Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The tale of the cats...............

This post comes as a gift. Not from me to you but from the universe to my daughter and I. I just had to share the story with you. Animals are the blessing and bane of our existence.....but mostly just joy.

sunset over our back wall

As you are aware we brought Cybella, the queen and ruler of all she can get away with, into our home last May. She has captured the attention of everyone, humans and animals. She is a regular "kitty TV" (aquarium) watcher and all around loud bitch and moan kitty. Love her. Sweet Man has a habit of calling the animals by alternate names. Don't ask why, I think it is the testosterone poisoning but I can't be sure. He knows it annoys me and does it with a doo doo eating smile on his adorable face. Anyway, he calls Cybella, Sabrina. Errrrrrr. She doesn't care but it adds to the fact that none of us had any idea that who she really was..................? She is more of a wild woman than I had guessed.

Sunny Bunny Boo Boo head has been acting very old and passive in the last year. I attributed that to his age. He has gotten almost sullen. Not at all the cranky curmudgeon of the past but rather a cat who after eating breakfast would take to his (my) bed and spend most of the day there. Nothing like the rip around and terrorize the Saint Bernards (when they were with us) kinda cat anymore.

Ellie Mae Scootles, although a small dog of mixed ancestry, is really cat like and was Odin's bitch......literally as well as figuratively. She learned to howl at the front door, gripe at the neighbors, and demand in and out at least half a million times a day. She apprenticed well. The only thing she did that I knew was pure Ellie was jump in my lap and put her front paws on my chest and put her head down in my neck and whimper a little when she had had being pushed around by cats or Odin.

Who are these animals now that Odin is at his rest? Free.

In just two days time there has been an uprising and they are not letting anyone be the king again. I heard them discussing it last night. They are all rebels and are conspiring an overthrow, should there need for one, of any more tyranny. They have become the cats united in freedom. Les Mis no more. And they have had several throw downs just to prove it. Some even have included blood. They are working all of this new stuff out.

While Ellie has always been the instigator of all things playful, she is now the object of kitty attacks and hard play. None of them was allowed to fuss or fight or play hard before because King Odin forbade that activity. It must of upset his sense of order or just bugged him because he wasn't feeling well for longer than we knew. I'm not griping about his reign because I do miss him, only pointing out since his release from his pain, the other animals have loosened up and played and have gotten to know one another in a whole different way.

And so that brings me to a prophetic occurrence. Yesterday, Shelley and I ran errands as we always do on Mondays. We dropped Ellie off at the groomers. The last time we did that, she was picked on by Odin, I guess because she smelled different and it wasn't a happy thing for her. Ellie went about inking (Nemo reference) every time Odin came close. We went to the pet store to get some items we needed and some we didn't even know we needed like a jacket for Ellie. As we cruised the kitty toys we came to the adoption area. No, we did not get a new cat.......although it sure was tempting.

This photo was borrowed from photobucket and is Untitled by Joy. This is what I think Sabrina would look like when she is grown. Sorta like Don Estorbo or Deets.

They had the cutest (aren't they all) kittens. Three 8 week old dusted or muted torties who look like Robin Larkspur's Pixie and Pyewacket and a cross eyed white with orange striped boy kitten and his litter mate named Sabrina. There she was, a 12 week old, tiger nosed, long faced, short haired, shiny black, Abyssinian looking cat of my dreams. And her name was Sabrina...................oh stars (see what you did SM?). And I have to hope that someone else will see her and be smitten because, I can't make the household unstable right now with the introduction of a new, gonna be bigger (barn cat Momma) than any of the three beasties that currently live under my roof. Chaos cannot reign over or join our lives at this time. On this Shelley and I agree.

Although Chaos is a pretty cool name for a gorgeous black cat.

And then I came home to a delivery of the giveaway prize I won from Wendy S at The Year of the Cat. Oh my!!!!! Black Cat essence perfume, a gorgeous black cat necklace (sorry the photo is not good) and a sign "Paw readings, black cats welcome". What is a girl to think? Prophecy, coinkidenk, a sign of something to come or the fulfillment of my black cat dream? Or what? I'm going with a beautiful giveaway as my description.

I have to be strong and a good pet owner and let our fur babies find the order of their lives without Odin and without Chaos. Ellie looks so good with her new hair cut, even the cats approved. And she especially loves the warmth of her new jacket (not, fights putting it on and taking it off). The cats now come into the living room and join us in the evening, each one perching and watching. Ellie is trying to figure out how perch as well, after all she is one of the cats.

Life could be very calm and sweet and I must be the agent of reason.

Damn I hate that job. Rational, reasonable and responsible gives me a rash.


  1. My deepest sympathies over Odin. I know how hard it can be. Perhaps you might want to check out a site called PetLoss.com and join the candle ceremony tonight. It's very healing.

  2. How sweet to see my kitty babies on your wonderful blog!! Love it! Oh dear Cod, all this black cat rising?? what to do, what to do??I know common sense must rule, but still, geez....oh, my BB, I encourage you to do one of the following, whichever feels good to you: (1)be strong and resist. (2)run and get her.
    A little Chaos never hurt nobody, no way, no how!

  3. Sounds to me like you have a full and loving household! I'll bet no one would even notice if a tiny little black kitty just happened to drop in and stay and play! 8)

  4. When we are repeatedly given a sign we must comply.

    Universal synchronicity.

  5. Hee hee, we'll await Sabrina's arrival into the clan... ;o)

  6. Isn't it funny, when one animal passes on, who was the boss, changes everything else for the other animals. Have fun with everything! ;o) Oma Linda, I think you need a black cat ;o) Just saying ;o) The prizes you won, are fantastic!!!! xoxoxo

  7. Isn't it amazing! On so many different levels. You should run a pool and take bets on how long you can continue as the agent of reason.

    Sabrina . . . Sabrina . . . I hear her calling you!

  8. I love your stories ..and I do miss Odin in a silly way. May your new brood enjoy their chaos dance! Peace, Mary Helen

  9. Kitties are fun, and wild, and so very interesting, and pure royalty of course... *don't tell anyone, but I'm planning to have a kitten follow me home ;-)* I think it would be a good thing for the puppies; they LOVE cats. Maybe I will get lucky, and find a black one... everyone needs a little chaos in their lives ;-)


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