Monday, April 15, 2013

So we're abandoning the fort.............

Well not really but it feels like it.

We bought this for Ms. GK when she was 3. She will be 13 in a few weeks. When they all left and went to live in SC they gave it to friends whose kids enjoyed it for three years. And when Shelley and the grands came back the friends returned it to them.

It has been in the backyard here for the last 3 years....and I can't tell you how many adventures were created, played out and enjoyed on this fort/playhouse/spaceship/pirate vessel/olympic winners platform/place to be alone. It has been a joy and now it needs to bring joy to younger (lighter in weight)  kids who can make their own adventures.

When Ry first got here he spent alot of time on this fort....just finding his way in this environment, looking for pirates on the horizon. GK has used this for just about everything imaginable from princess rescues to factory for making fairy building bricks. We are all sad to see it go but happy that it has another chance to bring on the imagination and fun times for someone else.

Gosh the time goes by so very fast.
This was 4 years ago.

This one of my favorite photos last spring


  1. I'm pretty sure some other wee hero will be able to use the fort. And Gk and Ry (and you!) will hold on to the memories ;-)

  2. They'll always have their happy memories of Fort Fun!

  3. My goodness, those two grew up like weeds! It's amazing, because I *knew* that, but until I saw photos side by side I hadn't realized how much. Geeze Louise.

    Also, that's one hell of a play fort! I just know it will make some other kid's adventures and day dreams so much more fun. :)

  4. My kids and grands had to build their forts while your two munchkins had this?? Those lucky duckies!! I sure hope there were lots of pictures taken of the fun times they had playing in that wonderful place of magic and adventure.

  5. Oh I'm sure it has hundreds more adventures in its future!

  6. Time for a new generation to play Davy Crockett! It looks to be in very good condition for the next batch of adventurers!

  7. Time does go by too fast! What a cool fort! I am sure all of you have great memories and lots of excellent pictures ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  8. I remember when we took our grands fort out back down ... it was kinda sad .... but makes room for new things ... like a raised garden or a new patio or green grass ... Hey! Is there enough room for a little donkey? That would be great fun!

    GK and Ry have certainly grown ... it has been fun watching from afar as they change from one year to the next. Thanks for sharing Linda!

  9. I remember those days of taking down "baby toys" as The Boy refers to them. I also get all verklempt when we get our toys and clothes out to donate and he has outgrown stuff. Sigh.

  10. Oh my goodness, how they have grown, she into a beautiful goddess in training, he into a handsome young man. You have so much to feel blessed for, but you already know that. ;-)

    I love that wonderful structure of enchanting imagination. All of that magical energy will surly lend itself to other young, open minds. How wonderful to share such a gift! Mina

  11. Oh Linda, I wish I lived closer to you; I would buy it in a minute for my BabyCakes! List it for a good price; they are SO expensive now.

    The grands are growing up beautifully.

    **blows kisses** Deb


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