Sunday, November 4, 2012

Visits, presents and fun

Joe and Ry had a boy time date yesterday. They went to work at Joe's office for just an hour and then out to eat "a hearty man type breakfast", according to Ry. After consuming most everything that IHOP had to offer, according to Joe, they made their way to a city park and enjoyed the rest of the morning there. Sorry no photos of their exploits.

With the boys taking care of themselves, GK and I went for a visit to donkey heaven or as it is known Morning Bray Farm. We were treated with brays from all 6 of the donks at one time or another during our visit. Lots of ear scratching, neck hugging and butt rubbing made for a spectacular fall day in the country. GK, the donkey whisperer went about her way communing with the longears, even if some of her tactics are questionable she is always rewarded with attention from the 4 legs. She even made time for young ducks, old friend goats ands entertained Justina and Don with her Danger Jane act on the steps to the barn loft. Gotta love a girl who isn't afraid of getting dirty, shoveling donkey doo, getting a donkey hickey and thinks its the best part of the day.
Happy Ellsworth, check out his smile.

I don't know if Patrick and Nigel quite had this pose figured out....what is that girl doin?

The days photo theme seemed to be donkey lips.....
 This is my favorite shot of Nigel a very happy donkey wanting some loving.

 Big Red's lippy appreciation for an ear rub.

Justina helping Bernard make mouthy faces. 
GK's idea of an arty donkey drool photo op.

On our way home we pass the roping yard where one of MBF donkeys was rescued. Patrick, who by the way has turned into a real happy, secure with himself, stinker donkey who demands attention from one and all. It is marvelous. But back to the roping yard. GK insisted that we stop so that she could walk up to the fence and get a better look at the yearling and mother donkeys that were out in the fenced area. As you can see in the photo, the donkey whisperer just stood at the fence and the baby and his mother came to her. A man across the road asked her if she had had treats to tempt them to the fence and she said no. He said he has never seen anyone else be able to touch either of the donkeys and asked how she did it. She said she didn't have any special tricks she just loves donkeys to which he told her she must have a special gift.

On our drive home, I asked what she was thinking when she stood at the fence line looking at the donkeys. Was it come here donkey, or what? She said she just felt love for them and they came to her. I don't have what she has and am in awe of it. These are donkeys (yes even the little one) that are being used as roping animals and yet they felt safe with our very own Danger Jane. I think it helped that she smelled like one of them after being loved on by six others at MBF but still, she is a wonder.

The other happiness of yesterday for the kids was the huge box we brought home from MBF. They played with it for 2 hours on the front driveway and pretended the afternoon away. I had hopes that I could use the box to put the halloween tree into and not have to squash it back into the box in which it came will out and it was a gonner. Oh well, their laughter and hi jinx were worth alot more than being upset about a heavy duty, perfectly sized cardboard box. Sigh!!!!!

And now to some a different kind of love....
I received some beautiful witches from Ms. Maddyrose at Santa and the Mrs........
A skelly button from Ms. Audrey of The Magic, Miracles and Joy of an Artist.......
Another box of natures bounty (acorns, sticky balls, magnolia pods, pinecones) and a new gnome named Nolin who came with a friendly mushroom named Mooshy from the Angry Gnome lady, Ms. April
and I can act like I have a munchkin in my pocket all the time with the hand crank music box that plays "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" that I received from Katy Cameron of Littlest Thistle who waved at me as she passed through the northern part of my state on her tour of the southwest on her way from Salt Lake City and a wondrous quilting gathering and back to Scotland.

Ladies you spoil me and I love it so much, but not as much as I love all of you for your kindness to me. Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. How wonderful that GK glows with such a light :) Long may she be a beacon!

  2. What wonderful photos! Animals know who they can trust completely and GK can obviously radiate that vibe in spades!

  3. GK is an amazing young lady! Just like her Oma!

  4. Danger Jane and the Donkey whisperer. What wonderful things to be. I wish I was 11 or 12 years old and lived next door so GK and I could hang out together. Next time Joe and Ry are out doing manly things make sure they have a camera with them. S&S for the family who lives at casa de cuckoo

  5. I love looking at the photos you have of the donkeys and their getting some love. GK is growing up into such a beautiful young lady!

  6. GK is a special lady, like her Oma ;o) Love the gifts you got!! Big Hugs ;o)

  7. Hee hee, I love that you have a munchkin in your pocket. Although that may attract something rather different than that which the donkey whisperer summons!

  8. I'm still grinning wide, inspired by Ellsworth's beautiful smile. What a happy donkey!

  9. To be sure, You and GK had a wonderful visit and a grand day! Love all the smiling donkey photos, they are sure filled with affection and love.

    You deserve to be spoiled with lots of love, you generate love and it spills over into the life's of so many others.

    Karen Anne


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