Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just getting around to telling about our latest donkey visit.....

Most of the time when we visit with our donkey friends, the date has been arranged for some time. Like everyone else, we all are "heavenly" bodies with assigned orbits and every once in a while we can schedule time together. But this time it just happened.

So on Easter Sunday, the Cuckoos went to Morning Bray Farm to pick up some duck eggs and to deliver a very special blanket.

Morning Bray Farms ducks are laying copious numbers of eggs. I have only had duck eggs once while I was visiting with my Aunt in Tennessee many, many years ago. And when asked if I'd like some, I was very excited to take Justina up on her kind offer. As Justina gave us the eggs, Ry put his ear up to the eggs and said, "I don't hear any peeping". Of course the grands aren't gonna have a thing to do with them. Especially when they kinda got the idea that the eggs would contain J & D's grand ducks. But they won't have to know they are in the egg bread that they have had this week or the pineapple upside down cake they ate last night. I won't tell.

Anyway, the blanket is one that I bought online several years ago. It is a Columbian donkey blanket used by donkeys to carry flowers and other "tourist trade" items or in processions. I bought it long before I even knew any donkeys. I got it for my Saint Bernard Murphy. I was training him to pull a cart and the blanket was perfect because I put bottles of water in the side pockets and kept adding weight so that he would build up strength to pull. I would walk him all over the neighborhood and we always had folks stop us and say how pretty he looked. He loved that. Even though we trained for a long time, he was never able to manage pulling the cart. He always thought something was chasing him.

Bernard just wanted to eat the blanket.....
I thought I had purged the blanket along time ago. But as I was going through boxes in the garage of my Mexicana to sell, I found it in with some other wonders that I have collected. I contacted Justina when I relocated it and asked if she would like the blanket. I could just envision the Cinco de Mayo Donkey get together being enhanced by said blanket.
Ellsworth is an old hand with stuff on his back, what a handsome boy he is
It has been awhile since we have seen this wonderful herd of donkey. I just can't explain well enough what a joy it is to be with the donkeys. Each has their own personality. Each has their level of interaction and that is different with each of us. This was Ry's day with the donkeys. Most times, Ry is so over the top that the donkeys keep a certain distance but this time they all interacted with him. GK just walks among them as though she is a donkey as well.
Patrick loved being the "Burrito" with the blanket, what a sweet boy he is. You never suspect his awful life before he came to MBF
This was my first time meeting the newest, Ms. Harriet. She is a darling, friendly donk. Loves to give a body a chest nudge. With my old legs, I have to stay on the outside of the corral for fear that I will lose my balance when they donkeys nudge and with Ms. Harriet it was a good thing. She's a very enthusiastic nudger. I so enjoy my time with them and watching the grands experience these lovely animals upclose and personal is equally enjoyable.
Excuse me Mom, I was gonna play ball with Ry. No blanket please.
Shelley and the grands wandered the farm while I stayed and visited with Justina. I know I have told you how fond I am of her. She is such a warm, sweet soul and always makes us feel so welcome.
Buck is such a pretty color

Nigel was interested in looking at the others with the blanket on, but very alert just in case........
Shelley and GK took the pictures. We didn't get any of the girls. Ms. Gracie Belle & Ms. Harriet, next time perhaps.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. I'm smiling picturing you and your Saint Bernard walking around the neighborhood carrying bottles of water ;-)

    And my mouth is watering thinking about pineapple upside down cake. Yum!

  2. Oma Linda, what a beautiful post! You made me smile! And, I need a smile today! Thank you ;o) I bet the pineapple upside down cake was yummy! I love the blanket! It looks very festive on the donkeys ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  3. I LOVE duck eggs, though cooking them takes some practice. Still though, thems good eatins'!!!

  4. You obviously didn't destash that blanket for a reason, it was meant to give you a donk reunion!

  5. I understand your love for these beautiful creatures. Their eyes are so patient and sweet..and their coats invite one to "pet me!!!" You make me smile inside and out! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. My Mom used to make upside down pineapple cake when I was a kid. Yum! One of my faves.

    How great that you found the blanket and some lucky donkey will get to use it for its intended purpose!

  7. What a great visual; a St. Bernard wandering the neighborhood behind you bearing a blanket and water bottles. But I like the blanket on the donkeys just as well. Thanks for the morning smile.

  8. Never had a duck egg. Hummm.
    Those donkeys are adorable and the blanket is so smart looking on them . My neighbor has one he uses as a guard dog for his cow herd. I get tickled when he lets loose with his ear splitting bray.

  9. what a sweet gang, both the two leggeds and the 4 leggeds. The blanket was just waiting for this new life. Lovely post.

  10. Patrick is the cutest ever. I am so glad he is where he is. He deserves only the best. You are so lucky to visit there.

  11. I want Nigel!!! LOL Love the name and he's a darn pretty donkey too!!

    Loves ya,

  12. Although I never tried getting either of my Saint Bernards to pull a cart I did ride one of them side saddle.....sorta. I love seeing the donkey darlings and this post with all of the pictures is wonderful. S&S

  13. This is a wonderful post Linda .... love your story of your St Bernard and your training that back fired! Too cute.

    The donkeys are precious, I think you are converting everyone over to Love of Donkeys! Good for you!


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