Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oz is in the bag..........

I'll say hello to you with this fun effect I created using a thrift store find.....why yes it is Elphaba's Wicked Witch of the West purse. It even has OOOOOO's for Oz on it. And Oz is in the bag.... Who is that peeking out from her own handbag??????? Well you'll just have to come and find out.

Well here it is.....the week of Celebrate Oz. I have some fun to share with you.

This one was an attempt on my part to make a header for the blog but instead.....well I learned that not all things are as straight forward as you think they will be. I am so in awe of folks that do graphic design (like my lovely friend Sharon) and have all the smarts it takes to work with the programs and storage applications. I am still a fledgling or wanna be photoshop devotee. I am still in process when it comes to Photoshop.......goodness the things you have to remember.

If you are like me....just beginning the process, you might want to try Picmonkey. I have found it to be more straight forward and easier to manipulate pictures. They have a ton of effects, frames, tools, etc. Lots easier to get the hang of than PS.

Only a couple of more days and we will be in the thick of Celebrate Oz. I want to stop and thank all of the participants. Without your enthusiasm and willingness to stretch your time to include our shared love of all things Oz, I wouldn't be living out a dream that is Celebrate Oz. I am always amazed at how we come together for a story that touches us all differently. Thank you lovelies.

ready, set, Celebrate Oz this Friday.


  1. I love your thrift store find..I would use that purse to go to the Midland Theater!!! OZ on girl! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I'm wishing the week away because Friday can not get here fast enough to suit me. Now, how do you suppose Elphaba's purse ended up at the thrift shop?? Is it possible she could be living in NM?

  3. Thank you Oma Linda ;o) I love that purse! I can't wait to see who is peeking out of the handbag. Love the donkey ears ;o)

  4. My post is scheduled and ready to go!

  5. That is a terrific banner you created Oma Linda!

    The purse is totally Oz-some and a wonderful sneak peek into your plans ... 8)

    Could those be donkey ears peaking out? Could this perhaps be an "Altered Toto"? Looking forward to the reveal!

  6. I LOVE your purse! You are the Ozonian savant, my lovely. Actually, I think you did a fabulous job on your header. Far better than anything I would even attempt. Headers are so picky in sizing and everything. But oh, when it comes to pro's, I agree that there is none better than Sharon. Thank you for the tip on PicMonkey and I am just finishing my post for tomorrow. Honey, I had to come home early from work to do the finishing touches and make sure I have it ready for midnight! Much love, Mina

  7. That is a lovely purse. And yes, many things (most things) are not as easy as they seem. Thank goodness for the friends who give us a hand with the wild wisdom ;-)

    P.S. I just scheduled my post for the party, and it was wonderful to write. And heart-freeing, too...

    P.P.S. Thanks for walking with me these last couple of weeks.


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