Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nerdy Chics rule.............

Happy March.

I was gonna post yesterday on the twoth of March after we got home but it was just too beautiful outside to be inside. Balmy, slight breeze, sound of the newly arrived Mourning Doves in the trees and 60+ degrees.

I did a walk about and noticed some sure signs of Spring arriving soon. The Tulip tree buds indicate a real need to show off soon. The violets in the fairy garden are maybe a week away from sharing. And there are some yellow crocus under the bushes in backyard and grape hyacinth close by that are breaking ground. The grape hyacinth were spread out over time by the royalty of the backyard, the turtles, from one end to the other. It's lovely to see a new clump of them because my miniature gardeners worked hard and moved the bulbs.

I remarked to Ms. Janie at Mother Moon not long ago that I was afraid to go to do a walk about because I would start poking around in the garden and I knew that it wasn't time. Sure enough, I had to come back inside because I just wanted to clear away the old leaves and refuse from the fall and winter to be able to see the new growth and I knew that I needed to leave it be for a few more weeks. I would be taking the warm blanket of Mother Nature away from the newness of Spring prematurely.

And sure enough, snow by mid week is expected.

Friday nite pizza night photo

GK was a participant in the Regional Science Bowl yesterday. I was fortunate enough to be able to tag along. She got all gussied up in a sweet nerd chic outfit. Her science teacher and coach had instructed the kids to wear something nice. So GK did.....and she was only one of 5 out of all the participants that looked like they had heard the instructions. All the other middle schoolers had on t-shirts and jeans. So when at the door she was handed a blue t-shirt with the Regional Science fair logo etc on it which didn't exactly go with her Fair Isle sweater, short green gypsy skirt, white leggings and Doc Martins the expression on her face was.....and what should I do with this? When instructed to put on the t-shirt over the sweater, she turned to me and said..........I'll be right back. When she returned she handed me the sweater and just smiled and went on to do what she was there for. Since I worked with beasts of her age for so many years, I observed many tantrums, and bottom lips from youngster when they were faced with adaptation as the only option. Not GK she just goes with the flow.

There is a grace about her that I am in awe of. She is the most gracious and generous person I know. She was so concerned that I find a comfortable place in which to pass the three hours which we would be there before lunch break. I was genuinely flattered by her attention in the midst of all the middle schoolers chaos.

Her team lost their first match to the host team. Not dissuaded afterwards, she chirped about a new strategy to her team mates and wandered off to see what else was happening in the building until time for the next round. They won the second match and she and the other girl on her team held in their enthusiastic giggles until they found me in the lobby of the building so as not to be rude to the losing team. When she found me after the third match was when I was the most proud. She brought her teacher over with her to tell me that they had in fact been eliminated from the competition and we could leave. Her teacher looked very disappointed and Ms. Nerdy gave her a hug and said, "this was such a terrific experience, now we will know what to expect next year and be more prepared". And her teacher looked a little surprised and pleased and we said our good byes.

As we were trekking to the car because we had to park where Moses left his sandals, GK talked about the rude behaviors she had observed and said, "it wasn't like it was a matter of life or death and they needed to put it in perspective. There are way worse things to have happen to you than lose at a science bowl". She also indicated she had had such a good time and what were we going to have for lunch?

My heart just about burst. When I grow up, I wanta be just like her.


  1. What a remarkable lady you have there. We could all take lessons from her.

  2. I wish I had a little MS Nerdy in my life! I know what you mean about poking about in the garden with the desire to "clean house". RESIST the urge, we got snow today as well.

  3. Hey lady, I know what you mean by the "Spring" thang, but not so much in the garden...or what's called a "garden!" Took a walk to a local park and just enjoyed the nice pre-Spring weather. As for snow, not here, we'll just wind and flying dirt!! LOL

    How well, I remember those Science events. I recall it was more the parents than the kids, though. One year, my oldest Joel, won his school science fair and the parents of the "yearly" winner, had a fit...said his exhibition wasn't up to their child's...the judges told them that his exhibition could have used some work (he and Andria announced to us the night before the fair, they had to participate..sigh), but they were completely blown away by his knowledge of the subject and that's why he won! I have always hated when it's obvious the project was more by "mommy and daddy," than the kid...what are these people teaching their children!!???

    Oh well, Miz GK came out smelling like a rose and could teach some of those little sniveling babies a thing or two about sportsmanship.

    Loves ya,

  4. I wanna be just like here when I grow up too!

  5. She's got a good head on her shoulders, both in book learning and life smarts.

    Oma Linda, I'm preparing my Celebrate Oz post and I'm putting a link to your blog of course. Is your blog still called "Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts" or have you changed its main title now to "There Is No Place Like Home"?

  6. I love those smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. You are indeed a lucky "Oma" Linda! Give my congrats to GK! 8)

  8. Wow, me too when I grow up. What an amazing child. She really sets the kid bar high. Be proud for you did have a hand in her growth into such a special youngster.

  9. Gk is a special young lady!! She has a precious soul, like you ;o)

  10. The grownups (and not-so-grownup) folks around GK have done a great job of rearing her and Ry. Kudos all around!

  11. Give GK a big hug for me and tell her I think she's terrific. You're right about her being someone who we should aspire to be like when we grow up. Wouldn't the world be a better place if there were more people like her in it? S&S

  12. Someone is raising GK right but she obviously also has an extra generosity to her spirit and that she has developed all on her own I think. I wish there were more like her.
    My first daffodil opened yesterday and the hummingbirds are darting in.

  13. I would love to meet GK and give her a big hug!!

  14. GK is a goddess! The beautiful side of all that is grace and charm wrapped into a precious young woman making the world a better place for all of us. Give her a super big hug for me.


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