Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On the first day of Christmas......

This post is a little out of order. Last week on SM's days off we went on one of our adventures and I gave you the telling of a bit of it in a previous post as it related to us and our magick of the heart.

But here is the greenery that my gallant quirky knight gathered from the side of the road added into a purchased wreath. The whole entry of the house smells like a forest with cedar, juniper, pinon, ponderosa and fir branches. I love the smell.
While driving up north we stopped at a restaurant that we had seen on triple D,( Diners, Drive-ins and Dives). We have visited all the ones here in ABQ that have been on the show and to be honest, not so much. But being the optimists, that SM is, we headed into the belly of the beast again and came out winner, winner, better than dinner happy. We went to the Tecolote Cafe (tecolote means owl in spanish). It is an interesting diner that just keeps rambling on and on. As luck would have it we got the table in the very last room in the very far corner. It was charming and semi crowded. The smell as you approached the building was intoxicating.
Some of what I am going to describe to you will not make total sense unless you are familiar with Hispanic culture and cuisine. But it was so yummilicious. I had the atole pinon short stack with a side order of jalapeno bacon. That is, blue corn meal with pine nuts pancakes and the pancakes were as big as the plate, fluffy and flavorful. Atole is a beverage made from blue corn meal ground really, really grandfather used to drink it....ick ick ick. As a child I thought it was terrible. As an adult I found I loved anything cooked with blue corn meal. It has a slightly fuller flavor than yellow corn meal and is a beautiful color in the final product. And the bacon is brined in brine that includes jalapenos and then smoked. Oh my tastebuds, it was to die for. Sweet Man had Huevos Rancheros (eggs over potatoes, beans, meat on corn tortillas) with Christmas on the side (red and green chile), and said that they were the best he had ever eaten. The red chile wasn't bitter but did have body, the green sauce wasn't runny and had a gravy texture to it.....and they were both hot but had flavor to them. And his meal was served with a muffin basket which included banana/chocolate chip, blueberry and a big fluffy biscuit with raspberry jam.

After we waddled out to the car, we set out to take pictures just for you. We went to Burro Alley in downtown Santa Fe. Once the city’s bawdy nightlife district, featuring cantinas, saloon and gambling establishments (and also home to “ladies of the night”), ironically, this tiny street is named for the burros that carried firewood to be sold there. Burro Alley is located between San Francisco Street and Palace Avenue.
The City of Santa Fe decorates everything for the season and is so very beautiful. I didn't get any pictures because after breakfast and the crowds in the plaza we just drove around downtown. But I have borrowed a few here for your viewing pleasure. We just missed the first snow storm of the season for Santa Fe. We had a beautiful last hurrah warm day for our adventure and loved the beauty of northern New Mexico.
Red Chile ristras as a garland are so gorgeous
every post around the entire plaza is wrapped with greenery
Just a little holiday offering from Casa de Cuckoo. 


  1. It's always nice to find a restaurant that lives up to the hype! Sounds delicious and spicy! And Burro Alley is too cute!

  2. I love your wreath, BB!
    I am afraid I have very boring taste buds. Never having any kind of food other than traditional "meat and potatoes" with a french flair growing up, I find it hard to try new things. I know, what a drag! I am glad you enjoyed your food!!

  3. Oooh, that sounds like a fabulous place to visit, I especially like the sound of yours! We got some blue cornmeal Navajo fry bread at Monument Valley, and I definitely preferred it to the yellow cornmeal ones we tried later on at Cameron Trading Post (with apologies to long lost ancestors!)

  4. If I ever get that way, I know where I'm eating.

    Divine food and a show, too!

  5. I love the wreath Oma Linda!! It is so beautiful and so special! Wow, you and hubby had a great day out! Your meal sounds amazing!!! I think I would have enjoyed it all! I am up to trying anything once ;o) I love the pictures in Burro Alley ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Been to Santa Fe often....but never during the holidays....sounds wonderful.



  7. I would love to visit and eat at this delightful place. Thank you for the introduction. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. I haven't had a good breakfast out in a long time and after hearing about yours I'm really hoping to find some place local that serves up a breakfast as good as the ones you two had. Number one son keeps talking about a place he and his friends go to called "The Stepping Stone" or something like that he wants me to try. I think the main thing that appeals to him and his buddies is the size of the portions. I guess the pancakes are served on platters because they're too big to be served on regular plates. BTW I love how the wreath turned out. Talk to you tomorrow if I make it through the day. I'm not looking forward to what I have ahead of me today. S&S

  9. I LOVE the additions to the wreath ... you made it quite beautiful with your "road side" additions, just lovely!

    I am afraid you OVERLY described the sensory smells of your breakfast so much so that I'm wishing I lived in your area and could try out this restaurant! One of my favorite Mexican dishes is Huevos Rancheros .... your post made me realize I haven't had the pleasure of enjoying one in over 30 years! They are "Tummy Happy" goooooooooood!

    It makes me happy hearing you in such an "Up Beat" state of mind .... here is to many more such days!

  10. What a lovely location. I imagine those red chile decorations are quite beautiful up close. The meals sounded delicious.. even to this spice wimp!


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