking over my shoulder, she sent some really fun Christmas stickers for them. Shelle you are a darling girl.....even if the delivery gave me a start. (You see, I ordered a painting from Shelle for my daughter for her birthday just two days ago and when I got the package today from Australia....well this olde bird had a jolt of sorts. How in the heck did that package get here so quickly....tee hee. Fooled again.)

This picture is so apropos.....I'm gonna hang myself on a bright star and hope for the best..............


  1. I just had to laugh at your post tonight, my darling. I too have lost my address book many times till I finally found a place I know I'd be able to find my studio...who'd a thunk!! LOL

    Love your winnings and the painting for you Miz Shel...great stuff, lady. Well, it's time for me to hit the hay...still tired from my travel across TX. Take care, my love, and have a great Friday.

    Loves ya,

  2. I'm glad you found the address book! It's funny how supposedly "inanimate" objects can run around and hide themselves, isn't it?

  3. Remember ...Tony Tony turn around ...something must be found...I love your OZ!!!! I love your wit and well it is always fun to come here for a visit! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Your address book was just waiting for those cards to go out the door before showing up; that's how things work.
    Your wonderful gifts are splendid special, just like you.
    Give yourself a hug from me, BB!!

  5. I'm not laughing at you... I'm laughing near you ;o) Glad you found it anyway, next stop finding those marbles :oD

  6. And your weekend begins full of goodies! How wonderful that you found your address book. And thanks for sharing shots of your winnings, I'm all grins now.

    And, hm... I might have to read more about this prickly bird. I'm intrigued by its parenting techniques ;-)

  7. Gotta love the antics and trickery of our beloved inanimate objects! Perhaps they are just trying to keep us on our toes????? 8)

  8. Oma Linda, I am so happy you found your address book! Yepee! Now you have two books ;o) Right? If one goes walking away, you will always have another ;o) LOL! I love your prizes!! How special they are, like you!! Big Hugs ;o)

  9. I hope you've done a backup for your address book on your computer. It's much harder to loose the computer than a tiny little book. Trust me on this.

    Look at all of the lovelies that have recently shown up at your casa. The kitty hanging from the star is a true delight. Have a great weekend. S&S

  10. Oh Miss Oma Linda, I cannot tell you the number of times I have done something similar. Sometimes I blame Dan and then when I come across it, and remember actually putting my "something" where I found it, well, I never confess the truth. Best he always know I am right. ;-)

    Congratulations on your gorgeous wins, my lovely friend. Warmest hugs and love to all of the wonderful Casa De Cuckoo inhabitants.

    PS. If you find that sugar daddy, let me know where you picked him up. ;-)

  11. I think having an actual physical address book is important. I know that it's safer to have our contacts on a computer (?) but I feel like my address book is like a journal, a diary. I'm so glad you found yours. And congrats on all the goodies you won, whooo hooo!

  12. Oh, our beloved address books!!! We ARE lost without them, aren't we? I am so happy for you that yours resurfaced.
    Please stop by my blog ~ your cuttings arrived and I had to show them off!!!!
    Love you for sending them. Thank you SO much, dear Linda.
    audrey xo

  13. Well now you have your addresses in more than one basket and that is good. Glad you found it. What lovely gifts you received! Very nice. P.s. thanks for the card, I love it!


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