Saturday, May 4, 2013

GK turns the dreaded 13 on Sunday.................

As horrified/delighted as I am that this is the sweet baby granddaughter will be 13 snarky years old on Sunday. Yes, the sweet little pink toed delight of her grandmothers life when she was born, will become a teenager on Cinco de Mayo.

Poor child has endured pinatas, mariachi music and lively celebrations with accompanying foods, drinks and merriment for most of her birthdays. But this year it will be different....the edict was passed down to the adults. She and 10 of her current best friends, which could change in the blink of an eye or at the change of the weather, are going to go bowling. Errrck, screeeetch, sounds of brakes being applied like in the cartoons. What??????

Apparently what was once cool is cool again. Who woulda thunk it? Of course we must remember that I am old and she is 12 going on to ........ live another day but just barely. She and her posse are going to need adult supervision according to the bowling alley (duh). I mean who in their right minds would let that many prepubescent kids be unsupervised??? But then I used to work with kids this age so there is the teacher in me screaming. "oh yeah, I get it". Since Ms. GK wants to have it on a Saturday night because that is so much cooler that during the day and her Mom works a killer shift on Saturdays and will be dog tired, Pop and I are going to go and be cool by staying in the background and not embarrassing her. Her words not mine. But the old saying about waving a red flag in front of a bull isn't lost on this situation. Now I will need to reign in Sweet make that 12 kids to tend.

I also want to share one of our recent conversations about who she is. She adores school. Has some favorite and quirky teachers and interacts with kids in a "non-dryer" kind of way which makes her alternative. Dryer? I asked. Yeah, you know like I'm not a setting on a dryer, as in normal! So there you have it. When I was in school, one aspired to be normal, average, but not my darling GK she is not a Dryer. Because she has "tended", her little brother with his interesting and loveable quirks, she is also very kind to those that really aren't dryers. There is a young man in her class who is very sensory assaulted all the time. She made him her Natural History Museum partner in their field trip yesterday. He protested saying that he really liked another girl....who in a very dryer like way shuns him. But GK assured him that they would have fun. So he gave in to GK's proposal and they did have a great time.

I can remember when her Mom turned 13 and went to school that morning my sweet little girl and then in the afternoon some other kid showed up instead. It happened just that fast. For GK it happened right after the Science Bowl. It's not a bad thing. She has learned independence and has a mind of her own. I wouldn't want it any other way. But it sure makes for some entertaining and character building time for all of us at Casa de Cuckoo as we all live up to the non dryer status she has given us. We are alternative, dude.

She is still a sweet girl (both of them are) and I will look forward to being a fly on the wall at her party. I don't know these kids, but I know all about them. So it will be interesting to see how the drama du jour plays out.

Asked GK what she wanted for her birthday. She said surprise me. Not a big old list of things but rather "surprise me". We gave her as one of her gifts, a class given by the University of New Hampshire that will be in July. The class is Harry Potter as Story Telling. Harry Potter has been an integral part of GK's life in books, books on tape, movies and she knows it all almost by heart. When the opportunity came to my attention, I asked her if she would be interested and she was so excited. I think she was one of the first to sign up for the class. If you have someone between 4th and 8th grade that you think might enjoy an intriguing look at comparative literature, creative writing, story telling or just love Harry Potter, I recommend you go to this link and just listen to the professor, James Krasner. He is so funny and interesting. I can hardly wait. What, you couldn't possibly have thought I wasn't going to play too??? I love me some Harry Potter. We also have a few other surprises for her that I am sure she will love.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this kind of activity. Don't think I don't realize this. This is the best part of my life....every morning I remind myself of that fact.

These are some of my favorite photos of GK:
look at the toes of excitement all clenched.....

at a Ren Faire being the princess she is destined to be

gorgeous girl
So Happy Happiest Birthday sweet GK, my soul mate and friend from many long agos, and my only grandgirl.


  1. I'm pleased to report that your granddaughter and I have something in common. Both of us celebrate our birthdays on Cinco De Mayo! Congratulations to her!!! Wait till she hits 16... Hee hee. Then the agony really begins. I do know that on my 1st birthday, back in 1961, NASA celebrated by sending Alan Shepard into space. Naturally...

  2. Happy birthday to the kiddo! She would be most disappointed in my dryer though, this household can only be high or low, which given the flatmate was bipolar was really quite appropriate... Normal isn't on any dial round here ;o)

  3. I hope GK has a fabulous birthday bowling party! Her compassion and empathy will not disappear in her teenage years, I'm sure. That's real character.

  4. Give GK a great big birthday hug from all of us at the 7MSN...but not at the party...wouldn't want to embarrass her.

  5. What an amazingly perfect present you got her. Way to go Oma.
    Have fun being inconspicuous at the bowling alley with all the non-dryers ( love that expression). Hopefully your beautiful GK will navigate the teenage years almost painlessly. And remember, it's only 5 years.

  6. Linda, you are so much a 'kid' yourself that you should really enjoy being part of the party...and even if you don't want to 'embarrass' her at this point, that perception will change in a few years...Look forward to hearing about the bowling party...

  7. I think I would drag out the bowling league outfits, the funky shoes and the big hair and be the life of this party.

    Happy Birthday, GK! You know you make your Oma proud.

  8. Carp. I had this whole comment sent and bl*gger ate it. Grrr.

    Won't do it again, but know that I am very impressed by all the non-dryers in your household and the confidence in that lovely young lady is inspiring. Yes, there will be rough years ahead but boy will there be stories there. And blog posts.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Birthday, GK!

  9. Oh happy birthday to GK. she is an amazing person. My grandgirls, the twins, will be 15 this summer. both my kids lived on the edge of normal, as in not.

  10. Happy Birthday GK ;o))) I hope you had an amazing time bowling ;o) I hope you had fun too Oma Linda ;o) I love the picture of her toes all clenched! ;o) Big Hugs everyone ;o)

  11. 13 is such a magical age... She is growing up, isn't she? Only a wise soul says "surprise me." One who has had the experience to understand who to trust... I think you've already given such a wonderful gift. And she will adore the rest, too ;-)

    Happy Birthday, GK!

  12. Happy Birthday, GK. You are such a thoughtful young lady, to let your Oma come to your birthday celebration, in whatever guise she uses.

  13. Well I have never heard the term "Dryer." Please thank GK for keeping me up with the times because I'd hate not to appear cool in my alternative lifestyle. ;-) She is so utterly amazing! Thirteen going on 35, a gorgeous, intelligent, eclectic little goddess! Please give her a super huge hug and belated birthday wish. Just not in front of her posse, unless they think that is a Dryer sort of thing to do.

  14. No wonder you are so proud Oma, a sweet tribute to a gorgeous young woman :)

    Hell, I never even knew bowling went out of fashion LOL, that and a serving of fried delicacies & cake, perfect... wow, is it too late to wish GK Happy Birthday?? Maybe you can & just say I'm early for next years ;)


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