Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RyLeigh was 9 years old yesterday. He was so excited about his birthday that he was a little on the "out there" side of life. I remember being like that. In fact, I remember my Mother, the kind and gentle, Frances the feared, taking me aside on my 8th birthday while all the rest of my girlfriends were having cake and ice cream and spanking me. Because I was out of control....I'm sure beating my butt made it oh so much better, what with the crying and all. I also remember not wanting to finish the birthday ordeal and telling the kids to take their presents home with them. Wow, now that's what I call a memory.

Anyway back to the cute little boy who lives here....he received all the stuff he asked for as far as Angry Birds/Star Wars and Mario was concerned. Balloons, cake, the whole song and dance was done in funny looking round birds with helmets or cinnamon buns on their heads. See.............

A very happy boy.

And I was a very happy olde broad. I got flowers from my dear friend Ms. Maddy, lovely funny cards from so many of you my lovelies, lots of email wishes, an ACEO "First Snow" (which is cute because it did snow yesterday, only I hope it's our Last Snow) from Ms. Stacey and polka dotty mushrooms of the wool felted variety from Ms. Kim. Each and every wish, card and gift was a joy to me.

These are from Maddy

I must confess that I bought myself some flowers too. Most of the time, since I normally buy what I want, I don't get birthday gifts. And so I thought, gee, I think I would like to surprise myself with flowers.....and so I did. The surprise was on the rest of the family when they arrived at the door, followed by the delivery of flowers by Maddy. I don't want you to think that the fam didn't buy me a gift. They did. We got a white fleshed peach tree when we went to the nursery with the grands. It will keep on giving, year after year. And Shelley and the Grands found this fabulous card that has ruby slippers that glow and the card plays "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

I went out today and found a couple of publications that I've been interested in investigating and also bought some new incense and some woo woo candles. Today was my "just for me" day. I know, I'm shameless.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Happy birthday to both of you! It's so special that you and Ry share a birthday.

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the little Big man!!! I love that you have a "just for me day".... you made me smile. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. What a sweet face on that happy birthday boy. I always think it's funny at present opening time when the other kids live vicariously through the opening of the presents.

    As for buying yourself flowers, I do it all the time. I put them on my altar. It makes me happy and it's a beautiful offering to The Goddess and God.

  4. Oh what a lovely smile on that sweet boy's face. It has to be those Angry Birds that put it there. :0)
    I'm glad you like the flowers and the ones you bought for yourself are beautiful. Maybe I'll buy myself some flowers today when I go shopping. I wish I could find some of those red and white polka dot mushrooms too. Aren't they wonderful?! Glad to see the day was filled with so much love for the two of you. S&S from your SFAM

  5. Hiccy burpday to you, and hippo bathday to Ry-man :oD

  6. You aren't shameless! You are wonderful! I think it's so special that you and Ry have the same birthday! Big Warm Hugs to the both of you ;o)


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