Friday, December 14, 2012

More of our decorating.....and some pride too

Let's do the proud Oma thing first....
GK was inducted into the Junior Nat'l Honor Society. She decided that she would run for office and chose VP. When asked why she said, "because I can help". And she won.

We went to her school for the installation of the officers and the members into NHS. It was much more fun than I had anticipated. And she did help and we were all very proud of GK. The Pres and VP are 7th graders and the Sec & Treasurer are 8th graders. Left to right in the top photo.

Here is the Christmas Tree in the living room, the dining room table decos and the mirror over the fireplace.
The tree has all manner of ornaments of the heart from 4 generations and is completely kid and kitty friendly. The dining room table is way over done but I love the log, pine branch, acorn, dotty poinsettia, snowflake thing going on. And the mirror is all the naturals we had up for Thanksgiving with the addition of elf hats, sweaters, mittens and stockings.

Saw a tassel made from pine needles with acorn hat top and made a few for the garland.


  1. Please give GK a hug from me!! She is a great student and will do well in the Honor Society! Good for her!
    The garland on the mirror is FAB!! I love those pine needle tassels, brilliant! Your tree is gorgeous, and I have to say I love the color that is on your walls!!
    It is great you have many helpers for decorating.

  2. Way to go GK! Congratulations!

    Linda, your tree is simply beautiful and all of the decorations throughout your home are wonderful and exude the warmth and love of the Christmas Season!

  3. Everything looks so magick and festive. If I lived closer I'd ask you to come help me decorate. Yayyyy, for GK. Maybe she'll run for politics when she gets older. We need more women/girls like her!

  4. Beautiful decorations and BIG congratulations to the new officer in the family.

  5. Horray for GK!
    Your tree and all of the festive decorations are almost enough to get my ho ho ho working. It's all beautiful and there is no such thing as too much good cheer during this time of year. I say the more the merrier. You've heard me say that, right? S&S

  6. Woot, congrats to GK! Loving the decor :o)

  7. Kudos to GK, good for her! And ornaments of the heart are my favourite kind. Every ornament on my tree has its own story and memories.

  8. Yeh GK!!!! Big Hugs from me!!! Oma Linda, your house looks so beautiful! I love the tree and all the other decorations are so sweet and so special! Big Hugs ;o)

  9. Congratulations to GK; love her attitude that she "can help." We need more of that.

    Adore your tree topper and your table decorations are lovely. Your home must smell like a pine forest Christmas. And that's just perfect.

  10. Sooooooooooo Sweet! Thank you for sharing this glorious tree! I wish you peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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