Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy 75th Anniversary.....WOZ

and you thought I'd forgetten.....well I did forget to add it to yesterdays post but Mary Helen put the spark in my brain and so here ya go.

Only 18 days until we'll follow the yellow brick road together.........xoxo


  1. Yikes!! I'm never going to be ready for the party in time. I'm starting to feel like the white rabbit.
    I've got my ticket to see the newest Oz movie and wish we were seeing it together. S&S

  2. 18 days!! Wow! Time has went by quick!

  3. Must be time for me to watch it again. I wonder how many times that would make it? Probably more than any other movie, even more than Harold and Maude which would definitely be second most watched.


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