Sunday, December 30, 2012

A great way to say good bye to 2012.....

Today we went to Morning Bray Farms to meet the newest member of the donkey family. Her name is Harriet. She is a big girl, probably has some Mammoth donkey in her. You should see her ears....they almost make the rest of the donkeys at MBF look like they have horse ears, oh no. She's slightly darker strawberry than Ellsworth and is a people lover. What a friendly donkey she is. Actually, she is more of a person donkey anyway. Justina thinks that Harriet probably hasn't been around donkeys before. All I know is that she gave me her patented Harriet head hug by pushing her head up against my chest and giving me a big sigh. Oh gosh, I'm in love.

We got to visit with Don and Justina and meet Justina's Mom. Great morning.
Bernard, taste testing is his speciality
Of course the two most affable donkeys, Ellsworth and Bernard, "let us" love them, as though we had a choice...they are so dear. And always want their share of the brushing, scratching and smooches. It would be hard to visit MBF and not get to love them. And there were a gazillion Canada geese and cranes alongside the farm roads. Winter is a lovely time in the valley near the Rio Grande. Alls brown but not without it's beauty of sight and sound.

And I am sad to say, I didn't take one picture. I was so interested in the visit, I forgot to document the love fest. Shelley took this picture of GK on her phone. Sorry lovelies, I'm remiss in my photos.

This is the photo of Ms. Harriet from L.E.A.N. in Las Vegas, Nevada. Harriet traveled from Las Vegas to Albuquerque just in time to be a wonderful Christmas gift at MBF. Isn't she wonderful?????

Do you have foods that you fix to welcome in the New Year?

Tomorrow I will be doing some cooking for New Year. Black eyed peas for my southern side and Posole for my northern New Mexico side. Each of these are family "superstition foods for good luck". Also Divinity....but that is because it is Sweet Man's favorite candy. And a bit of a joke for us. He's sweet and I'm nutz and we're both fluffy........voila..........divinity.

Happy New Year to all of you. May you all enjoy the celebrating and be safe. And may all of us have a blessed 2013.


  1. What is the blogger's number one rule? (repeat after me) "Don't forget to take pictures"!! sheesh!
    Sweet donkeys all the way round. Wish I could love on them too.
    No special foods here; I am hoping to head to Red Lobster actually. Oh, those cheddar bay biscuits!
    And a large white zinfindel!
    Happy, happy to the whole Cuckoo Clan!

  2. I love these babies!!!!!!!!! Be safe and enjoy the New Year! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Harriet is an excellent donkey name... Aunt Harriet would be even better. How can anyone NOT love those ears and those donkey grins?! Before I give my donkey gals a treat, I always ask for a kiss, and they obligingly kiss my hand with those soft muzzle mouths. So sweet! I never thought of Posole on New Years, but I used to make it quite often, I had forgotten, it is soooo good! Have a tasty New Year!

  4. I would have love to see some pictures. Hopefully next time ;o) Sounds like you and the family had a fantastic day! We are having pasta tomorrow! I love mom's homemade pasta! Good comfort food ;o) Double yummy! Many blessings to you and your loved ones Oma Linda ;o) Here's to a happy and bright 2013 ;o) Yepee!

  5. I can see your love for these adorable creatures. My what big ears Harriet has. Awesome. Wonder if you could house train one??
    Pork and saurkraut here. Wishing you and yours a wonderful, healthy and fun 2013.

  6. Aww, gotta love a bit of donkey lovin' and I'm giggling at the food choices :oD I don't have anything traditional I make, but I try and make something special and exotic, which this year is a mushroom and bacon fondue with all sorts of lovelies to dip in :o)

    Have a great hogmanay and happy new year!

  7. All your critters have been so amusing and wonderful this year, and I'm looking forward to more Donkey lovin' in the New Year. I'm not a cook, so nothing special to eat other than some chocolate I got at Trader Joes. Sweetness for the New Year to you and all of yours.

  8. Gaaahhh, dying of donkey cuteness! Happy new year to you and yours! xx Enjoy your black eyed peas, we'll be doing the same!

  9. I cannot believe you forgot to take pictures. Haven't I taught you anything? Oh wait a minute, you're not one of my forgetful kids just my forgetful BFF. I so want to go with you to see the donkeys and get some of that donkey love. Tell Shelley thanks for the phone photo, she did good. You're the second person I know who is making blackeyed peas for good luck. Maybe I'll remember to do it next year. Talk to you soon. S&S

  10. Are you willing to share where the Dia De Los Muertos donkey was found? I have a collection of DDLM stuff and LOVE donkeys and need one to add to my collection!
    I just found your blog and love all the donkey stuff!


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