Sunday, December 23, 2012

Catch up and snow.....................

The Cuckoos had an excellent fact we had so much fun, I forgot to take any pictures until I was drifting off to sleep and said ooooooops.

Our house reminded me of the Trace Adkins song, "Every light in the house was on"....but ours was lit by candles of all shapes and sizes. Instead of the cooking of the past. We went with the sun shape of the kids favorite pizza and called it happy. Sure beats killing myself in the kitchen after Holiday cookie baking. And I am not a purist by any stretch of the imagination. So round yellow, orange and red pizza fit right into the celebration.

The battle of the kings was done by our two "in house pretenders to the thrown". I get a big kick out of their faux battle. Errol Flynn has nothing on these two when they battle to the death of dark and victory of light in winter and vice versa in summer. And then RyLeigh shares his thoughts with us......"kingie, I am your father", and then does the Darth Vadar breathing..... So much for sticking to essence of the event.

We ate our cupcakes, (sorry Maddy no pics of the sun goodies) they were yummy. Tried a new recipe. They tasted like apple cinnamon donuts...yummers. We sat outside and toasted marshmallows around our new fire pit. Sang some songs, made the neighbors to the backside of our house turn on their lights looking for whatever was making the noise. Used some fire magic powder. The grands always love the smell of that and the glitter in the fire. They also like the fact that the fire burns up with addition of the powder. (flour, sugar and glitter). We did a new family ritual and wrote out our goal for the new light coming, what would stand in our way and how we would find away to get to our goal in spite of the obstacle. It was very freeing and also added to the fire part of the evening.

Part of what we do for every ritual observation is have the grands give their explanation of the celebration. It always gives them the opportunity to not only feel apart of what's going on but also to get all of the elements correct or have them explained if they are melding things together. GK wrote a poem this time and it was so dear. Can't share it with you though because it is very personal but lovely. Ry is getting to be such a master of the circle. You can ask him anything you want to know about salt and he's got that subject mastered. And yes, he is worth his weight in salt...just ask him.

Then I got up before dawn to greet the baby sun with a virgin tequila sunrise. It was a lovely sunrise.

Joe and I took the grands on one of our adventures. It was such a perfect cold, crisp, sunshiney day. First to the mountains in search of snow to play in. We spent the better part of the morning in a great area with deep powder snow, sunshine and lots of critter tracks to contemplate. The kids were insane and had a ball. They even buried each other in snow, like sand at the beach. Totally mugged Papa and I must admit I did my fair share of snowball throwing as well. We were wet, cold and ready to find a nice warm restaurant for lunch.

We had BBQ Ribs and all the trimmings at a great little diner in Cedar Crest named "Ribs".  We sat close to the ovens and got warm and had a great view of the ribs smoking away. It was right after lunch that we decided to make a detour home to get some dry clothes and rest up a bit before we headed back up the mountains to Madrid. So we had three hours of down time, warm baths and just before dusk headed back out to see the lights of Madrid.

Madrid is an old mining town turned artists haven north and east of Albuquerque and is known for it's Christmas lights. It was a company mining town and in the 20's when electric Christmas lights came along for the consumer.....the company required that all houses within the towns limits decorate with lights. Even airplanes diverted over the town to see the glow of the lights. It is such a quaint old town with miners cabins and old timey storefronts. Great shopping, great atmosphere and they stay open late so you can have refreshments or buy artist made goodies.  Last night there was a team of Mules all decked out with lights harnessed to a buckboard, standing outside of the coffee house. So you know the Cuckoos had to make friends with the animals. After finishing our walking tour of the dirt roads and board sidewalks and drinking our hot cocoa, we said good bye to Madrid and headed home.

We did a little side trip on the way home. Pulled off the mountain road onto a turn around, got out of the car and appreciated the clear sky views of the star studded sky. Lots of ooooohs, awwwwwhs. A little work on our constellation spotting. Worth every shiver the night gave us. And boy were we all tired when we got home. Great Yule and the day after.

Today I helped the grands create their Mom's gifts for Christmas. RyLeigh used the sewing machine to sew his Mom a warm hat and loved it. I might have a "sewer man" as he calls himself, which would be delightful. Plans for making mittens after Christmas are in the works. GK and I saw a bracelet made with a frayed hem of denim jeans as the base and she did a wonderful job and great interpretation of what she had seen. The only part I contributed was sketching her plan out before she started. So now officially, the only thing I have left to do is cook roast "beast" for our dinner on Christmas and maybe a pan of fudge for Christmas Day.

I won't be blogging anymore until after Christmas, so I'll take this opportunity to wish all of you and yours a very blessed and joyful Christmas. Smooches and Holiday Squoozes. Oma Linda


  1. Oma Linda, what a wonderful, and special Yule ;o) Thanks for sharing everything ;o) I have a big smile on my face ;o) We are having BBQ ribs tomorrow, 24th ;o) Mom is making them ;o) Big Hugs and have a very Merry Christmas ;o)

  2. What a wondrous celebration!!! I love how you really have the grands in the middle of it all. Oh, the memories you make.

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Your grands are blessed and oh, so lucky to have an Oma like you! What a super Yule. I love Fire rituals the best. Glad you all had such a powerful, fun and excellent time. Happy, Merry Wishes, BB!!

  4. What a great celebration! And more to come . . . have a wonderful Christmas, all of you!

  5. Linda,
    I wish you and your family the merriest Christmas ever, filled with love and fun and joy!!! You are off to a good start from the sounds of things.
    audrey xxoo

  6. Man, you guys know how to celebrate the season! What a wonderful couple of days you've had. Thanks for sharing--love, love, love SM's hat and all the other photos.

    Can I live with you guys?

  7. Wow, you really know how to enjoy a Yule. I totally cracked up at "kingie, I am your father".
    You really made it a magical time for the grands. They are so lucky.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2013.

  8. I'm taking a little break this morning before finishing the last of my baking. I thought I would have everything finished up yesterday but ran out of steam. Yes Linda, I am steam powered.

    I love the spirit in which you cuckoos celebrate and I love that Ry might become a "sewer man". The world can always use another one of those. I'll give you a pass on not having pics of the sun goodies because you did really well documenting everything else. That reminds me, I'm going to take a photo of what I've been baking so you can see how hard I've been slaving away this past week.
    I might not get a chance to call so I'll take this time to wish you and the family a very happy Christmas. Love you all. S&S

  9. Ribs, lights, and Yule love, yum!

    It seems you guys had a blast. We had a snow storm the day before the Solstice, so we stayed in. Glad I can enjoy the frosty outdoors through your eyes ;-)

    Blessed Yuletide!

  10. What a great post! Merry Christmas Linda! xoxo

  11. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all, and I've always though Darth Vader brought a certain je n'est ce quoi to a holiday ;o) Have a fab Christmas, hope you get some pics of the creations for us!

  12. you are amazing. all the stuff you do. merry everything!

  13. Oh Linda, before I go any further, please tell GK congratulations on her induction into the Junior National Honor Society! OMG! That is so amazing (not unexpected) but amazing all the same.

    Your Yuletide celebration was right out my soul's deepest dreams. Linda, I am so impressed with the beauty and spirit that your family spends this time. What you give to those wonderful grands is truly a gift to all of humanity, for our futures are blessed to share space in a world with hearts that beat so fully, and whose minds are so abundant of wisdom.

    I wish for all of the magnificent dwellers of casa de cuckoo everything that nurtures and soothes, all that grants your every wish, and knowledge of how special each of you are. Brightest blessings and love, Mina

  14. Linda I was thinking how special you are to your family. You live and breathe for those grands of yours. You and your family are amazing. you can tell love is all around you. Hugs and Happy New Year. your blog looks awesome.


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