Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello Easter bunnies..........

Have you gotten your fair share of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies?

How about colored eggs and peeps?
Bel Monili
We just came inside from doing the great Easter tradition of Casa de Cuckoo. That would be whacking each other in the head with colored eggs.....filled with confetti. In Spanish they are cascarones. In Cuckooeze they are blessing eggs.

In any language they are fun. The blessing is supposed to come when you choose your victim/target and bless them when you smash the egg on their head or shoulder. However, in the hands of inexperienced blessers it can be, if not painful, annoyingly startling. There is an art to cupping your hand and making the impact quick. That way the egg and all the confetti are dispersed widely and painlessly. But for some reason......8 year old boys think they need to grind them into a person's brain. I kept saying Bunny eggs not Zombie eggs. Tee hee.

Oh the squeals and running about and that was just Shelley and me. Yeah right. I should imagine that our neighbors think we've lost our minds....oh never mind, they know we have.

 This is what happens when you run out of eggs and still need to "bless" someone..gather the ground bits.

Hope your day is as fun filled as ours has been and hopefully will be......we're off to get some duck eggs and maybe see an Easter donkey or two.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Looks like fun! Other than the grinding part...

  2. I was having a good day, and now is better and full of color. Now I want to paint eggs...

  3. I think you are the head cuckoo with lots of little cuckoos in training..~lol~
    Happy Easter

  4. So much fun! I love those eggs! I don't think we have them? I am going to have to look. Thanks for the smiles and the love ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  5. What a great way to spend a holiday..we used to do egg treasure hunts with notes and was fun...nice memories...thanks for helping me remember...

  6. We did the blessing eggs as well, though with toddlers we refrained from cracking over heads!

  7. Now that looks like fun. For kids, the messier the better.
    What no Cadbury eggs? I wait all year for them.

  8. I forgot to say, I love your peep show! LOL!

  9. You know how to have a party!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. I've never heard of cascarones before! But oh, they sound like fun! Messy, messy fun!

  11. Happy, happy belated Easter blessings! I love this tradition but can't help to think the blessing may come with a slight headache. lol That picture of your three loves is priceless. What happy and loving faces. Big smooches to all.

    PS - That "peep show." cracked me up.


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