Thursday, November 1, 2012

The day after..............Spooky Ooky

Hello November......
Snuck up on me huh?
And now my beloved Hallowe'en is a year away.

For those of you who asked for a picture of me as my alter ego fortune teller, I will accomodate you just this once. I have for as long as I can remember been horrified at my own photos. I hated having my picture taken as a child even. So as a leap of faith and the fact that I suppose it ain't no thing anymore what folks think of my chubby old elf self.......but first

Ry as Ninja go. He is truly the biggest hambone of us all. He and his sister got into a tiff just before they were to leave to go out T and T. I said to him, you're a mess. He walked away from me and said "no, I'm not a mess". To which I said, "oh yeah you are". He turned and said, "How did you hear me?Wait just a minute Oma. I know you have eyes in the back of your head but now you have ears on your face?" Inside, outside, upside down.....why yes I do, they are just hidden by my wrinkles. "Huh?"

And here is GK as she was getting dressed. Funny how one looks in orange light.

And the pumpkin that heralded the fun at our house.

And last but not least....well yeah it is, but here's  Zolandra the All Knowing.

I had a mid schooler stop at the gate and be very tentative, She was dressed as Harry Potter with scar and all. I told her not to be afraid after all she had already faced he who must not be named. She said yes, but he wasn't nearly as scarey as you......thanks kid. Her friend who was dressed as Moaning Myrtle said she knew who I was.......Baba Yaga. Now that's kid with imagination.

Smooches from 3/5ths of the Cuckoos Nest...............


  1. Oooooh!! Lovely Zolandra, tell me true, will I ever be a millionaire??
    BB, you are simply Fabulous as a fortune teller. Now let me ask you this? WHO did you say is the biggest ham in the family? Ry had to get it from somewhere, and I think I know the source. You, all-knowing one, greatest hambone EVER!

  2. Baba Yaga....sounds like that is a child with a proper reading list :) I am not a fan of the camera, myself. The three grandchildren were Frankie Stein/Monster High, Ninja, & Monster Sweetheart. The Monster is almost 3 yrs. The older two have 'trick or treat' down pat. Monsters' first house got 'Tin roof.....Rusted'. (Glee quote, not B-52s ;)

  3. GREAT Post! LOVE the amazing "Zolandra the All Knowing"! How totally "Wild"enstein!

  4. Hope all your fortunes were happy ones...

    We had no trick or treaters...bummer...

  5. Awesome ninja outfit, Ry! And nice fangs, GK!

    I had two ninjas and one vampire come to our door last night. We got 43 trick-or-treaters in total, which is about average for us. I was especially impressed that the kids made the effort because it was -7C and snowy here.

    Zolandra, you look remarkably like a wild gypsy (well, okay, really Ukrainian) tarot-reading girlfriend I went out with years ago before I met My Rare One. She was a hot babe and so are you, if you don't mind my saying! Your hubz is one lucky guy.

  6. Ohhh wish I could have come trick or treating to your house! Everyone looks so wonderful. Love Ms. Gypsy! Most magical and wonderful

  7. Baba Yaga, huh? Now that's a broad I'd hang out with. Maybe next year I'll dress as her and Joe can be my chicken foot hut. ;-D

    It's good to finally get a good look at you, ya camera shy loony. You're quite the gypsy queen and one beaooootiful Oma. xox to all the cuckoos.

  8. Well Zolandra, I was wrong when I said that we looked like twins. After seeing these photos I must say you're the prettier of the two of us. The hambones in this family could stock a butcher shop! Love you all. Big hugs all around..0o00oOoo
    (those are the hugs)

  9. Hi Oma Linda ;o) It looks like your Halloween was a lot of fun! The kids look fantastic and I got a good laugh our of Ry! Now, I have to say, "Zolandra The All Knowing" you are beautiful!!!! I truly mean that!!! Big Hugs ;o)

  10. Oma, O-my, you are GORGEOUS!!! I don't want any BS about you not jumping infront of a camera again Ms Oma, you really are beautiful, none of us are Angelina Jolie (damned bitch showing us females up)... I have to tell you, I was getting my hair done because my niece booked me in on her wedding day & probably didn't want me my usual 'come as you are' look I've perfected... anyway, I can't speak Italian & the hairdresser couldn't speak English (we were in Italy so made sense) anyway she asked through someone else how would I like to look (?) I said back, I don't mind what you do as long as I end up looking like Angelina Jolie... well after it was interpreted I'd never seen anyone laugh so much in my life, she doubled up, kept shaking her head & I have the feeling I don't ever want what she said to be interpreted for me!!
    Gotta say GK & Ry look dangerous, in different ways but I may hide if I saw them lurking in the street ;)
    Halloween I was outta breath, I chased a group of Halloweenies down the street to force treats on them... our street is so dark, & not many houses... maybe it was the breathless way I called "waaaaait, I'mmm commming" that made them run faster... crap it was my exercise for the year...
    I ended up leaving the treats at the letterbox after that, just realised nobody was going to climb our almost vertical driveway for a Cherry-Ripe & sherbet!!
    Oh & you won my OZ prize from (what seems like) a million years ago & unless you've changed addresses recently I have yours already & will post next week - CONGRATS OMA :)

  11. At one point in my life my father who was into all things mechanical picked up a fortune telling machine with the gypsy automaton inside. You have her beat hands down. Your posts almost always make me smile.


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