Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nothing much to say but I thought I'd say it anyway....

Getting some of my snarky pack back on. Feeling pretty close to human or a near as possible considering. Spending less time worrying and more time enjoying. And that was a prescription given by so many of you my lovelies. Good medicine friendship.....keeps a body going sometimes when the brain that should be telling you what to do is a liar.

Let's see, the grands are grand.

Ry has a new girlfriend at school. It's funny the things he thinks involve beauty, but then he's only 8. And he's doing okay in the classroom. Still the same old bumps and wild goose chases but at his parent/teachers meeting, the teachers indicate that his willingness to try is still optimum, his ability to retain info is tip top but he gets distracted....hmmmm are we back to having to send the diagnosis for Asperger's to these ladies again. Easily distracted is his middle name unless you have a dinosaur, natural resource (his new mania), legos, pirates or very loud Oma voice to lure him. He likes what he likes. He is interested in what he is interested in.
Since I use to was a teacher (Linda speak).....I want to scream, "use what you know works not what the curriculum says"....but I always was a rebel. Special Ed kids are all differently abled and the school system will preach that and then ignore it. Oh well....there I go being redundant again....(another word joke). And Ry's IEP is next week...if you have never heard of or been to one, don't. No, that's not fair. The teachers and specialist, speech, physical therapist etc and the parent come together to formulate an Individual Education Plan for the student. The procedure can be boring and emotionally challenging on both sides. Last year's was better than the year before and much better than the year before that. With all the changes in Ry's schedule and more to come with his primary teacher being pregnant and due in February, Ry has really floundered in many areas. He is a creature of pattern and routine and so...............we'll see what they have to say and then they must listen (more than just hear the words) what Shelley has to say. I'm not going this year. I have better sense than to put myself in that situation and a kinder attitude than to subject them to my persona right now.

GK will be inducted into the honor society next week, has a boyfriend who texts her the silliest things, she has embraced her geekiness once again and is enjoying all things technical. She is always sharing bits and bytes of info with her brother...and doggone it, he's picking alot of it up and using it in his computer class in school. Yeah geek team. She is very interested in Sir Issac Newton and his "killer laws" as she refers to them. Is in the process of getting ready for the science fair by reading and gathering all the info she can on why her exploding watermelon experiment of the summer past (so much fun) worked and proving it.
Last night she built a tower out of 25 straws, 12 inches of tape and was off to school to kick boy geek butt in the contest. The tower had to free stand and the highest tower will be the winner. It leaned but it stood. She got the team she was on to the contest by correctly answering the 14 out of the 16 challenge questions asked while her team cheered her on. My best guess is that they were really glad she knew the answers, that's how I would have been....go GK.

Shelley and the kids went to the Twinkle Light Parade which was a disaster this year. In years past the city held the event in Old Town but this year they combined it with Nob Hill area of town's shop and stroll. There were about 40,000 folks in an area that can only accommodate maybe 25,000. Shelley drove around trying to find a parking place for 45 minutes and the closest would have been almost 2 miles away. What?????? Ry would have been off the wall and GK would have been whining and being 12, so smart Mommy took them out to the 66 Diner a really fun 50's inspired real diner and they had milk shakes and the night was called happy.
So there you have our lives updated. Still no holiday tree up but the outside is done. I have faith that we will get to it when we do and that is gonna be good enough.

Hope you are all well and happy. Cuz after all, what else is there really?
Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Ooooo! The 66 Diner! I love places like that. On another note, it's thought today that Sir Isaac Newton had Asperger's too, along with being a scientific genius of course.

  2. It is good to read a newsy post relating the goings-on at the Casa. GK is flourishing in school work and now a boyfriend...good grief, that is hard to believe, wasn't she just finger painting? I am wishing Shelly good luck with the teachers and the meeting, all must be good for Ry.
    My tree is not up yet either, but soon. Trying my best to not be overwhelmed by the Season. We can only do what we can do!

  3. It's a wonderful life. For the children to have so much family support is wonderful.

    I know children get lost in the cracks of education. I have one grandson that just tested "borderline" in need. They placed him in a class and as his mother says have "dumbed him down". Sadly, they don't give him any work that challenges him. I'm hoping his love of organized sports will help improve his skills in the class room.

  4. Did you hear on the news where they have reevaluated aspergers? Now placing it in the same category as austistic individuals? Supposedly, now there will be more available funds and assistance for those who have been diagnosed with aspergers ... that is good news if it is true!

    We do have our tree up (YES!) and it does look pretty this year! My dining room table (7'x 4') looks like a Christmas Elf "Disaster Zone" with all the projects and project parephanailia piled on it ... but things are starting to come together and a few Christmas gifts are slowly coming to life. This is the year I wasn't going to make anything ... then the hubby was bemoaning the fact that he only has a few of my beaded ornaments on the tree. So ... silly me, I told him that his personal gift from me this year would be one dozen special beaded ornaments just for him!

    Its funny, bending over the table drawing a picture does not affect my back ... bending over the table picking up little seed beads brings on terrific back aches! Guess I must bend in a different way when beading? Oh well, 5 down, 7 to go! I am on a roll!

    Sounds like you are gaining ground on the happy trail ... HooRay! We all want Oma Linda in Happy Holiday mode by Christmas!

    My theme song this year (when I start to feel pressured) is "Don't Worry ... Be Happy! .... " and I take heed to the song's words!

    Love to your entire family!
    Don't Worry ... Be Happy!
    Extra BIG hugs!
    Karen Anne

  5. Yay for the grands, hope the IEP goes okay and no-one feels the urge to put hands round another's throat this year! Congrats to GK too, embrace the geekiness I say (you know, as one of only 4 women graduating with a computer science degree in a class of 84)

    PS, thanks so much for the card!

  6. I just knew GK and I were kindred spirits. Not only are we both artistic but we're both wonderful examples of female geekiness. I want to hear how the straw tower was a hit at the science fair.
    Let Shelly know I'm keeping my fingers crossed the IEP goes well and everyone is somehow on the same page this time.
    On the home front, I finally got my tree decorated yesterday afternoon. I'm still not finished with anything and there have been a bump or two in the road as you know but I have hope we're all going to be sitting around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve sipping egg nog and feeling pleased with ourselves that we helped make the holidays happy for our loved ones.
    Smooches and Squoozes

  7. I'm so glad your grams have a wonderful Oma like you. Just keep taking deep breaths. Big hugs to you

  8. Hey Young Lady ;o) So happy to hear about everything that is going on at the Casa ;o) Ry has a new girlfriend and Gk has a boyfriend. What am I doing wrong? I need some pointers ;o) Yeh Gk getting inducted into the honor society! The tower is so cool! We have the house decorated, but mom is feeling yucky. She is worried she won't get the pies and homemade bread done, but I told her not to worry about it! Her health is more important ;o) Big Hugs ;o) I forgot to say, the 66 Diner looks excellent!!


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