Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sheeeeesh, where does the time go?????

Sorry, it's been another week since I last posted anything.

Wow, cleaning and sorting sure makes you lose track of time. I never realized that making decisions on whether to keep paper was gonna take so long. I have moved my crafting area so many times that I've given up the number of times but it's more than 5 and less than 100, in the past 3.5 years. Some of it is still in the garage from the last, "oh put it out there I'll get to it later" phase. But I have come to the conclusion that not only do I have more stuff than the world should allow but I also have more stuff than I will ever, ever, ever need. Put another way....there are not enough days left in my life to do all that I would like to accomplish.

And now that I have some place to donate all of the wonderfulness that makes me feel like I am doing it for all the right reasons it has become a much easier task. The Oscar Foundation helps folks who can't pay for medical care for their beloved pets to be able to do so. I think about how we scrimped and did without when my beloved Willow's medical bills became so high only to have lost her so quickly.....well it gives me pause to do the right thing for others.

Anyway, yesterday being junkin' day, we went by my friend Verna's place to take all of the clean out of toys, train table, clothes and toy bins from one days clearing of Ry's space. Next is the boxes, bags and containers of crafting items I have gleaned and cleaned. We will go back next week with another car load. Of course Shelley's addiction to green purses (Elphaba influence I'm sure of it), as well as Mrs. Brady green throw pillows and my love of odd looking hurricane candle holders meant we came home with some new junk.....whatcha gonna do?

We also went to a couple of new places and found a precious mini wheel barrow for the Easter Bunny to put in eggs, rusty keys, wool yarn (9) skeins for $8, a darling donkey, an antique perfume bottle, a horse collar...I perfer to thing of it as a donkey collar, a new base for my bowl with red dottie mushrooms for the garden and a new ceiling light fixture for Ms. Shelley's bedroom. We had priced one very similar and were going to pay $80 retail but this one was $12. Score.

But the best was my wickedy thoughts. When Shelley was a toddler, I did her room in Raggedy Ann and Andy. We loved the books and the room was darling. Our favorite character was the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees. After Shelley had kids, I wanted to give them a pair of the sweet rag dolls but her now ex human said he couldn't have them in his house because they had frightened him as a child. You don't know how many times, armed with information, I wanted to have the Raggedy's invade his home but I digress.

Today we found a small, no clothing Raggedy and Shelley and I wanted to buy it, stick pins in it and send it to the former Mr. for Valentoonie Day but................we resisted the temptation. No use wasting energy on something that is dead anyway. But we sure did have a good chuckle at the vision of all 6' something of him cringing from the sight of a Raggedy voodoo doll sending him our very worst. Shame on our names. Tiddle he ha ha.


  1. Hauling away all the old, hauling in some new (to you) stuff...a lot of work, but rewarded by fun.
    Tsk, tsk, you two girls giggling about the voodoo Raggedy. Wish I had been there to giggle with you!!

  2. I can not help myself either...I may end up on that Hoarders series yet....I love your new treasures so use them and enjoy their energy! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I also have to have that sensible talk with myself about craft supplies - ahem! At the moment I'm telling myself I don't use some of it because it's so difficult to access, so when I get my loft sorted and my spare room sorted then it will all be fine... ha ;o)

    I always thought that Raggedy Andy was a bit suspicious... ;o)

  4. Hum, purging seems to be spreading faster than the flu. We all seem to hang on to stuff that is unnecessary clutter. Be strong and I love the idea of that Oscar Foundation. What a wonderful cause.

  5. Trading out is just as good as getting rid of I think. And yah, don't waste the energy on the ex.

  6. Oh I love hearing the story of the voodoo and can just picture you both. I too have to say I love that light for her room...I love getting rid of things, but I too always seem to find one more thing I just have to have.

  7. You know that I've been doing some major sorting and cleaning and am making it my mission to get rid of the not needed, right? Well the sisters came to visit yesterday and we just had to go shopping before we went to lunch and then again after lunch so what little space I've managed to win back is now gone.
    I love all of the wonderful treasures from your latest junkin day. You always manage to find the greatest stuff! S&S

  8. Hey Oma Linda ;o) Missed you! I am behind in bloggy land! Sorry I wasn't here sooner! Isn't it fun cleaning up and reorganizing? I love it! But, I tend to go out and buy more things, like you! LOL! Great score on your items and a wonderful place you are helping out! Just to let you know, I would have sent the Raggedy voodoo dolls! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  9. You are always missed, but I get it. Starting next week, I will be probably post a lot less. I have a deadline coming up (fast!), also, I want to do a bit of house renovating... poor Jacob has been doing all the housework as I write. Not fair.

    *grinning about pins*

  10. I love that organization for people who can't afford pet care expenses! I think that is so needed! I told you already what I think you should do with that doll. "My eyes are watching you" muahahahahaha!!!

  11. Bwahahahaha on the Valentoonie Day Voodoo thoughts. Wouldn't that freak him out? lol Okay, I got far too much pleasure from that. Go team green.

    The Oscar Foundation sounds like such an amazing organization. I truly believe there are so many more souls in the world who would spay and neuter, if they only had the funds. Izzy and I always say if we ever win the lottery (because one winning means we both do), we will put a vet on retainer and make sterilization our focus. Pee green with envy here on your finds. Much love to you all! Mina

  12. Love your posts! You always warm my heart and put a smile on my face ...


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