Wednesday, February 27, 2013

eeney, meeney, miney, mo...............

Remember when I used to post every day and thought I had to or else? Yeah, me neither.

I have a quiet recollection that I was much more enthusiastic about blogging than I am now. What happened?

Let's look at the reasons why I enjoy blogging...........

1. I had (have) a lot to say about a lot of things. That's why there are five blogs in my arsenal. One for you, one for you who are of the witchy persuasion, one for those who I wanted to introduce arty folks to, one for me to do my journaling and one for ............I forget why on that one. I'm sure at the time it was a doozy of a thought, but I've slept since then.

2. I was getting (and still do) a big kick out of being the class clown, story teller, bitch and moan artist, purveyor of new arty things and folks. And you all gave me positive reinforcement don't ya know. And I loved the close communication I had and still do have with so many of you.

3. I also saw it at the time as a way of letting certain folks who shall remain nameless and I wish I could forget for the sake of my grands, how lovely life is without them. Yep I am a bitch, I've practiced a long time to hone my craft and I firmly believe that I'm really good at it.

4. I used the blogs to get stuff out of my system. Not just negative ideas but thoughts about my life  and should I's. It helped many, many times to dissuade me from the path of going off the deep end. So I guess you can say I used it for therapy.

5. I've taken parts out of my Trivial Pursuit storage system called my brain to share information with you. And go on about the beauty of my state, my grands, my passions and my "so called" life.

6. I gained friends that will be forever in my life. My chiropractor friend as you might recall dubbed you all as my "imaginary play mates". It's true that you are playmates but very real in my book.

7. I have given and gotten so many gifts and cards and love notes. I've share more of the deepest parts of my life here than my "physically present" friends even know. I've been blessed over and over by my relationships here.

so.....................why am I not blogging like I used to?

I don't know.

I've analyzed it and I come up with nada, nothing, zip, zilch.

But I sure am glad that I can still come and play. I'm glad that there is this outlet for me and you. I am super glad that you are still reading this......and for most of you, don't think I haven't noticed that you too are at the keyboard less than usual. And for those of you who still daily let us know what is happening out kick butt. Yay for the enthusiastic ones, yay for the wordy ones, yay for the dedicated ones. I humbly bow to your achievement and say. . . my hat is off to you.

I remain humbly yours (as if) a slacker olde broad, S&S Oma Linda


  1. From one Oma to another,
    I think that for you like most of us, there comes a time where one is refilling the well and one may not be as bubbly as before. But once the well is refilled, the water flows again.
    It's Okay. I'll still hang around:)

  2. I for one am very glad that you are out there. I feel that I have made friends, but I'm not always a good friend myself. Thank you for your friendship.

  3. Remember blog only when you feel like it...there are no blog police that I know of so do what makes you happy! I do love your stories very much! And you are recording your journey...your passions... your life. Imagine and Live in Peace, mary helen Fernandez Stewart

    p.s. I started to blog to help my brain heal after the surgeries!

  4. Maybe you are mellowing out just a bit..a tiny less bitchy.

    Maybe you're gettin' lazy.

    Universe forbid you worry what anyone would think about your latest rant...nope that's not it.

    So, I read your posts and will comment more and maybe the well will refill faster because you are certainly one entertaining old biddy.

    From one imaginary platmate to on!!

  5. Oma Linda, I love your blogs and your blog posts! Blog, whenever you feel like it! You do not have to blog everyday! Nobody will arrest you! LOL! I am so happy I have met you through blogging! You are a special lady! Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. LOL, imagine that!

  7. I too have noticed that many people are not blogging as frequently as they used to. Myself definitely included. I personally felt a need to spend less time on the computer so cut back in several areas. But I keep coming back like a loyal dog, to check on this blog of yours.

  8. We need to form a Blogger Slacker Club. I'll be treasurer. A daily blog can be a real grind and when it becomes one it is time for adjustments.
    I tried just going away but that doesn't work. Missed my buds too much. Tried a "when ever" approach but that was so loose it didn't work either. "When ever" seldom happened.
    Now I post once a week. Keeps me honest but not pressured. Deadlines can be good and I visit when I can.
    Find what works for you but please don't go away all together.

  9. As someone who has started and deleted four (or five?) blogs and is onto another....I understand EXACTLY why.

    This is an outlet. Plug into it how and when you need to.

    My current blog is nothing like my intent was when opening it. Now it's basically free fucking therapy. My intention was to take my shot at some fiction, be my funny asshole self and keep it light.


    There is nothing light about me these days.

  10. For me it's that between time: holidays over, spring not here, weather changing so much has made me exhausted & sore. Either way, writing when the mood strikes makes for easier reading ;)

  11. Well, hee hee, I stopped posting every day when I realized that I would get more comments if I posted every other day. So I was holding steady at about three times a week and then we got lots of work! So that's why I have dropped to twice a week. Just don't have the same amount of free time.

  12. I think a blog is like a favorite cup of tea that you let steep until it is ready to savor and then you sit back and just enjoy.

  13. I think it's wonderful that you keep blogging and opening your heart to so many of us. I definitely haven't been blogging as usual perhaps to a brain malfunction like the Scarecrow? ;) But I do so enjoy reading what's up with you and my friends.

  14. I think I'm just the gobby one that spouts off daily ;o)

    Damn though, I always wanted to be someone's imaginary friend...

  15. Hmm, Arkansas Patty's idea of once a week might work. We're sitting more in one place so far with not so much going on. To me, blogging should be more like taking a photograph; what story are you trying to tell? And lately I've got nuttin'.

  16. dido dido dido.... you hit the nail on the head with this one fellow playmate... I feel the weeds have grown to an uncontrolable height in our garden... maybe its just that we are having a bit of fun elsewhere for the moment... Anyway, as I have been so often reminded (by you of course) we always eventually come back to the garden for a bit of fun...

  17. Hey Slacker!!! LOL!! Love being you're imaginary playmate, ha ha, you have a (TOTALLY UTTERLY) slacker playmate in me buddy :)

    So I get it, really, love the dudes that are consistent, but can't compare myself otherwise it would be depressing, even comparing myself with other 'slackers' I may be named 'queen' slacker (not exactly something to be proud about) but, often while driving, or in the shower, I have written some kick arse posts for my blog... and created some fabulous art... in my head, ... I think I should perhaps commit my posts to a 'solid' substance (is virtual 'solid'?) and my art to canvas or paper rather than just in my head, but then they are sorta completed (be it only in my head) & I get out of the car move onto work/cleaning/cooking/chatting/chores... mmm... you know, I like the way we can just do what we want, when we want to with our blogs & posting, you do, & that's why I love to visit :)

  18. Miss Oma Linda, I would not trade anything for the gift of knowing you and learning of your amazingly beautiful family. I am in the same boat. Yes, I saw my subliminal blog name in the comment that some of us are posting less. I have to tell you, I cannot come up with a head on answer to it either. I know my life has gotten hectic lately from my J.O.B (which I detest, but have not yet been able to find another) and that is probably a lot of my energy and health issues right now. But I'll tell you what has kept me going through all of this. It is people like you who I simply adore and cannot imagine not having in my life. I'm sure this will pass and the blogging season will be full force again. Until that time, know I hold you in my heart VERY closely. Warmest hugs, Mina

  19. I think it's hard to always come up with "new" stuff to write about and share. I have my personal treasure trove of crap I could spew and cackle about but never seem to gather up the gumption to do so, soooo for me personally I keep it mostly profesh. Love reading the "keeping it real" stuff though ~ let's me know I'm not alone in this freakishly whacked out world!


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