Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello February 15th...............the start of the flew season

Well my lovelies, it is only a month away, Celebrate Oz - aLtErED oZ 2013 that is.
I'm getting very excited now.
I also have finally gotten myself in gear to get to altering.
If you haven't yet but would like to sign up here is the link.
I read on one of the lovelies blogs that she was going out to find some things to start getting ready and I said to myself, "self, the time is here, the time is now". I have had a bazillion ideas swirling around in my head as to what I might do. But those ideas have been put on the back burner while I played at being organized. I say played at, because I have come to the conclusion that it is as the Man of La Mancha would sing, "The Impossible Dream".

I think my stuff is impenetrable, breeds at night while I sleep, too vast to conquer and too silly to worry about. I have done a yeoman's job of getting so very much gleaned, but it is now time to have some fun. And the fun I am gonna have is altering and writing.

If you are stuck for an idea, there are lots of examples around the 'net. Easily found on pinterest. Oh maybe not Ozian in nature but altered none the less. You know I was thinking (oh no) that no matter what if you love Oz and you want to share whatever way you chose.....that shouldn't alter your perception and if the alter part is what's holding you back, then Glinda has declared that "you have had it in you all along" and who am I to put limits on you. So whatever you would like to share is WONDERFUL. After all, if the Wizard can accept a horse of a different color then you can do as you please. So please do.

these photos were found on Pinterest
In addition to the regular fun of the blog hop, I will have a few surprises for you. Folks who don't have blogs but have connected with me on Facebook will also be able to participate although unless you are also on Facebook you will not be able to see their entries, unless I can post them on Ye Olde Crones and I think I will try. Still working out the logistics of that. Also there may be an auction for an animal charity, still working out the details on that and two of you will be immortalized as your pick of Dorothy's friends or foes.
So if you haven't put on your ruby slippers and started on whatever your altered is all about, I'd suggest that you get started cuz the Ozonian flew season is officially begun. And there is no cure, thank the flying monkeys.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. I'm singing 'If I Only Had a Brain' when it comes to having an idea of what to do for this Oz shindig. This must be the year of I Haven't Got a Clue. I think that perhaps when I was gleaning and throwing away I misplaced my imagination.

  2. I am interpreting "altered" in a broad and liberal sense. I've never participated in a blog party before, so I'm going to be losing my BP virginity! Be gentle, LOL!

  3. Last year I was ready too early ... this year ideas seem to elude me!

    What to do? What to do? Trying to think of something clever and new....

    What to do? What to do? Try my hand at a funky red shoe?

    What to do? What to do? Change emerald green to colbalt blue?

  4. I have been percolating an idea, and it may just be brewed up soon. Kind of excited but also wondering if I am a little nuts!!! lol.
    But,, you know, I think we are all a little nuts, and proud of it!!
    Hugs, BB, have a super stellar weekend.

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! Sorry I don't have time to play this year :o(

  6. I am always so happy when I visit here...I am under the gun with a show in Phoenix in May ...20 pieces of work to be completed...lions and tigers and bears...ohmy!!!!!!!!!Have a great weekend! Peace and giggles for you! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Hello creator, curator & spreader of inspiration in the land of Altered Oz :) I promise I will get off my arse & into my ruby slippers & take part so thanks for adding me to the rest of the munchkins you have in the lineup, I've been postless too long & need to find my way back on path... so yep, I'm gonna follow the yellow brick road & embrace the whole Altered Oz concept... will I get a cookie (those melty witches are hilarious) oh & watch out for those flying monkeys, they aren't toilet trained!

  8. Love those melted witch cookies. Looking forward to all of the Oziness.

  9. Hey Oma Linda ;o) Thanks so much for putting the follow by e-mail up!! I am so happy! I had a lot of people ask me to put the translation button up too. So I did. Now, I have people from Germany and Finland and Norway follow me, so this might be something you want to put up too ;o)
    Now, on to the more important stuff ;o) I am finished my piece, that I am doing for the party ;o) I did one special piece and I hope everyone likes it ;o) I took pictures of the process, for the blog party ;o)
    I have to say, I am still laughing from Debra's comment!!!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  10. know what you mean bout ideas.... cant wait for your party

  11. Oh, I have so many ideas! At first, I thought, a short story. Then a bit of poetry. Then maybe an article on altered witchery... now, I'm pretty sure I'll probably do most of them ;-)

  12. My idea is brewing in my cauldron of a brain and I have begun "gathering" what I will need. I LOVE those little melted witch cookies. Hilarious! Hugs to you forever and an Ozonian day, Mina


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