Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday photos and thank yous

Christmas morning was different this year. Maybe it is because there wasn't as much hype in the air. GK and Ry were both very anxious to see what Santa had brought them but at a different level. More subdued....less frantic. The grands both got electronic thingies as well as "go play outside" things. Shelley was thrilled with Sunshineshelles' Mermaid painting that we got for her and her handmade presents from the kids (which I promise to post photos of next post). SM was happy to get more videos to take the boredom out of "nothing on TV" and I got the greatest Dia de Los Muertos Donkey ever. I bought SM a Keurig and gave it to him beforehand. I can't drink coffee anymore and he still loves it so it seemed the perfect fix, one cup at a time. SM gave me the firepit for my pyro self and it is delightful.
We ate roast "Beast" and everyone went their own way to enjoy and look over their stuff. All in all a very enjoyable and low stress kinda day. Didn't even over eat, which is shocking.

I was able to reflect and enjoy my holiday cards and gifts from my lovelies.
Ms. Maddy sent us Snizzle. I am just blown away by the detail and all the hours of work my sweet friend put into this art piece. He is the most wonderful Santa being I have ever seen. I won't be able to put him away, but rather he will have to live with the rest of the magickal creatures on my dresser in my room.

Ms. April, my compatriot in all things gnomey and dottie, made this wreath with all the things I adore on it. Acorns, mushroom houses, gnome, donkey.....that is what my heaven will be decorated like.
Linda Braun sent us lovely shells that she has collected from the sands of Myrtle Beach. She found us a fused sea heart that will forevermore be a part of our family altar. She also included earrings that she made for Shel and I and a beautiful heart pendant for Gerea made from shells and for Ry....a shark tooth. He was one happy boy. "A for real shark tooth??????? Oh yeah, I'm bad".

Loca Vieja (crazy old lady) Georgina sent me a fun Muertos shopping bag, just my style.
Sunshineshelle, Stacy, Danni, Mina, Karen Anne, Beckybus all sent Art from their heart and so many of you gave me more than you will ever realize in the holiday cards filled with love and good wishes for the holidays. I am extremely blessed with friends and sistas who allow me to love them and return that favor with such gusto. Thank you so much for all the love.
I hope that each of you will have a safe yet fun New Year's Eve and a super start to 2013.


  1. It appears that you have had a glorious holiday...the shopping bad is spectacular!!! Happy New Year filled with Peace. Love and hugs, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. That donkey rocks! He looks a bit like Donkey in Shrek. Glad you all had a good Xmas!

  3. the grands are getting older but that is not a bad thing. less stress and franticness is also a good thing.

  4. Sounds like a great Christmas, loving that donkey! Happy new year :o)

  5. Oma Linda, what a beautiful and special time, you and the family had for Christmas ;o) I love the wreath and the Santa and the bag! Oh, and I really love the donkey!!! I'm glad you were spoiled with lots of special cards and gifts! You special lady! Big Hugs, lots of love and many blessings for 2013 ;o)

  6. That is the most beautiful donkey I've ever seen. No wonder he's sooo happy ;-)

  7. So many great gifts....because you are such a great lady. Hugs from Robin.

  8. Now this is what a post should look like. Lots and lots of photos.
    It sounds like you a wonderful Christmas and it's obvious that there are many people just like me who love you and want to shower you with gifts. The donkey is absolutely fantastic. I've got to talk to April and find out why I didn't get one of those gnome wreaths. It looks perfect hanging right there next to your awesome tree. Your Christmas decorations are so much fun just the way I thought they would be. S&S


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